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  1. Rupert Station is also getting a Tim Hortons
  2. Excuse the terrible pic but the 95 B-Line is back! This one was doing all local stops between Downtown and Willingdon.
  3. 19019 & 19047 unwrapped
  4. WB Parker at Delta comes to mind... No benches or anything but there's signs for a bus zone and no cars allowed to park within it
  5. Yes, all the routes either say "Downtown" or Burrard Station, excluding West Van buses
  6. Not sure where to post this 8103 is at WVMT
  7. The EB 41 stop is too far away from the overhead
  8. The road work on 41st near Oakridge probably isn’t helping
  9. 8125 is doing the last 95 & 18033 did the last 96
  10. The R2 doesn’t connect to any skytrains so they won’t have to be updated again
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