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    Computers, swimming, skating, the environment,hot chicks (born 1981 and later) and even travelling across Canada. Also going on cruise ships.

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  1. My Round 2 picks: Tampa Bay Lightning in 5 Carolina Hurricanes in 6 Edmonton Oilers in 6 Colorado Avalanche in 6 Maybe he shoulda taken the TTC.
  2. My Round 1 Predictions: Panthers in 6 Leafs in 7 Canes in 6 Penguins in 4 Avalanche in 6 Wild in 6 Flames in 5 Oilers in 6
  3. Most notably the portals. But putting them on every intersection costs a lot of money and requires retiming of the traffic lights , though it discourages illegal entries when the gates are down. The latter worked wonders in other cities with LRT running at-grade.
  4. TTC: 3647 On 38 HIGHLAND CREEK To Scarborough Centre Station
  5. TTC: 3267 Parked at the north lot of Rouge Hill GO Station.
  6. Added 3 photos: DRT (1 photo): 1 Chevrolet Glaval G4500 Titan II (8851) TTC (2 photos): 1 NovaBus LFSA (9012) 1 Orion 07.501 NG HEV (1317)
  7. GO: 674 Pulling 10 Bi-Levels On LAKESHORE EAST (Trip 9120) To Oshawa without the help of a second engine TTC: 3652 On 38A HIGHLAND CREEK To Rouge Hill GO Station
  8. Well that's a golden opportunity for Crosslinx. Can't forget overhead catenary systems, signals, communications systems, etc. to ensure safe train movement along the line.
  9. Yeah but there's no video, only audio and a blank screen.
  10. TTC: 1230 Broke down facing south on Port Union Rd. @ Conference Blvd. 3418 Along with service truck 314 approached 1230 with only 2 mechanics at 5PM today to discuss the nature of 1230's breakdown.
  11. TTC: 8707 On 54A LAWRENCE EAST To Starspray Blvd. I Think he meant 3713. I'll need some photo/video evidence to confirm that.
  12. TTC: 1212 On 85A SHEPPARD EAST To Don Mills Station 3446 On 38 HIGHLAND CREEK To Scarborough Centre Station 8787 On 54S LAWRENCE EAST To Lawrence East Station S-Short turn
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