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  1. masks are mandatory on Winnipeg transit and transit plus starting tmr
  2. Exactly took this council forever to approve a fire hall in my area and it still won’t be built till 2023
  3. saw this on global when they were taking about upgrading the perimeter highway interesting I see talks about a rail yard for LRT on the outskirts of the city by the west side and possibly running a median lrt line on portage avenue, first I even heard of this being proposed for rapid transit in Wpg
  4. Was looking at the schedule and the 11s, 79 and bunch of routes are all switched up it will take time but I think we will get used to it
  5. I have a map of them in my route books I’ll post in a few
  6. I may be mistaken But that’s 300 on the 24-4 that’s definitely not 418
  7. That’s odd it’s the side hmmm
  8. But those were rush hour buses so short runs And have way better ventilation then the old Shitty D40I
  9. Went by north garage today and a few buses were parked out front and out back with the garage doors open been noticing them driving the buses around buddy told me it’s to get them prepped for when North reopens
  10. Nope it isn’t the 22 end at 553 and they send the last 3 21 past the grace this is new
  11. Saw it roll up on to the property but couldn’t get a photo as my new camera battery was being dumb
  12. Fill bus so if the bus is doing fill it won’t show anything on bus text
  13. Well transit Bosses are lying to City hall that ridership is down 70 percent when most buses are full but we all know that already it’s budget and that they can’t afford it so my guess is they will lie some more till new year but we will see
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