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  1. And the XDE40s are going to kick the 2009 and 2010 NG hybrids to MTA bus?
  2. Assigned or for training? I thought that batch was Brooklyn bound?
  3. Where have these buses been at CET storage?
  4. 2009 Orion VII NG CNG #1711 is done. First retirement in a while.
  5. Yeah, at one point between 2010 and 2014, Royal street depot had 2000 Orion 5.501s #2100-2183, along with 1999 Orion 5.505's #3946-3949. Prior to that, I remember them having various 1990 Flexible Metro Bs and some 1997 Orion 5.501s (IIRC #4353-4379?). They also had various 1992 Orion Vs in the #9600s until 2008 when they got retired suddenly.
  6. They should be, lol. I guess the XD40s are slow too. I also notice that the 2011-13 XDE40s haven't been rehabbed in a while....
  7. I knew something seemed off about that, thanks. I'm guessing all the XD60s have been delivered and are in service at last?
  8. They never should have gotten rid of their 2007 Orion VII OG hybrids. Whatever OGs they have up in Eastchester (which are ALOT), they should simply take the best few dozen out and place them back in service instead of making this unnecessary bus shortage.
  9. Did Montgomery get anything back? Also, are #6140-6146 still at FMR? I haven't been over there in a while...
  10. Autocorrect is fun. Anyway. 2006 Orion 7.501 OG hybrid #6704 to ENY depot (swing bus) and 2009 Orion 7.501 NG hybrid #3965 to MHV.
  11. Don't get me wrong, there is such a thing as climate change, however there is no real actual proof to suggest that humanity is the primary factor in "raising the planet's temperature", which the mainstream media wants you to believe. This is not really the place to disgust this, as this is a transportation broad.
  12. True, but there was a point last summer or so when the Proterra buses were out of service for ages. Honestly, I hate these electric buses, I don't believe in Global warming as that's just a stupid government narrative to make everyone broke. The MTA should just stick to Hybrids, CNGs and Clean Diesels honestly.
  13. Makes you wonder if WMATA or FFC will get new Proterras..
  14. Also, DASH is getting XE60 buses, forgot to mention that they have some on order.
  15. Hard to say, but giving that troublesome nature of the Proterra BE40 Catalyst 2 buses, probably more XE40s....
  16. Don't forget, DASH bus is going to have their entire system reimagined in the fall. Whatever areas that will no longer be served by Metrobus, will most likely be replaced by DASH service.
  17. Is there a timeline as to when NICE will select a winner for the electric buses?
  18. Apparently, both sets of electric buses had their leases extended til the end of this year.
  19. Welp, I guess the D.C. depot will probably get the electric buses first before expanding to the MD and VA depots.
  20. I mentioned this earlier in the year, but now we have an official source. What I'm wondering is, will WMATA briefly return to buying new Hybrid-electric buses as this article is suggesting that they will stop buying new diesel buses soon (don't know what year, as we are set to get several hundred new XD40s in the near future, some of which are arriving now (#4500s)). They also want to be nearly 50% CNG which I find hard to believe.
  21. I guess we can assume that the rest of the routes are eliminated
  22. That's rare to see that. What about the Proterras?
  23. Why does it look like that bus was in an accident?
  24. Forgot to mention this, but while on my way to New York last weekend, I spotted 2016 New Flyer XN40 #2931 broken down on the 10A, in Huntington, bound for Pentagon about to be towed by a WMATA tow truck.
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