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  1. Also HTC will need more artics for the R4. Some of these will probably go to HTC by January (or if they want to preserve consecutive numbers, some will go to STC and the STC ones will go to HTC).
  2. Won't 25 2012s + 26 2016s be enough for 49 + 480 (assuming fewer 480 trips overall, and more 480 trips with 40 footers)? The 8 2015s could go to BTC? If they want to keep a continuous set, I think there will be more swaps since 23 buses won't be enough for the R4.
  3. Are these 122/222 + 123/223? Or have more sets been delivered between 121/221 and these two?
  4. Technically it's still October. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/translink-double-decker-bus-service-launch-october-2019
  5. If I remember from previous SkyTrain-related documents, there are 95 cars earmarked for replacement and the rest are expansion. The 95 is probably 19 5-car trains to replace 19 6-car Mk 1 trains, so the plan was probably to only replace the 100-400 series Mk 1s and not the 500-800 series ones by 2026.
  6. Also mentioned in the posted article is the double tracking of the section between Lansdowne and Richmond-Brighouse. I hope that it actually is done at some point but it will be a big project that will take over a year, and depending on the scope, it can go from adding a second guideway to tearing down the existing guideway and rebuilding the last section of track.
  7. I'm OK with the single entrance, as the connections from Canada Line <-> 99 B-Line will be moved to within the station. I'm sure that they have data from Compass Cards to show that the current fare gate design is at least somewhat sufficient. I'm just hoping that, with the changes at Broadway City Hall, they add a second set of escalators for each Canada Line platform from street level, while simultaneously extending the platforms to 50m and widening them.
  8. https://engage.gov.bc.ca/broadwaysubway/stations/ Station locations announced. For Fairview-VGH, the station is actually at Laurel instead of Oak, for closer VGH connections. For Broadway-City Hall, it looks like the existing station entrance will be used. It kind of makes sense I guess, as once the M-Line extension opens, there will be a lot fewer people exiting the station for the 99 - instead, most connections will be within the station between the two lines, so there might not be a need for more fare gates.
  9. Looks like 16050 is back to HTC
  10. Yes but it I'm anywhere on Steveston trying to get to anywherr No 3, I would have to take the 403 Bridgeport Station, because the 403 Three Road goes the other way, and that's hyper confusing. My point is, it would be better (in my opinion) if the buses are signed with their destination instead of the street they run on.
  11. I really wish they would change routes like the 403 Three Road, which actually goes away from No 3 Rd for half its journey.
  12. Also HTC has 19301-19304 coming soon - these could probably send some of the 2014s to PTC too.
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