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  1. Looks like the 103 is being cut back on the south end, at the hospital, rather than the north. https://web.mississauga.ca/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2020/06/15163815/MiWay-2020-Proposed-Network-Map.pdf
  2. The 103 is usually doors closed as soon as it leaves Brampton Gateway under current COVID-19 restrictions, and the articulated 502 buses are often closed-door as well south of Downtown Brampton. I don't like the sound of the sudden "service duplication" talk after nine years of the 103 and 502 running in unison. https://seanmarshall.ca/2020/06/12/sorry-bus-full-riding-transit-during-a-pandemic/
  3. So much for Kasper, which already runs minibuses from Thunder Bay to White River and to Winnipeg via Sioux Lookout.
  4. I bet it does. I'm not sure why ONTC decided to go well outside its Northeastern Ontario service region by running a bus to Thunder Bay, but I suspect it will benefit some passengers who wouldn't want a long layover in White River. (The timings don't quite match up.) Still, I wonder why Kasper decided to go ahead anyway with the Guelph-Owen Sound route after Voyago got the contract.
  5. Which was the Mississauga standard in the late 1960s through mid 1970s. There are a few of the older black casing/yellow backplate signals scattered around in Port Credit and in the Mississauga Woodlands area. Interesting that they've made a return, though Sudbury, Waterloo Region, and Sault Ste. Marie have all gone to that standard in the last decade or so.
  6. Tillsonburg appears to be taking the lead on connecting with the rest of Oxford County - Route 1 will run five days a week between Tillsonburg, Ingersoll, and Woodstock, with other routes running two days a week to London (Victoria Hospital), Port Burwell, and Delhi. Service set to begin in April. https://seanmarshall.ca/2020/01/18/a-patchwork-of-new-intercity-connections-in-ontario/ https://www.tillsonburg.ca/en/live-and-play/tgo-transit.aspx
  7. Question: is there any fare integration between Barrie Transit and Simcoe County Linx? Anyone wanting to go between Orillia and the GO Station or to the Wasaga Beach bus would have to go through Barrie Transit, and the site isn't clear on transfers between Linx and the local agencies (Barrie, Orillia, Wasaga Beach, Midland, etc.).
  8. I rode the Brantford-Simcoe bus yesterday. It's a nice, speedy, linear route via Mount Pleasant and Waterford. The bus stops on the south-most south-facing bay at the Brantford Bus Terminal. Fares are $10 cash each way. It appears that all the buses - including the Simcoe Local - are the ex-Peel TransHelp E350s. The big benefit to the Brantford route (three round trips daily) is the connection to GO Transit buses. GO Route 15 buses are half full on weekdays - largely made up of WLU-Laurier students, but myself and one other gentleman made the transfer from the RideNorfolk bus.
  9. Not according to Brampton Transit. The 501 will terminate at VMC, while 501A/C will continue to serve York University via Highway 407. Anyone using the 501 in Woodbridge to get to York U will be out of luck. York Region has basically wiped its hands clean, especially with the "restructuring" of Viva Purple. It's a nice euphemism for a service cutback, which forces two additional transfers on the trip. It's not just "part of the plan" as Dan suggests - it's a nearly total abandonment. There's no reason why Viva Purple couldn't continue to Pioneer Village except that York Region is stingy
  10. No. There are many bus queue-jump lanes at intersections on Queen, Bovaird, and Steeles, with far-side bus stops, but these are basically extensions of right turn lanes that allow buses pass cars stopped at red lights and clear intersections quicker.
  11. A few other points: The map is inconsistent when it comes to marking hospitals (only some are labelled, like Sunnybrook and the new Humber River Hospital, others are not). Connections to neighbouring transit agencies are inconsistent as well. Why label a connection to DRT (a rush hour only service) at Rouge Hill, and not to MiWay at Long Branch (two routes that run 7 days a week)? Why label connections to MiWay, GO, and Brampton Transit at Pearson Airport, yet miss noting the connections at Humber College? Overall, I like the new map, and support the idea of going with a schematic map, toss
  12. Back in April, Brampton Transit staff said that a new roadway was being built that would connect the Sheridan College bus loop with McLaughlin Road, making it simple for buses off Steeles to enter/exit the campus. I guess it hasn't been built yet, much like the James Potter Road/ OBRY level crossing wasn't yet open when the map was published. The terminal map for Sheridan College (in the printed map) shows 11/511 stops on Steeles Avenue, not on Sheridan College property.
  13. The closed-off sectionof platform with the temporary wooden mini-platform was in use when the western pedestrian tunnel was constructed back over a decade ago when the south parking lot was built. It's been closed ever since.
  14. Fantastic - it's a beautiful map. One of my complaints about Mississauga's map is how the 502 is shown - as a very faint grey line even though it's quite useful for MT passengers, especially with the end of Route 102 and the cut-back of route 19.
  15. I hope it's better than that. There's been a lot more work completed since 2010 - there are now three mainline tracks through Brampton where there were two (from Halwest to west of Kennedy Road and from McMurchy Avenue to Mount Pleasant) , and two where there was one (between Union Street and Kennedy Road near Downtown Brampton). Brampton now has a second platform, and Mount Pleasant has three usable platforms. With proper scheduling, it should be possible to run hourly two-way service using only one track on the Halton Sub between Halwest and Mount Pleasant, leaving CN with the other one/two
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