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  1. There was a fuel/fluid leak of some sort by Centre Street Station that was coming from a generator from the nearby Hyatt causing the shutdown of 7th Avenue for trains.
  2. 8225 has a mismatched seat pad on one of the seats now.
  3. Managed to see 3727 yesterday as I was going by Whitehorn. However, I had a look on the transloc tracker and it appears it marked that unit as 3711. That could possibly mean the days for 3711 are numbered, and perhaps maybe 3714 as well (with 3728 being in service now).
  4. and subsequently 7940 did a shuttle 93 after doing that 95 for the rest of the evening.
  5. 6084 just died on Centre and 64 ave N.
  6. With the merging of the old 89 and 430 into the revised 89, the 89 now serves up to North Pointe from where the 430 use to run, and now uses shuttles for its service between Lions Park & North Pointe (although this could change).
  7. Here’s a couple of pics of that being taken away.
  8. Here’s a photo of one of many notice signs put up for permanent stop closures on the 146.
  9. It really doesn’t help either with weekend service being atrocious (and will continue to be)….. an example is the 3, still at 20 minute frequency both Saturdays and Sundays all day along with infrequent train service on both the blue and red line throughout the day has really frustrated quite a number of people I’m sure, and it just doesn’t cut it anymore now that some of the ridership has come back during off peak.
  10. Yeah the 146 and the 430 being cancelled isnt too surprising, and finally they made the 89 go both ways in the morning and afternoon which is nice. I checked on block explorer and it appears that the 15, 52, 74, 88, 104, and 174 will be turned to all day shuttle for the summer.
  11. 8443 out on a shuttle 93 this evening.
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