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  1. Your spot on it’s the new sign for phase 2 when the 29 goes to its new terminal at Beaumont station
  2. Mine and bus is coming 1965 buddy drive the lead bus in the parade
  3. It does not need a artic I’m sorry I have talked to many transit planners and the reason we don’t need artics on 21,22,24 or 11 is the 21,22,24 and 11 all help each other out so there’s really no point in putting the bendy buses on that route. 47 come phase 2 is where I would use it the most since it will be replacing the 160 but other then that the 21,22,24 and 11 fair out rather well
  4. Ya about the same time when all the 2011-2013 LFR were broken cause of the emissions problems
  5. Why would the 95 get it and 51 could use it during day then switch to 36,161,72 or 160
  6. Just saw on the city’s website all the new changes coming up for phase 2 brt opening cant wait
  7. Me and @bus is coming 1965 have the run cards so we know where it is
  8. But it’s a university bus what do you expect to happen at 2:00PM
  9. 19 won’t work cause they never ever end a 19 at Paterson at 3 pm and the 75 that end at Windsor park dead head back to u of m 50 could start as a 75 for a few Windsor parks then do 50 but some already dead head to do a 49
  10. The 16 Kingston is scheduled like this as to transport people going as far as jubilee and Kingston row as to not crush load a plaza or island lakes bus it’s like the 18 Cambridge if we didn’t run the Kingston row we would have crush loaded plaza and island lakes buses and that wouldn’t help the situation at all
  11. Well all buses with front roof hatch will be getting this type of camera I assume saw this on bus 821
  12. Bout time hopefully the whole order is in by time phase 2 my buddy has a 160 for fall Sunday and he hopes to get one at least Just heard 381 is at frg as well
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