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  1. What is your educational background? I'm looking into this with no trade skills what so ever.
  2. Has anyone been to 250 bloor st East? My documentation is there, while some people I talked to say they have to go to Hillcrest. Thank you, have a good day.
  3. Why is there a large demand for Transit Operators?
  4. What if you are 80% sure about the answer. Would you still answer it or move to the next?
  5. How fast is fast track hiring process?
  6. What is the documentation stage? I think documentation is included too. I have to bring my diploma, abstract, etc.
  7. Is it normal to have the aptitude test and interview on the same day?
  8. Is GO transit similar to the other public transit companies? It looks like they drive coach and double decker buses.
  9. Unfortunate, but was was there a way to postpone the dates?
  10. Yeah, but no reply yet and I think their posting is close now.
  11. I didn't get any msg back. Good luck bro.
  12. My group was at 8:45. It was the same exact process.
  13. Good luck on the test guys! Please post back if you get to move onto the next step. That will help everyone out a lot.
  14. Seem like its a very short test being its only 45 mins.
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