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  1. Seems that Metro is going to cut upwards of 22 bus lines. Since I focus on the VA side of things, I'll just list some of the proposed VA WMATA routes. 3A, 3T 5A (obviously) 7Y would be cut back to Pentagon. No longer going to downtown. They might as well revive the former 7E route if they are going to do that. 10N (I have yet to see these buses in action and probably never will at this rate) 15K 16G (for some reason) 22A (replaced with a modified 22F. They should just kill the 22 family in general except the 22A and revive the former 25A and 25C lines IMHO). 29W (This route is kinda pointless. They should just have those either as 29G trips or have the 29C be bi-directional during rushhours) TAGs (This service is losing ridership like crazy and the recent bus strike certainly didn't help matters...) If all this happens, I think the VA depots routes should be assigned like this: West Ox 1s, 2s 4A (during rushhours) 8W (during rushhours) 17B (Split with Cinderbed) 26A 38B (split with Four Mile Run on weekdays) Four Mile Run 1s( weekends) 2s (weekends) 3Y 4B 7s 8s (except for 8W) 10s 11Y (PM service) 16s 22F 23s 25B 28s 38B (split with West Ox on weekdays) Metroways Cinder Bed 11Y (AM service) 17s (17B split with West Ox) 18s 21s 29s REX In terms of bus fleets in VA, this will easily be the end of the Orion 7 reign in NOVA for the CNGs will all be retired and the hybrid 3Gs from Cinder Bed will go back to the inner city depots. I would also transfer those 2012-13 XDE40s #7180-7202 from West Ox and get about 23 more 2010 DE42LFAs from the city. Possibly #6554-6577. Don't know if Four Mile Run will be getting some new 2020 XN40s though.
  2. I wonder why Four Mile is getting these? I mean it is cool that they are here for variety sake, but I think that West Ox or even Cinder Bed would have been better depots for these to go to. Any Orion 5 sightings as of late? Are they are CET storage now? What about the NABI BRT 60 CNGs?
  3. Also, 2007 C40LFRs #2824 and #2825 are both working the 7A and 7Y respectively! 2006 Orion VII OG CNG #2658 doing a 7C run as well, while 2007 Orion VII OG CNG #3030 is on the 7M! Some cool metrobus action in Northern VA today. Lastly #2724 is on layover at Pentagon city on the 16G behind 2016 XN40 #2925. On the DASH bus side of things, the Ex-PRTC Omniride MCI D4500CLs are now active on the AT2X #701 and #702 are both in service! Also, ART's new 5300 series XN35s are now in service and are apparently replacing the 2011 and 2013 Aerotech CNG buses...
  4. Just an update on the XN40 order. Apparently the 2019 batch was only for 10 units, not 15. #1980-1984 are not yet built. Also, I never understood why NICE didn't renumber the XN60s to a different series. The 1900's should all be XN40s. The XN60s (both current and future units) should be units should be numbered in the #1400s in my opinion.
  5. The MTA just tested one of these less then 2 years ago. Make is the all Electric version, since I heard they were going to make an EV variant. Yes, the MTA just awarded the contract to Prevost back in October IIRC. BTW, Fresh Pond just got 8 2005-2006 Orion VII OG hybrids from East NY including #6490.
  6. Well, if Metrobus ever starts suffering from deferred maintenance due to budget cuts, they are going to be in for a rude awakening! Anyway, this is out of left field, but apparently, there's a 2006 D40LFR on the 25B right now (#6181)! When did FMR depot get D40LFRs? I saw one parked at the depot a couple of weeks ago (#6159, along with a 2014-2015 NABI BRT 42 hybrid), but I figured it was there to get work done...
  7. NICE bus says that they want to have OMNY on all their buses systemwide by the end of this year. I think MTA LIRR said that too.
  8. Happy Birthday NICE bus! Celebrating 8 years of foolishness within the confines of Nassau county.... Also farewell MTA Long Island bus.
  9. I'm late on this, but the MTA had just retired the last set of R42 subway train cars on 12/30/2019, after making their final run on the J line. What a way to end the decade with a retirement, for these are the first (and last) train cars to retire this ( or rather last) decade since the R44s (NYCTA units) in late 2010. RIP
  10. To my knowledge, no. They just got a bunch of new buses back in 2017, killing all of the 2003- 2004 Van hools. Since WMATA is no longer operating the Circulator, I have no clue what they have coming down the pipe, though I suspect more electric buses.. BTW, happy new years everyone! BTW, The 7000 series car order from Kawasaki is now complete. The 7700s are in service.
  11. MTA bus Company's 2013 New Flyer C40LF CNG #656 was involved in an accident working on the Q65 the other day. Will be out for a while
  12. WMATA just accepted an option order of 100 XD40s and 32 XD60s for 2020 I believe. Guess those 2006 D40LFRs are not long for this world ( as well as the NABI BRT 60s and possibly DE62LFAs) Well, basically anything built before 2009.
  13. #2628 is back at Four Mlie Run. Saw it parked there. Also at FMR is 2015 NABI BRT 42 hybrid #8094 for some reason and 3 WMATA Museum buses. Meanwhile, ART has about a dozen brand new New Flyer XN35s in the #5300 series, awaiting to enter service. Guess those 2007 Nabi 35 LFWs 1Gs are going bye-bye... Also, spotted an ex- PRTC Omni (now DASH bus) 2005 Gillig phantom #102 (702) on the AT6 yesterday evening for some odd reason. Guess they were short on buses. Still strange how they renumbered these in the same series as the former 2007 units.
  14. What's the status of the C40LFRs? Are they still at FMR or what? Also, saw a 2018 XN40 near Cinder Bed depot last night (IIRC #3156), traveling NIS to I-95 north. Are #2626, #2627, and #2628 really retired?
  15. All 2019 XN40s are now on property and will enter service in the coming days. As far as I know, the 2009 NGs are all still active.
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