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  1. That's rare to see that. What about the Proterras?
  2. Why does it look like that bus was in an accident?
  3. Forgot to mention this, but while on my way to New York last weekend, I spotted 2016 New Flyer XN40 #2931 broken down on the 10A, in Huntington, bound for Pentagon about to be towed by a WMATA tow truck.
  4. 2018 New Flyer XD40 #7647 is out of service following a major accident while working the B49.
  5. Is the Green Line shutdown entirely?
  6. Bladensburg is getting a new lot to store buses or something?
  7. You saw this bus recently too?
  8. What happened to 2012 C40LF #443? The CNG tank cover is all banged up. Saw it yesterday near Downtown Brooklyn as I was back up here visiting the city for the second time in less then a month.
  9. That's the second one! Any more XD40s entered service yet?
  10. Yes, totally, since they are not CNG or Hybrids, they can be sent pretty much anywhere any will likely follow the lead of the 2000 Orion Vs, the 1997 Orion Vs, and the 1990 Flexible Metro Bs....
  11. Hm, interesting development, I wonder if more will return when West Ox reopens...?
  12. Spotted PRTC 2016 Gillig Advantage #290 on the southbound RT1 VRE line stuck in traffic last night around midnight. Seeing how service normally ends around 11pm, that bus must have been there for almost 2 hours!
  13. Yes, I'm aware of that. It is interesting that TTC in particular still have all of their 2006 Orion VII OG hybrids (every last one of them) in service. That was totally unexpected, whereas SF MUNI got rid of almost all of theirs. Just goes to show you how buses are handled at different TAs.
  14. Also, it seems that the new PRTC 2021 MCI D4500CT buses are going to be assigned to Omniride's new Western garage in Manassas.
  15. Like what NY MTA has on their buses? If true, that's cool also the back to midnight time on the trains is a plus, almost got stranded a couple times because of that stupid 11pm cutoff point. I hope Metrorail can eventually become 24 hours. They really should consider that!
  16. 2009 Orion VII NG CNG #1737 is back in service despite earlier reports that it was retired. MF depot from RVC depot storage. Working on the n31 as we speak.
  17. With #1717 now retired, that makes MF depot down to 121 Orion VII NG CNGs and 155 Orion VII CNGs left overall.
  18. 2015-16 MTA bus New Flyer XD60s #5364 and #5374 along with 2019-2020 XD60s #6249 and #6254 transferred JFK to LGA depot. 2009 Orion VII NG hybrid #4467 from QV to CS depot.
  19. We still need to watch these movements carefully just in case. What happened to 2011 XD40 #4854? Canada has slightly different bus retirement polices then we do. Although I do agree that they were stupid to for retiring those so soon. Should have been 12 years atleast.
  20. So has NICE been road testing these buses? I heard next to nothing about this new fleet. Also, 2009 Orion VII NG CNG #1717 is also written off. I hope they actual save a few for a backup fleet incase these Gilligs crap out.
  21. I hope those 4 buses get the JG decals atleast, boy would that be a throw back!
  22. I was on the Orange Line yesterday and as the train was passing CET, I saw that there are still 6-7 2006 40ft Orion VII OG CNGs and about a dozen 2000 Orion V diesels still on site. I figured these buses would have been gone already, but I guess not.
  23. 2006 Orion 7.501 OG hybrids #6698, #6704, and #6714 are now all in Brooklyn. #6698 is assigned to East New York Depot and #6704 and #6714 are both assigned to Jackie Gleason depot! However, all of these buses are Swing buses, not for service. Also, 2021 XD40 #7851, the first bus off of the 140 bus option order is in Pennsylvania.
  24. And FMR will get the 16L back or is that line getting canned?
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