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  1. Another good one worth pointing was the old Route 430 that did run from Crowfoot to the Airport from what I remember - they took it out (I think) in 2012 and shortened the route (Sandstone to the Airport) due to cuts at the time and since then has left a massive gap for transit along the Country Hills Bv corridor for the past decade (which hopefully may come back in a more extended form in the future) given how difficult it is to get around in that specific area without taking so many feeder buses that are nearby, as @PartiallySD has mentioned. Ridership demand would further justify this idea of reintroducing service in the corridor more than ever before. The NW loop routes were cut up partly because of uneven ridership with oddball frequencies and service span, which fluctuated the utilization of them based on the neighbourhoods and time of day that they ran - although I would also argue that the status quo in that area (post-September 2016 changes) are starting to show their age with the 134 being essentially ineffective and the 120 seeing underwhelming ridership, as well as the more recent merging of the Route 31 into the 19 last summer which strengthens the point.
  2. That was from last night, was replaced with 1836 at 20:12 at Somerset.
  3. Good chance they are now a regular occurrence this signup, given that the 123 has gotten a regular piece that is also with an artic this signup.
  4. 6011 operating as a 155 from taken on Thursday, during the "snow detours".
  5. 1320 being towed away right now (at the time of writing) out of chinook.
  6. 1250 broke down at chinook earlier as an 81, driver was waiting for a replacement sitting inside. 1285 was the replacement.
  7. A few photos taken throughout this week, mainly focused with the snow in mind.
  8. You'd be correct on that one. Here's a few: 6036 - 30 6070 - 159 (am only, does 23 after) 6081, 6094 - 43 On that note, 7807 did the 145/23 17th Ave this morning as well.
  9. A few out of ordinary sightings tonight: 8495, 8514 on the 99 8465 on the 36 (did not do the single 41 trip on its piece).
  10. Since when did you think the 56 was having a "ridership" problem in those neighbourhoods? Last time I checked, the information I have on that begs to differ, clearly you have not been on those bus routes down south and seen which routes are doing well and which ones aren't in terms of numbers. Even with the 45 minute frequency on weekends the shuttle gets a full seated load in the middle of the day, let alone how busy I've seen it most times of the day during the week.
  11. New neighbourhood at the time, ridership remained low and still is even now in the area (Although has seen some increases because of school kids). Ran every 20 minutes, 2 shuttles, peak only. COVID was when they took away a shuttle and dropped the frequency to 40 minutes before being replaced with the 194 last year. (At least that's how I remember it.)
  12. Some changes I noticed today with the 89 pieces: An AM trip has been added specifically for school service, on top of the original one (which runs from 8:08 to 8:51). The added AM trip begins at 8:15 from Sandstone* and ends at 8:49, and is interlined with a single trip on the MT and on the 117 before it does the 89. The PM trip has been altered; it is now by itself and only does a one way trip which runs from 15:26 till 16:18 starting at Madeleine D'Houet and ending at North Pointe (as usual). For Fridays, a trip has been added that starts at Queen Elizabeth that runs from 13:10 till 13:52, and does an 887 and 301 afterwards. Something I didn't notice till now is that the 89 has been made to service Queen Elizabeth School now that the 791/792 have been removed for a little while, which could partly explain these changes.
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