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  1. Others might work, but the 49 no. Stops too frequently - I believe dwell times at stops would increase for passengers getting off from the upper deck. Yes I think the D60LFRs will mostly operate 143/145, but the future PTC XDE60s will operate the Lougheed RapidBus B-Line whatever you call it.
  2. The newer Mk 3 trains (429+) seems to have dropped the Evergreen Extension branding from the in-train route diagram.
  3. There are conventional livery 60 footers anyway, for the 44, 49, 257, future 503, current 620.
  4. I'd imagine Surrey would get a fleet of RapidBus XDE60s and then current 2015s would be used on the 503
  5. Probably being gradually updated as trains go into maintenance.
  6. I saw 8028 on the 49 this morning, passed right in front of me as I was waiting for another bus.
  7. IMO South Granville is a good name, because it is the name of the immediate neighbourhood and also it's on Granville (and it's a more "south" station than Granville station downtown). Renaming Fairview-VGH to Oak-VGH could make sense.
  8. Retirement, probably? Maybe some will follow the 301 to RTC until the replacement buses (double deckers) come in?
  9. 15014/15018 were sent to RTC for a short period of time in March or April this year before being sent back to BTC, so it might happen with 15020 too.
  10. Given it hasn't been in service since May 5, I would agree, but I don't know how confirmed it is.
  11. 19007 in service at UBC on the 99, starting 15:10. Also 19003 in service at UBC on the 99 at 15:22
  12. 19002 just started at Boundary on the 99 UBC (also as noted above, 19005 in service on 99 at UBC to Comml'Bdwy Stn) Technically 19002 is in service first, started its trip at 14:41. 19005 started at 15:04.
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