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  1. Seems like a 15% increase in peak service starting today. Does this translate to an increase from 19 trains/hour at peak (3:09 headway) to 22/hour (2:44 headway)?
  2. My Expo Line train going downtown this morning had "train to Waterfront" announced after the doors opened, so maybe there was a bug which they fixed yesterday (Commercial—Broadway still had the full "this is an Expo Line train to Waterfront" at door open because interchange)
  3. At most outbound stations, the Expo Line announcement changed from "This is an Expo Line train to King George/Production Way University" to "Train to King George/Production Way University" on three separate trains I was on today. Didn't pay attention at Waterfront, however at Commercial Broadway it did not change and still said "this is an Expo Line train to ..." Maybe they're going to announce the line only at interchange stations?
  4. My R4 this morning had no stop announcements. It was still wrapped and had a B prefix still (it was a 180xx bus).
  5. I think the 49 needs at least 30-32 buses without spares... Probably a subset of the 162XX will stay at RTC, or maybe some DE60LFRs will go there
  6. I'm hearing "doors will open on the left" consistently at all my stops today on the Expo Line, on a Mk 1 train (086). Didn't pay attention at the right-opening stops though.
  7. Since 19033 entered service at HTC, I'm hoping for 19001-19033 to go to HTC and the remaining HTC 180XX and 16219 to go back to BTC...
  8. Noticed they covered up the lighted map on 311/312 with a printed version, perhaps the RapidBus version is underneath already.
  9. 29th Ave Station Looks like they just put stickers over top of the existing sign.
  10. If that were the case it would be ironic as the 18000s were shipped with the B prefix attached and the 19000s were shipped without a prefix.
  11. Also HTC will need more artics for the R4. Some of these will probably go to HTC by January (or if they want to preserve consecutive numbers, some will go to STC and the STC ones will go to HTC).
  12. Won't 25 2012s + 26 2016s be enough for 49 + 480 (assuming fewer 480 trips overall, and more 480 trips with 40 footers)? The 8 2015s could go to BTC? If they want to keep a continuous set, I think there will be more swaps since 23 buses won't be enough for the R4.
  13. Are these 122/222 + 123/223? Or have more sets been delivered between 121/221 and these two?
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