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  1. Fill bus so if the bus is doing fill it won’t show anything on bus text
  2. Well transit Bosses are lying to City hall that ridership is down 70 percent when most buses are full but we all know that already it’s budget and that they can’t afford it so my guess is they will lie some more till new year but we will see
  3. All ether waiting to be fixed or are retired hopefully most buses are back in service by time fall change comes around
  4. If they were laid off u would be collecting EI so they wouldn’t be payed by the city for time of being laid off only from time they are back at work
  5. Cause they had the park and ride buses I want to see for next bomber season is running some blue buses out of Seel station to the stadium there is where u can run the X-blue buses as u have few park and rides
  6. Same as other buses how there parked on the tracks
  7. ladder 11 seen at a 2 alarm working fire at St. Boniface hospital Ladder 11 - 2016 E-One Cyclone II X HP 100 (1750/-/100' rear-mount platform) (SO#139705) (Ex-Ladder 1)
  8. Engine 13 seen here at a working structure fire (code69) Engine 13 - 2015 Spartan Metro Star / Fort Garry (1500/600/25F)
  9. 413 has 1300 km on it and already has check engine light such a new bus to
  10. Depending on who’s working in dispatch and what when out in the morning rush Spotted 192 today along route 90 parked don’t know what it’s in for but got a few pics
  11. A buddy of mine said that indeed buses were held up at the border due to Flyer being closed in the states due to covid and a few buses were held up do to border restrictions as there not trucked in there driven as is so that’s part of the delay
  12. I wanna say 436 and up but 440 and up sounds more realistic
  13. Read online transit is looking at purchasing 32 new transit buses
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