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  1. Which do you rather, the MTA XN40s or the NICE XN40s?
  2. Anyone have any thoughts about where the train system should be expanded to next. I honestly would love to see the Blue line expanded to Woodbridge in PW county.
  3. Had that happened to me a few months ago when the 2020 XN40s were first being deployed out of Bladensburg. I was riding #329X (forgot the last digit) on the B2 was trying to record the take off after I got off. Some pricks were telling me to stop filming the bus and I cursed their asses out! They picked the wrong one...
  4. One of the last ones I rode before they got retired was bus #2152 out of Bladensburg depot on the D6 back in June of 2019. Dang, I remember when #2172 (and alot of those first 80+ 2100's) were still out of Royal Street depot! That was a good bus. Caught it one time in Spring 2014 on the 29C and it hauled ass!
  5. BTW, All Brooklyn division assigned NYCTA Orion 7.501 OG hybrids have been retired. The last 5 units out of FP depot are no longer in service, #6834 and #6836 being among them.
  6. The 1997s and 2000s both technically retired at the age of 19 (from revenue service).
  7. I guess the demand for it is simply just not there, not unlike the aforementioned PRTC.
  8. So how do state contracts work? Do many systems piggy back orders off of other systems?
  9. PRTC Omniride/link recently started doing that too.
  10. I hope WMATA do away with those rear windows though. Too many buses have back windows. Shame that no one is buying those V's for private use.
  11. So, like their version of Metro Access? I know NICE bus is doing( or was, not sure if they still are) something similar in Nassau County.
  12. Last I heard, its around Baltimore. Any updates on the 6000 series cars? Also, I predict that these next set of buses will be retired this year: 2005 New Flyer DE40LFs: #6001-6039 2006 New Flyer DE40LFRs: #6040-6050 2008 NABI BRT 60 CNGs : #5401-5422
  13. Bus wasn't that bus in an accident?
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