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  1. 7990 also has something similar with its fabric inserts (although this may change once it gets the plastic red inserts).
  2. Calgary Transit 8203, a 2013 Nova LFS CNG, is seen serving a stop in the community of Rundle on the Route 48.
  3. Here’s 8164 after turning onto 17 Avenue & Glenside Drive on a 2 extra yesterday morning.
  4. Here’s 8464 seen in early January 2021 doing the 146. I believe this was one of the very few times a CNG Nova ever did this route before it was deleted the following June.
  5. I understand there is no “handbook” as to how to handle a pandemic, and this goes beyond just transit, but with anything in general. However, my opinion is the response here should’ve been better, and more fluid. First, the recent changes from January 17 and February 14 are prime examples of that. It begs the question: why wasn’t there a signup C for example, if service got better? Instead of just Signup A (reduced changes) and Signup B (if the situation gotten worse), why wasn’t there a third option (instead of relying on adding not so impactful extras as we’re going along right now). Second, was handing out overtime (for example) all over the place to operators really one of the solutions to solve the issues of manpower when transit has been bleeding money until the cash injections from the feds and prov over the last two years? I think there probably was a better way forward than that. I understand its a shared responsibility on all levels, but going forward more has to be done regarding it and it has to be done quicker. I’m sure public opinion today regarding the manner is that its not safe in general, especially after rush hour periods and a lot of riders are frustrated regarding the manner and some (including myself) have written to their city councillors about this issue.
  6. Its too bad that it was shortsighted decision making at various levels that led to all this being a major issue that could’ve been mitigated much better imo, especially now that they’re in need of hiring more drivers since most of those that weren’t recalled back after a year being laid off basically said screw it. Despite the staff shortages, I think it was also a mistake leaving units at Anderson sitting there collecting dust for so long (except those taken out to replace retired 7700s) instead of rotating those units between others every couple of signups or so so that they would see some use. But again, those staffing shortages probably did prohibit that from happening, which goes back to the thing of not responding fast enough in general throughout the pandemic, lack of oversight, and just being a little too late most of the time (whether its sudden signup changes, operators being taken out of signed pieces arbitrarily, and lack of response towards social disorder along the system, etc). It’s really sad thinking about it.
  7. 8045 did the 422 for less than one hour sometime between 10:50 and 11:50am only to be swapped with 1320 (which ran from the start of service till 10:50, and now again afterwards).
  8. It is indeed the same as 6072….. I rode it from Elbow to Sandstone and have confirmed it is a match.
  9. Calgary Transit 6094 is seen along Symons Valley Parkway on the Route 82 Nolan Hill. This 2013/2017 unit recently entered service and is the product of the front half of Phoenix’s Valley Metro #8107 (as it was retired from a fire in the back end in 2020) and the back half Calgary Transit #6072 (front half was wrecked in November 2020).
  10. This thread is meant for photos of vehicles no longer in the CT fleet. Comments like this belongs in general discussion just for future reference.
  11. There’s probably still checks around, maybe its just timing. You do realize this isnt just limited to 39th avenue, but rather the entire LRT network itself as a whole. I don’t believe that you would purposely take the 10 to downtown all the time unless the timing lines up given how it is on a 45 minute frequency all day (or even the 449 which is 1 bus @ 50 minute frequency). Sometimes you might just have to take the train if you got places to go despite all the problems going on.
  12. A Pedestrian was struck at 39 Avenue Station earlier today. Ctrain shuttles were dispatched.
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