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  1. TTC: 3525 On 38A HIGHLAND CREEK To Rouge Hill GO Station 3543 On 133 NEILSON To Morningside Heights 9006 On 985 SHEPPARD EAST EXPRESS To Don Mills Station
  2. Uploaded 42 photos: GO (25 photos): 2 Bombardier Series 9 Bi-Levels (4080,4086) 2 Motive Power MP-40s (646,665) 21 Other photos pertaining to the Whitby Rail Maintenance Facility Tour as part of 2019 Doors Open Whitby TTC (15 photos): 6 Bombardier Flexity Outlooks (4480,4490,4501,4515,4531,4536) 3 Nova Bus LFS HEVs (3469,3526,3545) 2 Orion 07.501 NG HEVs (1631,1745) 1 Subway Station (Osgoode) 3 Other photos (Signal mid-platform, catenary, transit signal at Cherry St. @ Tankhouse Lane) Mi-Way (1 photo): 1 Orion 07.501 NG EPA10 (1014) DRT (1 photo): 1 Nova Bus LFS (8585)
  3. DRT: 6108 On 103 GLENANNA To Rouge Hill GO Station TTC: <6161-6162-6165-6166= On Line 4 (Run 462) To Sheppard-Yonge 9000 On 129A MCCOWAN NORTH To Major Mackenzie$ 9099 On 134 PROGRESS To Scarborough Centre Station <-Lead car (Lowest fleet number) =-Tail car $-Extra fare needed north of Steeles Ave.
  4. TTC: 1715 On 38A HIGHLAND CREEK To Rouge Hill GO Station 1748 On 85A SHEPPARD EAST To Don Mills Station (via Toronto Zoo) 3481 On 21C BRIMLEY To Steeles via Scarborough Centre Station 3526 On 131 NUGGET To Old Finch And Morningview xxxx-Wheelchair ramp deployed
  5. TTC: 1303 On 939B FINCH EXPRESS To Finch West Station via Finch Station =5751-56>PEA On 1 YONGE-UNIVERSITY-SPADINA (Run 110)To Finch <5901-06= On 1 YONGE-UNIVERSITY-SPADINA (Run 111) To Finch =6191-6192-6195-6196> On 4 SHEPPARD To Don Mills 8958 On 102B MARKHAM RD. To Steeles =-Tail car <-Lead car with lowest number >-Lead car with highest number PEA-Passenger emergency alarm went off on that train at 15:01 while it was NB at Sheppard-Yonge. The alarm was active for 5 minutes before response disabled it and the train was given permission to proceed up to Finch.
  6. TTC: 1745 On 38A HIGHLAND CREEK To Rouge Hill GO Station 8446 On 102 MARKHAM RD. To Warden Station 8554 On 902 MARKHAM RD. EXPRESS To Warden Station
  7. Barrie Transit: 1201,1404,1702 All on 2019 Kempenfest shuttle duty
  8. TTC: 1220 On 160 BATHURST NORTH To Wilson Station 3560 NIS Going EB On Sheppard Ave. West @ Bathurst St. 8320 On 7 BATHURST To Bathurst Station
  9. TTC: 3466 On 38A HIGHLAND CREEK To Rouge Hill GO Station 3503 On 134C PROGRESS To Centennial College
  10. There's also a player that's announced his retirement: Roberto Luongo (19 seasons) Roberto Luongo career timeline: Draft to retirement Probly the last goalie to play before regular season ties got replaced in favour of overtime and shootout losses.
  11. TTC: 1658Oil On 38 HIGHLAND CREEK To Scarborough Centre Station 3406 On 38A HIGHLAND CREEK To Rouge Hill GO Station 3408 On 133 NEILSON To Morningside Heights 8908 On 34 EGLINTON EAST To Kennedy Station Oil-Oil level dropped when the bus turned left out of the University Of Toronto (Scarborough Campus) loop. That problem was temporary and the bus ran fine.
  12. TTC: 3557 On 134C PROGRESS To Centennial College 8633 On 905 EGLINTON EAST EXPRESS To Kennedy Station
  13. Probly the engineer forgot to apply the brakes to slow down the engine.
  14. TTC: 1346 On 38A HIGHLAND CREEK To Rouge Hill GO Station 1745 Broken down on the north side of the Scarborough Bus Terminal Here's the photo evidence: Got traffic cones behind the dead bus
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