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  1. So, what was wrong with the lead acid style battery packs? Originally, all the NG hybrid buses was suppose to come with that. However, only #3800-3959 ended up getting those while #3960 and up got the lithium -ion batteries.
  2. No, they didn't, but it appears that before it retired, they gave that bus a different taillight set from another NG bus.
  3. Will they still be weekdays only?
  4. Just an update to the 2008-2011 Orion VII NG CNG fleet retirements, the following buses are retired and are going to scrap: #1700, #1702-03, #1706-07, #1717, #1727, #1738, #1743, #1746-47, #1749-50,#1760, #1774, #1780, #1796, and #1804. 2009-2011 NG CNG Units left in service at MF depot this point, #1701, #1704-05, #1708-26, #1728-36, #1739-42, #1744-45, #1748, #1751-59, #1761-73, #1775-79, #1781-95, #1797-1803, #1805-1839. Total=122 units remain active. Yes and are now off the fleet roster. Surprised that the few remaining 2004 Orion V CNGs at RVC depot have not yet been se
  5. Yeah, I saw that too. North Bethesda sounds more modern honestly.
  6. That is indeed a factor, but I would have thought that the buses should last for about 15 years if that is the Primary reason that the MTA is getting rid of these. #6365-6489 did make it to about 15 years when the last of those buses retired in early summer 2019. Though I would have imagined that the NG buses would have in theory had revised hybrid drives/ battery packs from the OG hybrids and would last til about 2024. Same with the CNG NGs over in Nassau, possibly til 2025.
  7. What I was saying is that I know for a fact and that they indeed have plans to expand the bus fleet. Some of these depots have the capacity to support fleet growth. By retiring those 2009 NGs, they are negating that. Here's another idea, why not put those 95 NGs into storage? They hardly ever really store buses anymore. The way they operate has really changed in the last decade, cause in the past, they would not consider retiring buses at 12 (with the exception of Long Island bus, and even they didn't do that much until CNG became a thing).
  8. Every since the RTS's retired from there 2 years ago, it certainly feels that way.
  9. In PRTC news, it seems they had recently started to transfer some buses over to the new Western Facility. I saw about 8-10 older D4500CL buses along with some older 2005 Gillig Advantages and one Phantom. Not sure if they are operational yet though. The depot is near Western Manassas where route 234 approaches I-66 towards Gainesville.
  10. That's not entirely true. Several NYCT depots (particularly the East New York and Fresh Ponds, even West Farms and Jackie Gleason to some degree) are down on buses due to the fact that they recently retired buses with either little replacements due to Covid Lockdowns, or losing buses to other depots. Fresh Ponds and ENY retired all their Orion VII OG hybrids with scattered NGs and XD40s from other parts of the system in 2020. West Farms is overall short on buses since they keep taking JG's C40LFs and that for the most part, some Orion VII OG CNGs retired without direct replacements . Now they
  11. Ah, ok that makes sense. Anyone know if Arlington Transit is going to start retiring their Nabi buses?
  12. 2021 XN40 #1998 is officially in service with the new New York state plates. Was spotted on the n24 the other day. Not sure if #1997 or #1999 entered service yet. Also, seems that buses #1980-1999 are currently the only buses in the fleet with the new plates as to my knowledge, none of the older XN40s/XN60s or any of the Orion 7 buses have them yet.
  13. Along with the 2008 Nabi BRT CNGs. But, how many Orion 7 OG CNGs are left? Are they all gone now from Bladensburg? And the C40LFRs?
  14. Bus #4070 may or may not be retired out of Gun Hill depot. Awaiting confirmation.
  15. Yeah, but if we go back in time to the year 2011, We had Novabus RTS -06's from 1996-1999 that were started to breakdown and become costly to repair, but the MTA fixed them anyway. Same with the 1999 Orion Vs after hurricane Sandy in 2012, so why can't the do the same with these still fairly modern Orion VII NG buses? Atleast with NICE, we can say that being CNG powered kinda makes that a handicap.
  16. Hmm, what does Landover got that's of retirement age? DE40LFs?
  17. Also 2006 Orion VII OG hybrids #6722 and #6739 are also retired, fareboxes removed and are at Eastchester scrap.
  18. Why the hell are they retiring 2009 Orion VII Next Generation hybrids already?!? Late 2009 models at that too, those units came around September of that year, which makes them even YOUNGER than the 1700s!!
  19. Well the blue line is still down at the moment. WTF happened to that LFSA??
  20. Why can the 7Y? I can't wrap my head around that one...
  21. It's all good. I wasn't too sure about the R32s either. I know the R42s are gone for sure though, as the R179s took care of those (which I happened to ride on recently on the J train, nice cars, although some are already getting dirty, not unlike WMATA's 7000 series cars).
  22. East New York is also slated to get some of those new XD40s, so they should be good in the sort term. So, any word on when the first R211 test train will get here? Also, what's the status of the remaining R32s? Are they retired for good or are they in storage in case of emergencies?
  23. Those buses might be retired by 2023-24 along with some of the 2011-13 LFSAs #5770-5986 and #5252-5363.
  24. Did they even get overhauled?
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