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  1. #2817-2821 are back at Bladensburg, #2822-2825 remain at FMR. That was fast. DE37LFA #3756-3757 return to Sheppard's Parkway depot. #6580 is back at West Ox.
  2. Drove by Four Mile Run depot a few hours ago and saw a few #2700 series Orion VII OG CNGs with their tank covers opened. Not a good sign. Also in the depot, #3028 and a couple other #3000's parked in the entrance area. No sign of the C40LFRs yet however. Also saw DASH bus 2001 Orion V #73 broken down while working the AT5 with a DASH bus maintenance truck parked behind it. Those 2001s must be near the end of the line (unlike their WMATA counterparts it seems..).
  3. MetroCard bus 1991 TMC RTS #8319 is still active despite rumors of being scrapped. That's good for it is the last NYCTA TMC RTS in existents (that we know of, a repowered one at that!). 2015-2016 Prevost car X3-45 #2589 was in an accident on SI and is OOS for now. As far as the NYCTA Orion VII OG hybrids go, 4 more 2004 hybrids have been retired and several 2005-2006 units have been retired as well for some reason : #6604-6605, #6671, #6681, and #6685. #6546 is also written off due to an engine mishap. Lastly 2002 New Flyer D60HF #5534 has been overhauled and is being preserved as a museum bus!
  4. REX 2009 DE42LFA #6302 was being towed to the Manassas Cummins shop. Saw it heading west on 234 while driving home from work. Also, 2007 C40LFR #2822 was on the 8Z earlier this afternoon.
  5. Also DE42LFA #6374 and XN40 #2938 are working the REX and MWs respectively for some reason. #2916 is the lowest XN40 at FMR while #2915 and #2921 both remain at Bladensburg. Those are the 4 depots that have Orion Vs.
  6. This is not by me, but apparently, DASH bus put 1999 Orion V #68 on the Subway shuttle over the weekend yesterday! I was super shocker to hear that! This is some crazy awesome times!
  7. They keep swapping these buses around. They did the same thing with the 1997 Orion Vs just before they got retired 2-3 years ago. Landover, Andrew's Airforce, Bladensburg, and Sheppard's parkway.
  8. Here's a preview of Andrew's new fleet of buses: -2000 Orion Vs :#2172, 2176-2177, 2190, 2193-2194, 2196-2197, 2200, and 2227 (btw, the Orion V fleet is now at 37 buses). (10) -2009-2010 New Flyer DE42LFAs: #6473-6491, #6528-6538.(30) -2011 New Flyer XDE40s #7093-7100? (not sure if #7100 is repaired from it's accident or not) (8) -2012-2013 New Flyer XDE40s #7168-7179, 7203-7235. (45) 93 Buses assigned to Andrew's Airforce Base depot.
  9. Just found this out moments ago, but apparently, some of the 2007 New Flyer C40LFRs are going to be heading over to VA. Four Mile Run depot is slated to get #2817-2825 (the local buses) this weekend (they might already be there) since Bladensburg will be losing a few routes to Landover (and by extension Andrew's) after Northern closes this evening. Guess that means a few more 2006 Orion VII OG CNGs are about to bite the dust. 😥
  10. Then those remaining 2005 Gilligs are as good as gone.
  11. SCT already retired about 4 or 5 NG Clean Diesels, so I don't think they'll be touching anymore of those. This is the 2019 batch of Hybrids right, not the ones from 2 years ago?
  12. Another Orion V has returned to service, but I'm not sure which one. 36 units are now active. Also, #2528 and #2603 are officially retired. All 2005 Orion VII OG CNGs have withdrawn from Metrobus service. Moreover, #2619-2625, #2630-2635, and #2637 are all retired as well from the 2006 batch. Lastly and this is a surprise, New Flyer DE37LFAs #3754-3756 were transferred from West Ox to Sheppard's Parkway. Along with them are XDE40s #7172 and #7175-7179, also to Sheppard's Parkway. Meanwhile, DE42LFAs #6581-6590 are back to West Ox from Sheppard's parkway. Also, FMR's lowest XN40 is #2923 and Bladensburg's newest XN40 is #3264 IIRC.
  13. Maybe, but I don't see NICE getting heavy-duty 30 or 35ft buses. They are still too much like the MTA.
  14. Must had been an issue back in the late 2000's for the Orion VII OG CNGs, XN40s, XDE40s, D40LFRs, and just about everything else now has them. And fyi, #6301-6461, #5431-5452, and #3751-3770 were the LFAs that had them.
  15. A few AN440 CNGs were saved, but by either Transit Systems or by private owners.
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