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  1. I would recommend it be canceled due to this virus
  2. That was Canada day when the routes were dumb as all can be
  3. They both did and the run ended as a 18 and 16 to Selkirk loop and Templeton for the 18
  4. 406 and 407 are at FRG
  5. 401 and 402 parked along the fence at FRG both don’t have fare boxes yet
  6. 35,36,54,59 are all keeping the artics Ik for sure the 47,671,672 and 662 are all 40 foot buses so I assume the 19 D60LF will be spread out between the 35,36,54 and 59 idk if the 60s will use the XD or D60LF
  7. Still have the Ex oc transpo Artics they most likely will be used on there
  8. Right would of looked way better my question is why didn’t they add the coloured stripes to the bottom since the XD60s have no grey skirt but nope bare white
  9. There’s a wrap to coming for the 28 artics supposed to look similar to this ad
  10. U gotta do a video on the 77 pm me and I can get u a dash cam set up on the 77 if u want
  11. I found something odd tho when looking at the schedules the passengers use and the drivers one there’s a difference the drivers one has a blue like ending at Beaumont but the website don’t show it
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