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  1. The 2009 Orion VII Next Generation hybrids that were assigned to Yukon went to the inner city to replace some 2005 and 2006 Orion VII OG hybrids. That's why you don't see NGs on SI anymore (although there are 2-3 units left for operator training from what I heard), only EPA 10 3Gs.
  2. #3041-3044 are EPA10s Orion VII diesels. You would think they would ask Cinder Bed to do 10A and 10B runs. The 10 line's southern terminal is fairly close Cinder Bed depot.
  3. How many Orion 5.501s are left?
  4. Well, that's only if the rumors of MTA bus service cuts don't actually take place. If they cut a few express routes or even runs, that will easily wipeout the remaining 2001-2002 D4500s, maybe even some of the newer CLs as well. Hopefully, the MTA doesn't pull a NICE and chop a dozen lines or like what they did back in summer 2010. Though to be honest, those buses should have retired years ago, like back when the 1999 Orion Vs were leaving service. The MTA could have easily ordered 450 or so Prevost X3-45 buses, but didn't cause they like to under order like with the whole XN40/XN60 vs Orion VII OG CNG fisco.
  5. Maybe, cause Southern Ave (along with Sheppard's Parkway depots) are the closest depots (not counting the former Royal street depot) to Four Mile Run in Nova. At last checked, those lower 7300 series XDE40s were assigned to Southern Ave. There were D40LFRs there too? It's possible (or even probable) that FMR is short on buses due to the scrapping of the Orion VII CNG fleet.
  6. I'm surprised Metro did not get XN40s like Dart did...
  7. #6562 and #6563 are now retired out of FP depot. Gone with them are most of the #6600's (i.e. #6604-6606, #6631-6636, #6638-6642, #6644-6651, #6653-6654, #6656, 6658-6659, #6661-6669, #6671-6689). Only #6600-6603, #6607-6630, #6637, #6643, #6652, #6655, #6657, #6660, #6670, and #6690-6699 remains. I can't believe the MTA is getting rid of these 2005 and 2006 Orion VII OG hybrids so soon, especially the Manhattan units, they were in great shape! If I were them, I'd put these in storage to be used on a later date instead of scrapping them. That way, we would avoid another major bus shortage like when the 1998 and 1999 Novabus RTS's retired a few months ago or when the 1999 Orion 5.501 diesels retired 3 years ago! 2019 is just a big year for bus retirements for the MTA (and NICE) it seems. It's really strange how the MTA have not retired the last of the 2001-2002 MCI D4500s though. Those buses are on life support right now. From the Brooklyn division, add #6527, #6565, and #6578 to the scrap list. And here a couple of interesting news bits, Proterras #0018 and #0020 are at the SI division doing test runs on some lines out there. Also, #7850 has been reported to be at Ulmer Park, so I guess the last batch of XD40s are about to commence.
  8. The 2009 C40LFRs are going already!?! Man, what is MARTA's retirement cycle, cause they just keep wasting buses. Reminds me of Orlando's Linx! Not even fully 10 year old yet!
  9. IIRC those 2004 Orion Vs were on weekend service until around 2016 or so when the next batch of XN40s came in #1937-1964.
  10. Yeah, the last FFC Orion Vs retired last summer. What the hell? That's all that remains? #2701-2702, (#2704 was already mentioned as retired a few weeks ago) #2705, #2707-2711, #2714-2716, #2721-2722, #2725-2726, and #2728-2729 are all retired that fast?!? I just #2702 sometime last week and a few of those other units in the last few weeks! I got to go back to hunting these buses before they are all retired! I did see #2706, #2712, and #3028 all in Pentagon city/ pentagon area this afternoon. Also saw 2 2016 7300 series New Flyer XDE40s (not XN40s) working on the 10A today. #7319 and another one that I forgot. #7333 maybe? WTH.... Also, has anyone seen any #2100's or #2200's lately? Haven't seen an Orion V in a while (besides DASH bus ones). Lastly, are we in the 7700 series of cars yet? How far are we from the end of the order?
  11. I don't think there's any buses in NICE's current fleet with 500,000 miles. Hell most of the 2004 Orion V CNGs didn't even get that far.
  12. Just an update, in terms of retirements, about 20 more 2005-2006 Orion VII OG hybrids just got decommissioned (included #6650) from Manhattanvile depot. Also 2009-2010 Nova LFSA #1201 is most likely retired now due to an engine fire it had the other day up in the Bronx. Second bus from that series to catch fire (with the first being #1205 back in circa 2015).
  13. Just an update. Interms of Fairfax Connector news, West Ox just received about 4 brand new XD40s (BRT styled) #7826-7829, one of which was still covered with factory plastic. We had 3 more breakdowns in the last week, 2 Cinder Bed hybrids broke down on I-395 heading north just minutes apart and yesterday a West Ox DE37LFA had to be road called. Stalled out on the 26A. Also yesterday, a brand new PRTC MCI D4500CT had a couple flat tires (forgot the #).
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