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  1. @alexb320 1938-1959 & 7001-7062 are all 2019 models. 1598 is an Alexander Dennis Enviro200 model. 7063-7079 are 2020 models. @OR Transit Fan I have pictures of almost all the 40-foot 1800 series (1801-85) as well as most of the 7000 series (7001-62). Also, the MARTA On The Go app and Transsee site displays buses that are in service.
  2. Regarding Athens Transit, now Athens-Clarke County Transit, the series starting with 756 ends with 771. Also, they are BRTPlus (picture is from an article in Red & Black): Also, CobbLinc (formerly CCT), has 1800-14 and they are Gillig BRTPlus that normally run on Rapid 10 (picture was taken by me):
  3. The wiki page also needs to be updated for some of the active buses and ones on order. According to page 15 of MARTA's Quarterly Report from October 2018, here is the delivery schedule of the Gilligs: -37 35-foot Clean Diesel BRTPlus buses (1901-1937) -22 29-foot Clean Diesel BRT buses (1938-1959); 32 in total which includes 1886-1895 -62 40-foot CNG BRTPlus buses (7001-7062) Source: MARTAQuarterlyReportOctobe.pdf Also, the 1800s actually started running in service for the first time on February 3, 2018 as 1808, 1810, 1818, 1821 and 1825 were out that day.
  4. Augusta added 3 Gilligs to their roster in late 2016 (?). These are 40-foot BRTPlus buses that, I believe, run on clean diesel. All photos were taken on March 31, 2018, the day before Easter, when I rode Augusta Transit for the first time.
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