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  1. Welp, so much for the service enhancements. Next they are going to revert back to the 75 or even 50% Metrobus coverage plan...
  2. Scumbags like that deserve to be shot.... So is this going to be a new IND subway line?
  3. Yup, most Metrobus service is suspended except the 70, X2, 79, and a couple others. All VA side buses (WMATA and otherwise) are 100% SUSPENDED. Saw a video of a new #4500 series XD40 getting stuck. Another of a 2011-13 XDE40 hybrid as well. The snow was insane.
  4. For the final runs of the R32 fleet, car #3360 got it's original look back with the blue doors/gates, and signage as well as the 1960s "TA" logo included which is a really nice touch! The car behind it( #3361) did not get that treatment unfortunately however. Also, 2019 Nova LFS #8622 was in an accident while working the BX38. Bus got rear ended by a speeding car. Those 2019 LFS's just can't catch a break despite still being so new....
  5. I saw it somewhere in the WMATA group. There's no exact timeframe... Honestly, I doubt they would want to close FMR altogether as well, because it would case such a headache for the rest of the system. Metrorail's issues are bad enough with the 7000s being MIA ...
  6. Is there a time line as to when Four Mile Run is going to get Renovated? Is making this depot both electric friendly and Artic capable part of the plan? If they choose to do a total depot shutdown, then I can see West Ox, Cinder Bed, and Sheppard's Parkway doing most of it's routes with possibly some help from Western and Southern Avenue as well. Theoretically, things could be split up like this: West OX: 1s, 2s,5A (until elimination),16L,25B,23s,26A... Southern Avenue: 10s, 11C... Cinder Bed: 7s,8s,10s,17s,18s,21C,28s,REX.... Sheppard's Parkway: 16s,28s( split with Cinder Bed), 29s, Metroway.. Western: 3F,4B,22s,38B..
  7. Eldorado hardly have a demographic anywhere outside of the West Coast. I'm honestly surprised they are still around while NABI and even moreso, Orion are not.. I know for a fact that if Orion was still around today, they would be killing the electric market with presumably the Orion VIII and IX at this point..
  8. West Farms Depot gave Gun Hill Depot 2012 Novabus LFSAs #5859 and #5880 . As of 1/2/2022, the BX39 is out of Gun Hill Depot.
  9. Seems like 2020 New Flyer XN40 CNGs #3315 and #3316 were transferred to Bladensburg Depot from Four Mile Run recently. Bladensburg also acquired 2009 DE37LFA hybrid #3769 from Sheppard's Parkway Depot too along with #3768. Also, why is DE42LFA #6388 OOS?
  10. Those new XD40s are the first factory new, non-CNG buses for VA in over a decade. Infact the last new non-CNG buses for us was the #6500s assigned to West Ox, which goes to show how little love WMATA Metrobus has for VA depots... Hold up, so does that Mean Cinder Bed is open again now? Separately I heard a rumor from a higher up Metrobus instructor over on FB yesterday saying that West Ox will be returning VERY soon and that would shake things up system-wide again.
  11. It likely depends on if the client is paying a grain of attention or not. In NICE's case, those idiots in Nassau County never cared all that much even when the MTA was running things until they demanded more money from the county. Once that happened, the Long Island Bus gravy train came to a halt.
  12. Geez, we're those units that beat up? Surely they could fix atleast a dozen of them as to not run the risk of a fleet shortage should they also go ahead with the D40LFR retirements too. I'm fully expecting WMATA to take some kind of legal action against Transdev. That alot of buses getting scrapped due to bad maintenance. This is hardly their first offense (NICE bus on Long Island (who is also operated by Transdev) just retired over 100+ still fairly young Orion 7.501 NG CNGs that they got from the MTA due to shitty maintenance (but those were basically gifted to Nassau County )). WMATA should give Cinder Bed all the #4600s tbh.
  13. 2011 Orion 7.501 NG CNGs #1824 and #1836 are both active on the n15 and n22 respectively.
  14. Most likely, we'll find out by Monday. Is 2013 XDE40 hybrid #7258 OOS or something? I don't see it on any depot roster...
  15. Of course, it was Kingsbridge Depot. 2012 Novabus LFSAs #5841 and #5936 to GH from WF. Word on the street is.., the future M125 line is going to be based out of West Farms Depot.
  16. Keeping an eye on the 2011 Orion 7.501 NG CNGs from here on out to see if they get regulated to weekday service duty only (along with the 2012-13 Orion 7.501 EPA10 3G CNGs). Noticed that NICE been doing that to it's oldest fleets in recent years (although just recently before they retired, a 2009 Orion 7.501 NG CNG was on the n40/n41 on a Saturday morning, #1737 IIRC less than a month ago).
  17. They probably want to invest in getting 3 door artic buses... Anyway, according to WMATA ETA, a couple of #4400s 2019-2020 XD40s are in service on Cinder Bed routes.
  18. 2009 Orion 7.501 NG hybrid #4111 is now retired out of Gun Hill Depot.
  19. With the BX39 bus being transferred to Gun Hill Depot from West Farms Depot, almost a dozen or so 2012 Novabus LFSAs have gone with it. #5853, #5865, #5872, #5895, #5931-33, #5938, and #5945 have so far been shipped to GH.
  20. Dang even DASH bus now? I wonder how Arlington Transit is doing these days as I rarely hear anything about them...
  21. Spotted 2011 New Flyer XDE40 hybrid #7065 deadheading on I-95 north towards Pentagon. Nice to see an XDE40 hybrid in Virginia again..
  22. 2021-22 Nova LFS hybrid #9901 has been spotted in NJ. Gun Hill Depot is about to get their set of #9891-9910. For those of ya'll in The Bronx, better start hunting for NG hybrids.....
  23. This just in, due to Covid -19 related T/O shortages, the MTA will have the following subway lines suspended until farther notice: B, W, and Z. I wonder if this will effect the remaining R32 farewell fantrips....
  24. Very interesting. I do wonder if there will be anymore spec changes for the 2022 New Flyer XN40 CNGs.
  25. Xcelsiors too. LA is Xcelsior city, just like NY and D.C..
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