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  1. Today's Sightings

    TTC: 1222 Deadheading WB along Lawrence Ave. East from the Starspray Loop 1266 On 199A To Scarborough Centre Station. Upon arrival it went OOS 8683 On 54 To Eglinton Station You mean Birchmount.
  2. 38 Highland Creek's Transit Photos

    Added 103 photos (all TTC): 23 Toronto Rockets (5391-5396,5611-5616,6101-6106,6121-6125) 4 Nova LFSes (8474,8499,8596,8599) 2 Line 1 stations (Downsview Park, York University) 74 Other photos related to Doors Open Toronto Transit Tours
  3. Today's Sightings

    TTC: 1089 On 38A To Rouge Hill GO Station 1124, 1794 Both on 95A To Kingston Rd. 8125 On 102D To Mount Joy GO Station$ 8764 On 116 To Kennedy Station 9098 On 53F EXPRESS To Staines Rd. $-Extra fare needed north of Steeles Ave. YRT/VIVA: 406 On 8 To Steeles Ave. 1504 On 8 To Major Mackenzie Dr. 8203 On viva purple To York University
  4. Today's Sightings

    TTC: 1652 On 133 To Morningside Heights via Scarborough General Hospital 1758Sked On 38A To Rouge Hill GO Station 7576Light On 54 To Eglinton Station 8620 On 198 To Kennedy Station xxxx-Wheelchair ramp deployed Sked-Left Scarborough Centre Station 19 minutes late as displayed on the TRUMP unit Light-Passenger side headlight is out
  5. Today's Sightings

    TTC: 1111 On 38A To Rouge Hill GO Station 1829 On 169A To Scarborough Centre Station =5961-66> On Line 1 (Run 135) To Finch 8799 On 54 To Eglinton Station =-Tail car >-Lead car
  6. Today's Sightings

    TTC: 4226 On 501S To Church St. 4403 Heading NB on Leslie St. at Lakeshore signed as 514 CHERRY TO DUFFERIN GATES VIA KING 4425 On 510 To Union Station 7641 On 190 To Scarborough Centre Station S-Short turn. Driver kicked us out at Jarvis St. and transferred us to a shuttle bus numbered 8673 which took the passengers to Shaw St. though I got off at Spadina Ave.
  7. Today's Sightings

    TTC: 1223 On 131E EXPRESS To Old Finch & Morningview via Scarborough Centre Station 7472 Spotted dead facing east on Eglinton Ave. East at Markham Rd. with a heavy tow truck ahead 7705 On 21A To Scarborough Centre Station 8663CL On 198 To Kennedy Station 8803 On 43 To Kennedy Station CL-Crushloaded from Eglinton Ave. East @ Midland Ave. to Kennedy Station.
  8. GO Transit

    There was a stabbing at the Yorkdale GO bus terminal just a few hours ago This is from CityNews Toronto: Yorkdale GO Terminal Stabbing
  9. Today's Sightings

    TTC: 1111 On 38A To Rouge Hill GO Station 7459Sked, 8736 Both On 54 To Eglinton Station W247 Heading WB On Sheppard Ave. East near Don Mills Rd. Sked-Arrived at my stop on Lawrence Ave. East @ Port Union Rd. 12 minutes late with 8736 at least 400 metres behind 7459.
  10. Today's Sightings

    TTC: 1403 On 38A To Rouge Hill GO Station 8744 On 116 To Kennedy Station
  11. NHL Discussion

    Now that the regular season starts tomorrow let's get in your picks for who'll win the Presidents Trophy, who'll get their #1 overall draft pick in 2018, who'll be the first team to fire their coach, etc. My picks: Presidents Trophy: Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Champions: Edmonton Oilers Team who'll draft 1st overall: Colorado Avalanche Team who'll fire their coach first: Detroit Red Wings Calder Trophy winner: Nico Hischier (New Jersey Devils) Vezina Trophy winner: Matt Murray (Pittsburgh Penguins) Art Ross Trophy winner: Auston Matthews (Toronto Maple Leafs)
  12. Today's Sightings

    TTC: 1283 On 131E EXPRESS To Kennedy Station via Scarborough Centre Station 1403 On 38B To UTSC 1650 On 38A To Rouge Hill GO Station 1286, 1704 Both On 38 To Scarborough Centre Station 8698 On 116C To Finch
  13. Today's Special Sightings

    TTC: 7647 On 116 heading NB on Brimley Rd. @ Ellesmere Rd. around 3PM today.
  14. Today's Sightings

    DRT: 8455 On 232 To Rossland 8510 On 916C To Harmony Terminal via Terrace Dr. & Wilson Rd. 8615 On 900 To Ellesmere Rd. @ Military Trail TTC: 1144 On 38A To Rouge Hill GO Station 1248 On 95A To Kingston Rd.
  15. General Train Spotting/Photos

    23 Years old. It's a 1994 GMDD F59. As for the photo, there's no date on it. But you can click on this link to find out: https://www.flickr.com/photos/152462388@N03/35258877924/