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  1. Don't they have to get permission from the higher ups before they can just write off buses?
  2. Hey, Four Mile Run is already there! The Virginia division in general is pretty boring. It had been boring ever since the Orion VII OG CNGs first got here, and now that those have come and gone, it's now MORE boring than ever!
  3. So by that logic, why can't they send the 3 SI 2019 Novabus LFS's back to Plattsburgh in upstate? The flood damaged ones from Ida.
  4. Surprised that there haven't been a bus fires out of Cinder Bed, although Sheppard's Parkway's units aren't that great either... Saw #6405 out on the NH2 in Old Town yesterday and it looked like it seen better days. Remember when that bus was out of West Ox depot over 12 years ago, (#6395-6409 in general).
  5. Yeah, I won't be surprised if some D40LFRs stick around alittle longer to allow the retirement of the #6300's. Next to that MTA bus Company Orion 7.501 NG hybrid. That bus needs to be pulled off the road. Anyone seen where #6301 has been lately? Haven't seen that bus in about 2 years....
  6. Supposedly the reason why NG hybrid #4515 got retired was because this bus caught fire. Is there anyone who can confirm?
  7. I think Four Mile Run will stay open during renovation like Bladensburg is now. I think FMR will only except more D.C. routes if West Ox eventually reopens (whenever that is, last I heard, West Ox is being renovated to add more buses). Additionally, is Arlington Transit going to get a bigger bus depot/maintenance yard? If so, maybe Metrobus can expand into ART's former spot?
  8. Is this the biggest garage of the system?
  9. I do know that NICE bus's 2015 XN40s do that as they have the same powertrain as WMATA's units (MTA's meanwhile have ZF transmissions). The Orion 5's were sitting around for years before Metro got rid of them, so I guess that's standard practice for them.
  10. Just a couple observations from yesterday, but 2016 XDE40 hybrid #7391 from Landover depot is missing that roof spoiler that the other 2016 XDE40s (and all the post-2013 Xcelsiors have). Also, didn't know that the older XN40s backfire (not the normal taking the foot off the gas kind, but the loud "gunshot" kind). A 2015 28XX XN40 did that yesterday at Brookland Metro.
  11. I don't see those LFA hybrid artics ever seeing service again.. I would agree with that unless those #4600's are heading to NOVA (Cinder Bed).
  12. Already reported on the new Prevost buses.
  13. Lorton really? I'll go take a look.
  14. Speaking of Orion Vs, did WMATA scrap all their 2000 V's at this point? All off the property?
  15. About time those trains came back. This is a couple weeks old, but DASH sent 2008 Orion 5.504 #95 to the NJT Heritage bus fest recently. I'm surprised they did that. Why don't Metrobus ever send anything to this fest or SEPTA's?
  16. 2021 New Flyer XDE40 hybrids #9597, #9600 and #9605 are all assigned to MJQ depot, but only #9597 is actually there presently. 2021 Prevost #1450 and #1451 to Far Rockaway depot. Subway update: The Test train of R211s have been doing clearance testing all around the BMT/IND divisions and at this point has done 85-90% of the system. It should see passenger service soon in the coming months with delivery commencing likely by late next summer.
  17. Eh, guess that makes sense. So how many more buses are due off this current New Flyer contract?
  18. #6693 is now retired out of MV depot. Last 6600 series 2006 Orion 7.501 OG hybrid to be retired from service. Also, 2009 Orion 7.501 NG hybrid #4209 to MTA bus (LGA depot) from CS. Total surpise there.... #6709 to MJQ and 2011 New Flyer XD40s #4856 and #4857 to Ulmer Park depot from ENY.
  19. So are they considered 2022 units, or still 2021 buses?
  20. Manhattanville Depot just got more 2006 Orion 7.501 OG hybrids from Mother Clara Hale. #6770, #6776, #6783, #6785, and #6789 are to MV. 8 units are now left from MV vs. the 10 left from MCH.
  21. 2009 Orion 7.501 NG CNG #1792 back in service. 2021 Gillig Advantage BRT CNGs have up to #2040 built.
  22. Me thinks a large electric bus order is in the works for 2025-2026... In DASH bus news, 2021 New Flyer XE60 #901 was spotted testing around Crystal City by Four Mile Run yesterday.
  23. Highest ones I personally seen were #4565, #4570 and #4573.
  24. 2006 Orion 7.501 OG hybrid #6763 has been retired out of MCH depot.
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