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  1. 22 minutes ago, DCTransitFilms said:

    Seems like the next set of XD40s are going to Southern Avenue. 4541 is currently on the D6 (D6 was recently moved back to Southern Ave during the weekdays). Not sure what else they're getting though.

    If true, probably going to knockout the remaining D40LFRs over there. Might be around 30 units, but we're probably going to need to play the wait and see game..

  2. 27 minutes ago, NYC2MTL said:

    Charleston has about 18 of those left..

    2695, 2696, 2698, 2699 are all at Charleston from Meredith Avenue. I'm expecting 2697 and the 2700's that Meredith has in possession to transfer to Charleston in a matter of days. 

    I guess the MTA want to kill as many caterpillar powered MCIs as possible since they no longer make transit bus engines. That's just my guess.

  3. 1 hour ago, Articulated said:

    Why is this Canada-wide question posted in the GTA section?

    Natural Gas fuel has historically not been very popular in Canada. From the recent CTHF articles chronicling the history of CNG in Canada, there were two major periods: the first generation from the late 1980s through 1990s (most systems retired their CNG buses or converted them to diesel by the early 2000s), and the second generation which has been occurring from about the mid-2010s through now. Very few systems in Canada operated CNG outside of these periods; Hamilton and Vancouver were the only ones to operate CNG continuously between these periods. As well, neither of those periods correspond with the Orion VII's production era, which was from 2001 to 2012.


  4. 1 hour ago, Articulated said:

    3751, 54, 55, 59 are the ones that have seen service over the past week or two according to Transsee.

    3756, 57 were last in service during the last week of June, the rest haven't seen service for longer than that. However, I think 3758 is back on the testing circuit and therefore will not be tracking in revenue service (yet is functional).

    So I guess TTC will be going with XE40s from here on out?

  5. 6 minutes ago, DCTransitFilms said:

    We really don't have a shortage because the 2021 XD40s are entering service and there are D40LFR reserves everywhere. As for Metrorail, I don't got an exact timeline on the 6000s rn but most are at Brentwood, Shady Grove, and Greenbelt rn. 8000s not sure yet tho.

    I know, it just feels as though we do for some reason.

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  6. 2 hours ago, DCTransitFilms said:


    Those LFAs can stay around for like a few more years. Cinder Bed ones might be replaced in 2022-2023 due to the damage they already suffered.



    Only time will tell. We are gonna get a huge swap this September but I don't know whats being moved or whats going where yet.


    It could be a possibility the 4600s and 4700s can go to Virginia. If anything the 4600s will go to Cinder Bed first probably.

    idk why, but somehow, it feels like we have a bus shortage on our hands. Maybe because the 2005/2006 DE40LFs and DE40LFRs pulled an Orion VI and retired suddenly? 

    As for Metrorail news, any updates as to what the 8000s series cars will have in terms of advancements over the 7000s series? And what about those dare 6000 series cars, they been gone for nearly a year?

  7. 2 minutes ago, NYC2MTL said:

    As of right now, no artic orders being commenced. I'm not going to hold you but I feel that #1200-1289 could hold up at least up to 15 years old. An example I can use is CTA in Chicago. If I'm not mistaken their last nova artic order lasted about 14 to 15 years before replacement. If the MTA keeps good maintenance on these buses they can last.  Personally, I would like to see some of those 1200's in the Brooklyn Division especially at East New York for the B15 and at Flatbush for the B41/B46 local lines

    CTA only have the LFS's, no LFSAs.

  8. I was also looking at future MTA NYCTA bus orders and it seems that no new artics are on the horizon. #1200-1289 look beat and would probably need to be replaced by 2023 honestly.

    9 minutes ago, NYC2MTL said:

    good question.. As for East NY's they already axed: 3968, 4538, 4556 and more are expected to hit the ax early. Remember, these buses are 12 years old and that is usually when the MTA likes to retire buses. However, some of the best performing buses could be kept as much as 15 years old. You gotta also account for breakdowns if the batteries get messed up. That's a big expense to the TA.

    Fresh Pond is due for at least 20 XD40's between this month and September. Expect those worse performing NG's to be scrapped and some good ones to be transferred over to depots that MAY have a need for NG's and to MTA bus.

    If that's true, then it's possible that #3800-3959 (other then the dozen or so units already there) may not go to MTA bus and instead newer units like the 4400s and 4600s, or just random ones. Next will be also interesting to see how the MTA handles the retirement of the New Flyer C40LF CNGs, as those had interested me for a while now. Given that NICE is currently retiring the slightly older 2009 1700s as well, I can imagine that the C40LFs can't be too far behind.

  9. 16 minutes ago, NYC2MTL said:

    4563 is NOT SCRAP.. The bus you are referring to is 4538 from East New York and that is at the scrap yard.

    4560 which was from Grand Avenue is scrapped and sitting at Eastchester.

    Are the #4500's being axed early for Mileage reasons? It's weird how they are gunning for some of the last NGs delivered to be removed from service early. I know for a fact that when delivered, #4513-4570 was GA depot, while #4571-4599 were assigned to FB depot and those garages have some busy routes like B41/B41 LTD, B44/B44 LTD(at the time), B46/B46 LTD (again at the time) and the B49 at FB, and the B38 LTD, B47 and B62 for GA.

  10. 18 minutes ago, Rob S said:

    I have a feeling that once WMATA takes over Cinder Bed they will be part of the reserve fleet.

    Probably, as the D40LFRs probably won't be sticking around for to much longer.

    Question is, what will West Ox and Cinder Bed get in terms of bus fleets late this year and early next?

  11. The following buses are awaiting scrap:

    2006 Orion 7.501 OG hybrids: #6691, #6708, #6723, #6747 (at MJQ), #6749, #6753 (also at MJQ OOS), #6759, and #6763.

    2009-2010 Orion 7.501 Next Generation hybrids : #3968, #3989, #4563. These are shockers, especially the 4500s. #3968 has it's rear destination sign removed, so it's done.

  12. Something interesting I forgot to mention, but 3 2009 Orion VII NG CNGs were  out in service late in the overnight hours this morning on various routes. Those buses were #1759, #1761, and #1768!

    #2011 has entered service. I would expect another dozen or so 1700s to be taken oos anyday now (most likely on the weekends).

  13. 6 hours ago, DCTransitFilms said:


    and the ones that Shep got back has heavy smoke still coming behind them.

    I don't think WMATA cares that much anymore as they probably are only going to keep them for 2-3 more years, then scrap most of them. Probably why they gave FFC some 2010 units instead of 2009 ones.

    The LFA series buses will probably be gone before 2025.

  14. 2 hours ago, DCTransitFilms said:

    all are in service I believe. Just hard to track because their trackers won't work half the time.

    Saw 2009 DE42LFA hybrid #6322 broken down on the side of I-395 north towards Pentagon near the mixing bowl in Springfield. Haven't seen that in a while, but those lower #6300's on their last legs from Cinder Bed depot.

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