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  1. Yeah, #5401 and #5402 were assigned to Four Mile Run for a month or so back in late 2008 and early 2009, right before Arlington was closed and replaced by West Ox. Four Mile had nothing else but Orion 7.501/503 CNGs back then. I give those 2005 DE40LFs til September. Also, are most of the D40LFRs really sidelined??? I looked at the Roster and it appears that only Southern Ave Depot is actively using theirs. Everyone else retired their units?
  2. Have any of these actually entered service yet?
  3. Well, besides the REX, what Cinder Bed lines can use artics?
  4. According to the forums, 2 more 2006-2007 OG hybrids just got retired. #3535 and a #68xx (forgot the number).
  5. But surely Sheppard's Parkway can accommodate a larger fleet of artics for now can't they?
  6. Ok, cause I was going to ask what would be the point of sending buses to a depot to train with if said depot is not even getting these buses, but that clears things up.
  7. 2016 Nova LFS #8459 out of Jamaica depot might be retired after the tow truck it was hoisted on caught fire in New Jersey.
  8. Someone better get an Orion V and an Orion VII OG CNG!
  9. That unit is supposedly at Eastchester.
  10. That is some good news indeed. I can't help but wonder if West Ox will remain closed after all this though.
  11. Quick update, as it turns out, NICE is getting Gillig Advantage BRT CNGs after all, just as I was suspected.
  12. Isn't Four Mile Run also slated to be rebuilt in the coming years?
  13. Also, 2008 pilot bus #1700 Mitchell Field depot < Rockville Center depot (Storage).
  14. Southern Ave depot also have a good amount of LFRs, but I don't know if they are going to give them anymore new buses since they are going to close down in a few years anyway. Hell, I surprised that they got some 2016 XDE40s!
  15. So I assume that they skipped the #1400s?
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