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  1. R. Meu

    Out of ordinary Calgary Transit bus spottings

    That same bus was changed off with 7779 after doing a few trips on the 41 in the morning (which is an Anderson block). 7779 was changed-off once again, and now 7888 is running on that block for the rest of the day on a 6/36/41 block.
  2. R. Meu

    Calgary Transit

    After nearly 7 months of spending time in the shops at VP from that collision with 7928 back in June of last year, 7848 has finally returned to service! The CAD remains dead on it though.
  3. R. Meu

    General BRT discussion

    Or if the driver likes to tinker with the destination signs
  4. R. Meu

    Out of ordinary Calgary Transit bus spottings

    7704 was out doing an all-day key on the 303 today.
  5. R. Meu

    Calgary Transit New Flyer Xcelsior CNG Demos

    Was it still in white?
  6. R. Meu

    Out of ordinary Calgary Transit bus spottings

    8114 was doing an all-day run on the 301 today.... uncommon in the sense that it only runs artics on weekdays (for the most part).
  7. R. Meu

    General BRT discussion

    They haven't been programmed in a while, so they just display X Route X instead (for the most part). Besides, I wouldn't see a good reason for CT to reprogram them because most of the 7600s wont be around in the next 5 or 6 years.
  8. R. Meu

    General BRT discussion

    It would be difficult to keep up with that because A. It depends on the city’s budget because afterall that would cost extra money that might not seem worth it to them and B. If they had more wrapped MAX buses it would be difficult to run them all the time on the MAX routes as the buses chosen would have considerably higher mileage than the normal buses on top of the fact that they might have to use them as spares for other buses during the AM/PM rush (best example of this was the Airport Novas before their luggage racks and decals were stripped, as they are higher mileage than other Novas).
  9. R. Meu

    Calgary Transit

    They came out later during the day.
  10. R. Meu

    Damaged or dead vehicles

    8032 died earlier today while on the 43. Here’s a photo of it being towed away.
  11. R. Meu

    Feature Photo Submissions

    A School run on a weekend in the evening? How Could that be???? Anyways, here's a photo of CT 8263 at Heritage Station displaying Route 777 "Henry Wise Wood Evergreen" (when it is actually on the Route 20 to Northmount Drive).
  12. R. Meu

    Random Photos - Calgary and Area

    8263 is seen at 78th Avenue Terminal displaying Route 414 after a run on the Route 20.
  13. R. Meu

    Xcelsior Airporter buses

    Airporter novas are now a thing of the past.....
  14. Seems like 3714 is missing its bike rack and its panel by the drivers side has been replaced (being white instead of blue). I wonder if this bus got into a collision more recently because I recall seeing it with the bike rack from a few months ago.
  15. R. Meu

    Xcelsior Airporter buses

    8181 has had its airport bus logos and luggage rack removed. Now it’s just 8178 but I have yet to confirm that.