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  1. My buddy works out of FRG and I pick him up at the garage so I drive that way to grab him
  2. I’ll go check later I have lots of time this evening
  3. That I don’t know I’ll ask my buddy. I’m assuming it’s ether 374 and 373 or it’s 376 and 377. But I’ll ask he’s not back till tmr as he only has his first piece of work is in n out of BG
  4. 375 is parked in BG now ready for its entry in to service
  5. On the new Winnipeg buses u can’t turn it down only on the LF and 101-136 and the 700s u can not the 140-199,300-399 and 800-888
  6. That would make no sense the u of m already pays for the 36 to run to hsc during the week and rather then they pay for a bus to Pembina why not help cover half the costs of running the 672 till 1 am that’s my opinion
  7. They do there busy asf during the school year even summer time they need them idk if u been on the 72 it’s busy asf during the day and with it becoming the 672 it will need it now that it is gonna be a route that ends at 1 am it will need it.
  8. Idk if y’all have heard but the city is now assigning the drivers there work and day off groups. My buddy already has his work he got an 85 in and out of north garage. What are ur thoughts on this process
  9. They do the 35 does need it. Well as we get in more of the 371-399 we should still have enough for the 60,160 and the 36,54,59 and 72
  10. It’s been like that for ever grown use to it not being there probably gonna use the new ones there trying to put a bid out for it
  11. There’s still a large amount of artic buses parked on the fence and on the training island I’m willing to bet that because ATU1505 is refusing OT and that’s causing a backlog of buses waiting to get fixed.
  12. 372 is in. I saw it at frg and before that it was outside the hotel off the trans Canada
  13. Cool more interesting would be 372 or something
  14. Few of the signs from the old university of Manitoba terminal and few other ones and some transit inspectors shacks to
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