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  1. Apparently, 2010 Orion 7.501 NG hybrid #4561 is now retired out of Grand Avenue depot. What the hell is going on with the #4500s any way??
  2. 2009 Orion 7.501 NG CNGs #1709 and #1785 are also now retired. 56 2009 Orion VII NG CNGs remain in service. 22 of which remain from the original base order of 60 buses (#1700-1759) and the remaining 34 from the first option (#1760-1799). 39/40 units remain from the second option (#1800-1839: 2010-2011) and all 45 active from the third option (#1840-1884: 2012-2013 EPA10s), hopefully it stays that way unlike #7000-7089....
  3. I heard that they were still around somewhere.
  4. Update, bus #6866 is still in service. Disregard my previous post.
  5. Is Ride-On done with new hybrid bus purchases too? They haven't brought a new hybrid fleet since 2013 or so.
  6. I always found their numbering scheme strange too, but it's not uncommon for smaller bus systems to have weird numbering patterns. THE BUS in nearby PG County is like that too. Loudoun County Transit as well for their commuter fleet.
  7. These units retired a while ago, but #1735 and #1774 are now at Garshow getting scrapped. Any idea if any 2004 Orion 5.501 CNGs are still at Cadar Creek? On a side note, I actually rode #1735 years ago back in fall 2015 on the n20 (before NICE split up the line IIRC). It was a good bus. Sad to see it go...
  8. According to the roster, it is in service out of Western depot. Pretty strange that no one has seen it yet. When I get time, I'm going to start looking for that unit. On a side note, had no idea that #4511 had an accident a few months ago. It's always the new buses smh.
  9. What an idiot! Hope they charge his ass with reckless driving! 2012 New Flyer C40LF CNG #482 out of Jackie Gleason depot is going to be OOS for a while, although the damage don't appear to be that bad.... Funfact: I used to live along the B43 bus line when I lived in Brooklyn back in 2005 and prior. 2007 Orion 7.501 OG hybrids #6865-66, #6895, and #6905 all retired out of Queens Village depot bound for ECH scrap. #6895 and #6905 are notable in particular because the former was the last blackbacked O7 and the later was the last NYCTA OG delivered in Summer 2007. RIP to both of them!
  10. The New Flyer XE40 buses are due for delivery in 2023.
  11. 2009 New Flyer DE42LFA hybrids #6355-6366, #6368, and #6370 to Cinder Bed Depot from Sheppard's Parkway Depot. Also 2021-22 New Flyer XD40s #4601-09, #4612-14, #4616, and #4618 are all delivered to CET. DASH also has 2021 New Flyer XE60 #902 in addition to #901. 2004 Orion 5.504 #87 is now retired.
  12. 2006 Orion 7.501 OG hybrid #6709 is now retired out of MJQ depot. 9 more OG 7s to go for Manhattan.
  13. Bee Lines 2004/5 Orion 5.503 #134 and 2006 Orion 5.501 #660 are both now retired. #660 apparently had an engine fire over the summer (when was the last time a Bee Lines bus burnt up anyway??). Also 2021-22 New Flyer XDE40 #398 is now delivered to Bee Lines.
  14. The following 2009 Orion 7.501 NG CNGs have been retired from MF depot as of 10/25/2021: #1713, #1715, #1736, #1740, #1742, #1754-55, #1775, and #1793. Bus #1785 is pending, currently OOS, but still intact with it's farebox, state plates, and radios. About 40 2008-2009 Orion 7.501 NG CNGs retired. 2021 Gillig Advantage BRT Plus CNGs #2049-2055 are all built and are on their way to NICE bus as we speak. #2041 is still currently at Zerega yard. Not sure where #2040 is. Pending delivery most likely.
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