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  1. 7679 dead at North Pointe, saw a mechanic checking on it and drove away. Perhaps it’s the end for it?
  2. 7797 to SG, although i’m not 100% sure if this is because of how 8228 is temporarily running out of VP.
  3. 8182 now has wheelchair seats taken from an xcelsior.
  4. Here’s a photo of 7873 by 53 Street and Dalhart Road laying over before doing the Route 782 H.D. Cartwright - Nolan Hill from yesterday.
  5. Terrible photo, but 6005 was doing the 17 for PM rush hour. (It was also 40 minutes late throughout its block....)
  6. Although not mentioned, the 882 was added on the same day as the 786 due to overloads on the 129, which some kids used to connect to the 82 (which takes a lot longer). Connections to Nolan Hill would thus be faster from the school with a the 882 and would also ease the crush loads on the 129. In that sense I guess it was added for a similar reason to the 786.
  7. As the Series 50s begin to dwindle in numbers, there have been less and less of them doing school and express runs, which have now been more dominant with newer diesel and CNG novas (for the most part). By summer of next year, there's a chance that they may never hit the road again. Here's a shot of Calgary Transit 7638 at Edgebrook Rise Terminal doing a school trip on the Route 796 Tom Baines - Edgemont.
  8. Someone wasn’t having a nice day like anticipated..... anyways 6078 was stuck in MacEwan this morning for hours.
  9. 6083 is dead by Centre street and 28th Ave. Not sure what replaced it though.
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