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  1. Hello Everyone, Below is a link to my Flickr where you will find updates and photos that I've taken over the last few years at the time of this writing. Originally I posted many photos before transitioning to a website, however, I decided to remove my website and refresh my Flickr by uploading newer content and re-editing the better content that was originally on it when I first started. Photos will be uploaded whenever time permits. Thanks! https://www.flickr.com/photos/164315446@N06/
  2. 6074 broken down at Elbow Drive & 54 Ave SW just now. The bus constantly kept stalling every time it stopped before it finally gave in.
  3. They did, but I’m disappointed they chose then once again, given SNC has had a number of ethical and corruption issues in the past with other projects that go beyond transit. If something does go wrong during the construction of the project they will face backlash that will also make the city look bad at the same time. Anyways….
  4. Here’s a photo of 8140 on the Mount Pleasant section of the 404. Note the entire block during the day did not track whatsoever, as 1336 was on the piece for most of the day until approximately after 6pm. 8140 was not logged onto the CAD as it finished the rest of the block during the evening.
  5. CT is currently hiring operators and are going to hire more later on this year, as mentioned in this article: https://calgary.citynews.ca/2023/01/19/calgary-transit-recruit-800/
  6. From mruchatter on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CnVnABTjrly/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Overcrowding issues on the MAX Yellow are still a persistent problem (the extras put in place recently imo aren’t anywhere near enough in a number of instances) and people getting left behind. Not surprising, given that’s also been my experience whenever I take the MY from downtown to MRU, which I try to avoid now.
  7. They dropped the ball on that one pretty good, there were a good 50+ people waiting there and that bus left people behind. Given that 7950 seemed to have broke down at the garage and 7985 was the replacement, it was already over an hour late being sent anyways, and quite frankly it’s too bad none of the school runs in the surrounding areas at the time finishing up did a trip to relief that load of people needing that 124, given that there were numerous buses around the area that could have at the time (7739, 7746, 7810, 7814, 6063 to name a few).
  8. Heres a couple of pics of 7778 at Foothills as an 8 extra from this morning.
  9. A 2003 or 2004 LF has been involved in a crash not long ago.
  10. Some notes I made checking out the revisions on the 78 and the new 194 yesterday afternoon: 78: - 78s in general seem to be a bit busier, even with the increased frequency. This is likely because of those riders that use to take the 178 that now take the 78. - The Belmont section seems to have not too bad of usage to start off, given that I saw a few people get off at the new stops down there during rush hour. - The majority (if not all) signage for the 178 have been removed and replaced with future bus zones (which was surprisingly quick) - The time it actually takes getting into Chaparral from Somerset is more or less close to the time it would take if it went on Macleod, especially given traffic during peak. Less so from visual observations, but checking the trips on transit55, I've noticed they made changes for the school trips to Centennial for the 78, since the school trips were previously on the 178. The AM trip starts NB at Chaparral Drive & 194 Ave SE and only does the loop around Chaparral, skipping Belmont and Somerset, and heads straight to Centennial HS. I could see this being an issue and also being misleading towards unsuspecting riders who are catching it to Somerset, which leads to looking at how the afternoon trip is like. The afternoon trip begins at Centennial, and does the same thing, skipping Somerset Station, and Skipping the Belmont section, and heads straight into Chaparral, ending at SB Chapala Drive & Chapala Road (like really?). Personally I think given with the changes, one should just make this school trip a school route like a 788 or something along the lines, because I can see confusion and problems with how this trip is designed (compared to before where the 178 would do the full loop and serve Somerset), or make changes so these trips do the full route. 194: - Very similar to how the 444 was, ridership remains soft except for trips close to school dismissal times, riders were mostly school kids anyways even during peak trips outbound. - Most riders got off or on in Walden, and 1 or 2 at best in Chaparral Valley (as it normally was) - No riders got on or off in Wolf Willow (I'm assuming this will change overtime but in the meantime I expected the Wolf Willow section to have very little, if not, nonexistent ridership). On the other hand, while I was waiting for the 78, I noticed a couple of people (maybe planners?) take down the 102 stickers and 102 notice change signs by the WB stop just beside the Somerset loop where the 15 stopped (weird given they were placed in the wrong place before the changes, yet somehow they didn't remove the signage for the 15 yet). Photos of that attached.
  11. Speaking of the 7, 6003 is doing the 7 and 699 (even though the 7 extra is interlined with 732) this afternoon. I wonder if this is a regularly scheduled artic piece for Mount Royal Jr high kids or something was done last minute.
  12. 6088 broke down SB at Elbow Drive & 56 Ave SW. 6076 was its replacement.
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