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  1. Damn, are the 2008-2009 CTs that bad that they need to be retired now?
  2. I mean, if these buses are the result of getting these routes, then I think it will probably be 35ft or 40 ft buses, but I guess we will have to wait.
  3. Any clue as to what buses FFC could be buying from Metro? I think it could be the DE42LFAs or DE37LFAs.
  4. I know #4314 was retired back in 2016 or so, but what happened to #4315? Is that one done too?
  5. I think they used to fully have the N22 line (not to be confused with the NICE bus/ former MTA Long Island bus route of the same name, lol) until it was axed in the late 2000s and replaced with the Circulator.
  6. But they have the 2007 CLs though. Also, 2008-10 NG hybrids #3955 and #4560 are both officially retired. First NGs outside of the #1700's and #1804 to be scrap bound.
  7. Damn, I was going to report that. Any idea as to why though?
  8. Could Four Mile possibly take over some D.C. routes too? I can see them getting the 74 for example, as well as 42 part-time.
  9. Some of those diesel and electric buses will be artics.
  10. Oh yeah, I totally agree with you! If I was running the VA Metrobus division, and I mentioned this before but, I would have: West Ox depot 1: A,B,C 2: A,B 4: A,B 16: L 26A 38B In addition, I would have WMATA conduct a study to determine the feasibility of operating a Metrobus service from Tyson's/ Reston, to Manassas Mall. It would be dubbed the "6A and 6M". These would be out of West Ox. Additionally, a revived 14 line from Tyson's to Silver Spring MD would be created too, since there is already talk about it. Four Mile Run depot: 5A (until e
  11. Yes, #1574 is the highest Meredith unit so far. I was reading a NY 1 news article from recently that was stating that the MTA is going to by over 2400 new buses in the next 3-4 years. More than half will supposedly by Clean diesels, while 500 units will have alternative fuels including 375 Electric buses, thus leaving the remaining 125 to be powered with an unknown fuel type. The article said that these will be new hybrids and POSSIBLY CNGs too, which if true I find very interesting! Anyone want to share their thoughts on this development?
  12. Welp, I knew this was gonna happen at some point down the line. I'm surprised that Gillig is not being considered since they got that relatively large upcoming CNG order. I can see NICE going with the XE40.
  13. 4 More Manhattan Division #6700's 2006 Orion VII OG hybrids have been retired. #6728 is among them.
  14. #1993 is now active. The 2020-21 XN40 order is complete. Also, the Gillig Advantage BRT CNG pilot bus #2000 is now on NICE property.
  15. That 45 electric bus order is over 2 years late. They should have started arriving around summer 2019.
  16. And thus, say goodbye to the remaining 2009 New Flyer DE62LFAs!
  17. When are those buses suppose to come in? Will there be pilots for those too? Also, where is 2018 XDE40 #9504 right now?
  18. But they already have #2286-2304? Except some 2008 and 2009 NG hybrids to be MTA bus bound. We already know that #3800-3959 will eventually replace buses in the #3500-3783 range out there.
  19. Anymore 2021 XD40s or XD60s entered service yet? I stayed home all weekend and as a result, I don't know what's out there? Also, what's with DASH's new Proterras? They should be out by now honestly...
  20. 2021 XN40 #1995 was spotted in service yesterday on the n24. It's safe to assume that the XN40 order has finally been completed after 5 years. 2021-2022 Gillig Advantage BRT CNGs are inbound next.
  21. Those 2012-13 units at Queens Village are approaching 9 years of age though. Before they got those, QV depot originally had the 2007 CLs in the #4300s. If they displace their coach buses every 5-6 years, then I think they would should have sent their #2200s to SI or Brooklyn by now. Also, from what I can recall, Queens Village used to have issues with their 2004 Orion 7.501 OG hybrids when they had them up until almost 2 years ago.
  22. A New Flyer C40LF has been spotted at Eastchester depot, in the scrap section. Don't know which one it is, but it is a 2011-2013 unit.
  23. Oh wow, I bet Arlington Transit will be next.
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