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  1. Looks like 16050 is back to HTC
  2. Yes but it I'm anywhere on Steveston trying to get to anywherr No 3, I would have to take the 403 Bridgeport Station, because the 403 Three Road goes the other way, and that's hyper confusing. My point is, it would be better (in my opinion) if the buses are signed with their destination instead of the street they run on.
  3. I really wish they would change routes like the 403 Three Road, which actually goes away from No 3 Rd for half its journey.
  4. Also HTC has 19301-19304 coming soon - these could probably send some of the 2014s to PTC too.
  5. In any case, 9231 is operating an afternoon block out of RTC.
  6. Would that be the first time an XN40 appears at UBC?
  7. 14037/38 back at PTC again... 9222/27 also from STC to RTC, just to confirm. 9231/33 still not "confirmed" but I'm also going to assume they're at RTC.
  8. Also, assuming all the artic transfers for this schedule change has completed, BTC has 90 artics which is more than enough for its current operational needs.
  9. Well that's not until January, and I imagine VTC will have no more RapidBus buses by then, and some artics will transfer back from RTC to BTC once the deckers come in. The list for BTC I listed is just my estimate for Monday when new operations take affect.
  10. My guess is that HTC will get all 21 in-service BTC 2019s, since the 43 needs around 17 buses at peak anyway. I personally think that STC will get 2018s, and not 2019s. Not sure if they'll get VTC's buses or BTC's, but I think they'll get 13-15 of them in total. BTC currently has 13 more artics compared with January 2019 (113 total), so even if BTC loses a bunch it should be OK. If we assume HTC gets 21 2019s and STC gets 15 2018s from BTC, that leaves BTC with 77 artics (39 DE60LFR + 38), which should be sufficient for the 44, 95, 99, and 257 with a spare ratio of around 10%. Speaking of VTC's RapidBus artics, are they only there for the summer, or for a slightly longer period of time? If they're only there for the summer, I think it'll be more likely that STC will get that batch + a few more from BTC (i.e. 18001-18015).
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