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  1. TTC: 1661 On 21A BRIMLEY To Scarborough Centre Station 3492 On 38A HIGHLAND CREEK To Rouge Hill GO Station 3515 On 38 HIGHLAND CREEK To Scarborough Centre Station 8552 On 102B MARKHAM RD. To Steeles
  2. TTC: 1573 On 38A HIGHLAND CREEK To Rouge Hill GO Station 1639 On 129B MCCOWAN NORTH To Steeles 3406 On 21A BRIMLEY To Scarborough Centre Station
  3. Uploaded 8 more photos, all TTC: 7 Bombardier Flexity Outlooks (4420,4433,4434,4495,4569,4583,4586) 1 Nova Bus LFS HEV (3539)
  4. Added 3 videos: 2019 Doors Open Whitby Slideshow GO 648 On Trip 9120 To Oshawa 20191210 GO 614 On Trip 9123 To Union Station 20191210
  5. GO: 614 Pushing 12 Bi-Levels On LE LAKESHORE EAST (Trip 9123) To Union Station Interlining with LW LAKESHORE WEST To Hamilton (Aldershot) as Trip 1873 648 Pulling 12 Bi-Levels On LE LAKESHORE EAST (Trip 9020) To Oshawa GO Station TTC: 3539 On 85A SHEPPARD EAST To Don Mills Station
  6. Yes if an accident involves one of the vehicles. But YRT institutes a Winter Preparedness Plan when a snowstorm strikes the Region and some roads may be closed in rare cases causing detours on routes or suspension of some service. In the case of bad weather or any other service issue, extra buses are used for standby to help with the delays.
  7. TTC: 1320 On 21A BRIMLEY To Scarborough Centre Station 1566 On combined 131 NUGGET/903 EXPRESS To Old Finch And Morningview via Scarborough Centre Station (Interlined with 131 NUGGET after pulling out of the Scarborough Centre Station platform) 3433 On 133 NEILSON To Scarborough Centre Station 3450 On 38A HIGHLAND CREEK To Rouge Hill GO Station
  8. TTC: 1653Sign On 903 To Scarborough Centre Station 3558 On 38A HIGHLAND CREEK To Rouge Hill GO Station 8471 On 102 MARKHAM RD. To Warden Station 9229 Turning left onto Markham Rd. and going NB off Ellesmere Rd. signed as NIS Sign-Destination signs weren't working on that bus
  9. Toronto Police Events Support Bus ES-5 Is sitting northbound on University Ave. just north of Front St. as a staple for the 2019 Toronto Santa Claus Parade. That bus was formerly known as a TTC vehicle numbered 7905 which operated in revenue service from 2006 to 2018.
  10. TTC: 4560 On 512 ST. CLAIR To St. Clair Station =5471-76> On 1 YONGE-UNIVERSITY-SPADINA To Finch <5411-16= On 1 YONGE-UNIVERSITY-SPADINA To Vaughan Metropolitan Centre =-Tail car <-Lead car with lowest number >-Lead car with highest number
  11. Uploaded 6 photos: Barrie Transit (2 photos): 2 NFI XD40s (1201,1404) GO (1 photo): 1 Motive Power Industries MP-40 (650) Niagara Falls Transit (1 photo): 1 Nova Bus LFXA (9205) Niagara-On-The-Lake Transit (1 photo): 1 Ford E-450 (TS-03) YRT (1 photo): 1 NFI XD40 (1419)
  12. Yea I did at 5:20PM when it arrived at the Rouge Hill GO Station.
  13. TTC: 1327 On 85S SHEPPARD EAST To Markham Rd. 3508 On 85A SHEPPARD EAST To Rouge Hill GO Station 8489 On 102S MARKHAM RD. To Sheppard 8716, On 905 EGLINTON EAST To Kennedy Station 8919 On 116 MORNINGSIDE To Kennedy Station S-Short turn
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