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  1. Unfortunately for this signup it is probably going to be the norm. I checked the key run on the CAD and it displayed 440141 indicating that it likely is a big bus this signup (for the afternoon at least).
  2. Some uncommon sights this evening: 7896 on the 112 7735 and 8280 on the 10 7790 and 8300 on the 17 7944 on the 11
  3. With that said, 8313 also has likely been de-wrapped, and 7714 and 7729 have been sent back to Vic Park and are doing all day VP runs on them.
  4. 6013, 6019, and 6021 also now have a bike rack. 7705, 7721, and 7921 have had their bike racks removed.
  5. 6009, 6010, and 6020 are now bike rack equipped.
  6. CT 6044 curves along a road beside Brentwood Station on the Route 9 as a short trip to the University of Calgary during a bright sunny morning. As the current signup comes to a close within a week (at the time of posting), most school runs will stop running (until September) after this month.
  7. 8386 was doing a spring block on the 155 this morning.
  8. Regarding 7637, you are incorrect. if you look at the last block it was on, it was running a Stoney AM rush hour block on the 20 for a very short period of time before it was done.
  9. Brand new Roam Transit 1029 on the Route 8X Lake Louise is seen departing the Banff Community High School not far from Downtown Banff earlier today. This vehicle is a brand new 2019 MCI D45 CRT LE, and is among the first batch of production models for this type of vehicle to enter service.
  10. I doubt it, but who knows.
  11. Funny. I saw that thing on the MAX orange an hour ago.
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