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  1. Any other buses damaged from this storm?
  2. Those buses are only being used in Rushhours at this point?
  3. And I thought NICE bus was bad in the headway department lol!
  4. Surprised that those buses still exist (for the moment). Thought they got scrapped years ago...
  5. 2015-2016 Nova LFS #8245 is supposedly back in service according to NYCT forums. Keep your eyes out for it.
  6. Those remaining D40LFRs and C40LFR CNGs are on borrowed time. By 2023, I can see the first DE42LFA hybrids being retired, or atleast the Cinder Bed depot assigned ones. And what's going on with the 6000 Series cars? Then been out for almost a year now! Also, are the 2000 series cars gone too?
  7. For the worst, I'd say surprisingly Arlington Transit and Fairfax Connector. I noticed that their maintenance has taken a nose dive over the years.
  8. 2021 Gillig Advantage BRT Plus CNG #2025 has entered service.
  9. Wasn't #4072 retired? Or was it #4070?
  10. Makes you wonder if they'll get the ZX5 buses...
  11. Off topic, but when are the 2017 Proterra BE40 Catalyst II buses going to end their lease here? #0016-20? The XE40s were returned months ago.
  12. 2011 Orion 7.501 EPA10 3G Clean Diesel #7001 is currently being worked on. MIGHT make a return to service, but need farther confirmation.
  13. Are these and the other retired buses from Castleton going to be used as parts buses?
  14. According to a NYCTF source, the following 2009 Orion 7.501 Next Generation CNGs have been retired: #1704-05, #1718, #1726, #1731, #1736, #1745, #1752, and #1792. All are retired out of Mitchell Field Depot. Oldest NG in service is now #1708, followed by #1709.The Following buses have been retired as a whole: #1700-07, #1711, #1717-18, #1726-27, #1731-32, #1735-36, #1738, #1743, #1745-47, #1749-52, #1758, #1760, #1774, #1780, #1792, #1796, and #1804. 32 2008-2011 Orion 7.501 NG CNGs have been retired, 31 of which are from the 2008-2009 batch and 1 from the 2010-2011 batch. 108 units remain active + the 45 2012-2013 Orion 7.501 EPA10 "3G" CNGs #1840-1884. 153 Orion 7 CNGs remain in service out of MF depot as a whole however, if we are not counting the 3G's as extras, the Orion 7 NGs are no longer the backbone of NICE bus's fleet, as they are now the New Flyer XN40 buses #1885-1964, and #1970-1999 (although #1930 is OOS and #1965-1969 are XN60s). 2008-2011 Orion 7.501 NG CNGs remaining in service: #1708-10, #1712-16, #1719-25, #1728-30, #1732-34, #1737, #1739-42, #1744, #1748, #1753-57, #1759, #1761-73, #1775-79, #1781-91, #1793-95, #1797-1803, #1805-39. (108 units left). NICE has 2021 Gillig Advantage BRT CNGs #2000-2033 on property with the highest know one in service being #2016. (34 units) 68 2009 Orion VII NG CNGs remain in service.
  15. From your experience, what D.C./Baltimore area bus system is the best maintenance, cleanliness vs, the worst? In my opinion, the best is DASH bus.
  16. Any word if D.C. Circulator is getting new buses anytime soon? They haven't gotten anything new since early 2018 and CUE in Fairfax hadn't gotten anything new since 2015!
  17. Was the 2022 XD40 order cut back to 75 units? I saw on wiki that only #4600-4674 is due next year along with the 2022 XN40s and electric buses.
  18. 2009 Orion 7.501 NG hybrid #4209 is possibly retired out of Casey Stengel. Awaiting confirmation.
  19. Yeah, because this was mostly fresh water flooding, not saltwater due to the lack of storm surge coastal flooding that Sandy gave us years ago (didn't Castleton depot also get flooded from that too?) In the past, the MTA had designated locations for where they would park their buses during weather emergencies. Casey Stengel depot for example moved all their buses during Hurricane Sandy (or rather just before it because it was in one of the city's flood zones). BTW, I believe 2016 Prevost X3-45 #2716 is also on the pending list.
  20. This is a damn disaster. Whoever didn't have those buses moved in the upper brass should be FIRED IMMIDEATELY! Goddamned idiots!
  21. Seems like being the New York Orion 7 3Gs are having some serious bad luck lately. On a side note, this crash is very similar to the 2011 crash of MTA Long Island bus 2011 Orion 7.501 NG CNG #1804, almost to a tee!
  22. Apparently parked at the depot.
  23. #8703, #8704 and atleast one other one. Can't help but wonder if buses on other boroughs got damaged too...?
  24. What about the recently retired NG's up in Eastchester? Are they not going to try to strip them of reusable parts and repair those damaged 3Gs (nevermind those other buses)?
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