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  1. A couple of photos of the 38 from the past few days.
  2. 2271 has a fresh coat of paint and a roofline now.
  3. Some school runs are still not displaying data. Such runs include the 717 and 834 for example. From the looks of it, there will be some 40 footers running on the 3 during weekday evenings and some peak/off peak trips on the 301.
  4. 8156 was scraped on the drivers side by a dodge caravan trying to cut the bus off earlier today just before Hastings and Renfrew. Seemed like it took minimal damage, but at the same time most passengers that were stranded walked for a bit to the next B-line stop further down at Nanaimo.
  5. To add to ur reservations as well, theyre not thinking it straight in regards to SE in a different dimension. For example they could have saved a Route (for example late night 92 and 96 service) while wiping out service for the 149 on Saturdays (and off peak hours on weekdays). Why bother wasting so much time with a route that maybe touches less than a dozen people each day (and maybe that ONE person on saturday) when it could be better served to maintain service late at night for the 92 and 96. It’s stupid imo.
  6. Chances are when they do get rebuilt or refurbished they won't come with Air Conditioning. They probably will stay that way until they retire.
  7. The following buses have readers installed (ones that have not been mentioned yet): 7714, 7960, 7961, 8016, 8019-8024, 8101, 8102, 8205-8214, 8314, and 8392-8394.
  8. Airdrie Transit 3716 is seen by Centre Street and 43rd Avenue north on the Route 901 East Airdrie. That white panel by the driver's side has been in plain white since last year due to a collision or accident.
  9. I'd say quite a few, and getting around on the weekends will be that much more difficult in the sense of missing connections, and waiting too long for a bus to show up.
  10. The 3 I think is going to be cut to 15 minute frequency on weekends. People will notice the slight change, but it’s going to be interesting to see if less people use it or not. The 2, 4, and 5 might have one bus taken out on their respective routes meaning 30 minute frequency or worse. That has the ability to drive even more people away from taking the bus on the weekends, given that they have steady ridership during those times.
  11. I wouldn't doubt it, if they did I would say the 21/55/71 would be taking a hit, and maybe with the 57 too.
  12. Ridership on the 3 has suffered imo ever since artics stopped running on weekends. Riding on it all the time it use to have decent loads midday as artics and when they took that out there were quite a few heavy loads on weekends right after they took them out (full seated load with quite a few standing) and now its gotten to the point where its less than half or just over half seating load during those times. Dropping the frequency even more already is gonna make less people even use it. Regarding service cuts they should have chop the 149 to peak only(Monday to Friday), since almost nobody uses it apart from those times (from my observations). It’s a route that almost inches towards being useless given only about less than a dozen people use it a day.
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