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  1. Forgot to mention that both DASH bus and Ride On are due for some Proterra BE35 buses at some point this year.
  2. Also, 2007 Orion VII OG hybrid #6822 from ENY depot was involved in a major crash on the B12 the other day. Several vehicles including a Dodge Charger were totaled and several people received non-life threaten injuries. The bus itself will be out for a while, but could get spare parts from a retired 2004 or 2005-2006 Orion VII OG.
  3. The n88 returns for service this weekend. Extra buses will be provided to meet service demand. Of course, social distancing will be enforced by NICE and all trips are free of charge.
  4. Does anyone know if buses #7255 and #2915 are still oos? They seemed to be out of service for years now. I know #2915 was out since atleast 2017 and #7255 since about 2016. Also, the 2 2014 Nabi hybrids (#8055, and #8066) could they possibly come back with new faces from the retiring 2008 Nabi BRT 60 CNG artics? And lastly, are all the DASH bus Orion Vs retired? Haven't seen one in service since Apirl...
  5. It's a joke. And technically, if they really wanted to, NICE could sell those 2008-2011 (#1700-1839) Orion VII NG CNGs back to the MTA once there FTA 12 year service lives have been met in Nassau county since those Orions were brought with federal money. Whether or not the MTA would purchase them is another matter (though I could see them taking those back). Anyways, 2005 Orion VII OG hybrids #6515 and #6516 are now retired from Fresh Ponds depot. As a side note, does anyone know if the XE40s, Proterra BE40s, or XDE40s are in service anymore? I haven't heard anything more of those test buses...
  6. 2016 XN40 #1961 is back in service.
  7. MTA buses are all over the place now. Someone saw a 2012 MCI D4500CT (#2265) on the Q46 last night and a Prevost X3-45 on the S79 +SBS+. There are also reports of EPA10 Orion VII 3G diesels running in the Bronx. Next we'll see Orion VII NG CNGs from NICE bus running on Bronx and Brooklyn routes (lol foam)!
  8. I'm pretty sure the Orion Vs are done now. Drove by Sheppard's Parkway depot yesterday and alot of Orion Vs and Orion VII OG CNGs are parked there OOS for some reason. Also, in general, buses are crowding all these depots since so few routes are running. Four Mile Run for example have so many XN40s parked all over the place.
  9. NICE is now having passengers board in the rear of buses for B/O safety, following NYCT's/BC's lead.
  10. Oh those are certainly scrapped for sure. Those units were built in the early 2000s (1999-2001 era). I don't see the MTA fixing 20 year old cars in that shape, especially due to the lack of manpower they are suffering from due to the ongoing global crisis. I hope that POS scumbag was already caught, cause that was basically terrorism.
  11. Hm, that's interesting. The headways between buses must be a nightmare though. Anyways, I would not be surprised if Metro retire the remaining Orion VII OG CNGs buses due to the fact that fewer buses are being used in general. Same with the Orion Vs. Who knows when these new Xcelsiors will be deployed.....
  12. Is #1268 CNG or a diesel? NG or EPA10 3G?
  13. Fresh Ponds depot had a major slow down yesterday due to coronavirus sicken b/os. They need to shut everything down tbh.
  14. How is NICE bus handling the Covid-19 Crisis? Are buses empty like in the city?
  15. Lack of riders cannot be good for the system, but then again, all TAs around the globe are experiencing a huge drop in ridership...
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