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  1. Its alright for what it is, but if your phone dies it’s technically considered that you don’t have fare at that point and that’s a dealbreaker for me using it, and thus I still prefer buying paper passes and tickets. (Don’t forget, I was one of the original testers for the project before it rolled out, so there’s my 2 cents on it.)
  2. 6024 was out on the 28/83 this afternoon, and 6042 did the 150.
  3. Might as well just say suspended until further notice given how its been the 2nd time the suspensions have been extended.
  4. And here it is (in service)! I also noticed that when it was deadheading to North Pointe the sign was blank and did not display Out of Service then, so I wonder if they only put in a separate program that only has the code 114 to display on the sign.
  5. It appears otherwise today with 8351 doing the 64 in its entirety.
  6. Nah that sign has had some problems from what I’ve seen lately, probably still displaying S because it was stuck from what it was displaying not long before (3 Sandstone).
  7. 8055 did the 157 until it was changed-off with 1226 at around 10 AM this morning, and 8092 was on the 444 for AM peak.
  8. Spotted a new info board for the layover 2 and 4 Stop in downtown. Kinda strange for it being there.
  9. Here’s a pic of 8070 with the barrier.
  10. Here's a photo of 8405 doing the very short-lived (and now cancelled) Route 784 Captain Nichola Goddard - Panorama. Based on the few times I saw this run, it had no ridership, and I believe the current 887 takes the few kids who still need this service.
  11. 8337 is seen in Riverbend doing the 734 sometime in September. I believe this and a few other school runs like the 699 and 801 are not programmed to be stacked on the titan signs.
  12. Didn’t get any photos.... felt lazy last night!
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