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  1. So I guess TTC will be going with XE40s from here on out?
  2. I know, it just feels as though we do for some reason.
  3. So... not so hot I take it?
  4. Is there any or were any TAs in Canada that ever had Orion VII CNG buses of any kind? I can't seem to find any on the major fleet rosters out there.
  5. How are the BYD EV buses holding up for the TTC?
  6. According to NYCTFs, 2007 MCI D4500CLs #4306 and #4318 are now both retired. How many NYCT CLs are even left?
  7. idk why, but somehow, it feels like we have a bus shortage on our hands. Maybe because the 2005/2006 DE40LFs and DE40LFRs pulled an Orion VI and retired suddenly? As for Metrorail news, any updates as to what the 8000s series cars will have in terms of advancements over the 7000s series? And what about those dare 6000 series cars, they been gone for nearly a year?
  8. The only other artics they had in recent memory was the 2003-04 NABI LF artics that ended up retiring early.
  9. The artics they have are all New Flyers. DE60LFs, DE60LFRs, and D60LFRs. I'm surprised they don't have any Xcelsiors in their fleet other than the 2 XE40 test buses (and one caught fire last I heard lol).
  10. CTA only have the LFS's, no LFSAs.
  11. I was also looking at future MTA NYCTA bus orders and it seems that no new artics are on the horizon. #1200-1289 look beat and would probably need to be replaced by 2023 honestly. If that's true, then it's possible that #3800-3959 (other then the dozen or so units already there) may not go to MTA bus and instead newer units like the 4400s and 4600s, or just random ones. Next will be also interesting to see how the MTA handles the retirement of the New Flyer C40LF CNGs, as those had interested me for a while now. Given that NICE is currently retiring the slightly older 2009 1700s as wel
  12. Are the #4500's being axed early for Mileage reasons? It's weird how they are gunning for some of the last NGs delivered to be removed from service early. I know for a fact that when delivered, #4513-4570 was GA depot, while #4571-4599 were assigned to FB depot and those garages have some busy routes like B41/B41 LTD, B44/B44 LTD(at the time), B46/B46 LTD (again at the time) and the B49 at FB, and the B38 LTD, B47 and B62 for GA.
  13. None of the upcoming #4600-4799 is going to VA? I know the #4450-4599 batch are likely going to stay in D.C./MD.
  14. Probably, as the D40LFRs probably won't be sticking around for to much longer. Question is, what will West Ox and Cinder Bed get in terms of bus fleets late this year and early next?
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