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  1. The 23 must be new this year, It wasn't apart of the Christmas service that they had last year from what I remember.
  2. Some have or might have been ferried back to their respective garages. 8027 was moved back to SG this weekend (after doing numerous VP pieces the past week), and I suspect 7975 and 7980 have also been the case as well, being moved back to AG from VP. 7969 was moved back to AG rather quickly (not surprised), since it was a changeoff replacement for 8186 that broke down on a Stoney 766/858 on Friday and was driven back to stoney afterwards. It did an AG 150/718 this morning.
  3. I guess there’s a Southcentre BRT now…
  4. 6024 had some sort of air problem with the brakes when I rode it this morning, and was replaced with 8027 not too long after.
  5. A few out of the ordinary sightings happened this morning: 7867 did one way trips on the 113/70/145/119 7966 on the 65 7804 on a single trip 38 to Brentwood from Whitehorn.
  6. Sheesh….. https://calgary.ctvnews.ca/melee-at-marlborough-ctrain-station-ends-with-man-on-fire-twice-1.6166238?cid=sm:trueanthem:ctvcalgary:post&utm_campaign=trueAnthem:+Trending+Content&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR3pCGyhUvqugkGD7ks61SqcPVw88rCWpqOsF5lzDI7-Dsdnu1-eN9Pj7qE&mibextid=Zxz2cZ
  7. 8424 has one of these exterior cameras installed on top of the front door that faces towards the back, something similar to the ones 6064 has, albeit a newer model one. If you look closely, there’s a small monitor installed for the operator to look at beside the CCTV camera facing towards the front. I’m curious if these are being installed as a trial or will be a thing for all buses, but from what I know this as well a 2014 XD60 has one of these installed on them at this time.
  8. 7967 as a school trip 1 earlier this afternoon.
  9. 6013 got jackknifed SB at Elbow Drive & Lansdowne Avenue after the stop in the traffic circle not too long from the time of writing this.
  10. So much for the term “no more of the black smoking buses”, if you know, you know!
  11. 8395 is out on a shuttle 99 piece this evening.
  12. Possibly, but nothing I’ve heard of….. then again, mind you, there’s extra layers of bureaucracy when it comes to putting transit service outside the city limits in this context, kind of similar to how the Chestermere MP was before it was made into reality.
  13. 8133 is on the 422 am extra/midday 113 block today.
  14. Today was a mess…. There were so many accidents and transit wasn’t spared from that at all. Neither of these are my photos, but 8179 sideswiped 7912 (both on the 9) and 8184 sideswiped a van on the 8. An XD40 of some sort was reported to have hit a house somewhere in Whitehorn (unconfirmed, was mentioned on the radio) in the morning. Im sure there’s more, but heres just some that have been noted.
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