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  1. I've heard an ALRV also got A/C, were there any photos of that?
  2. TTC 9024 Artic going down Bathurst displaying "501 Queen To Kipling" 4420 on 504 King northbound on Bathurst short turning at Bathurst Station.
  3. Just seen a CLRV on a flatbed truck being taken to scrap going west along Lakeshore at Bay Street. Unfortunately couldn't get the number.
  4. 9221 at Bluffer's Park TTC 3507 on route 511 Bathurst
  5. Just seen PCC 4549 heading south on Bathurst at Lennox. My guess it's heading to Leslie for the open house on Saturday
  6. TTC 3141 at Pioneer Village Station on route 35B Jane. TTC 9021 near Coxwell and Dundas on route 22 Coxwell.
  7. Toronto CLRV 4143 seen southbound on Bathurst north of Harbord while on route 511 Bathurst. Considering these are all scheduled to be retired at the end of the year this is probably the last canada day for them.
  8. 4170 is pushing 4004 past Bathurst on college just now. 4004 has *Sign In* up on the sign.
  9. 4087 is currently on a flatbed truck at russell going to be taken to scrap anytime now EDIT: 4181 is also being loaded onto a truck now
  10. TTC CLRV Streetcar # 4004 is seen along Queen Street East, crossing Connaught Avenue on the 501 Queen route.
  11. Eglinton Crosstown LRT # 6201 on display at the EMSF during Doors Open yesterday. .
  12. TTC 4575 at CP Lambton Yard yesterday. .
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