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  1. Ah, I noticed that 98 had a driver barrier installed, thought it was weird that was the only bus I rode that day with one installed.
  2. Hmmmm. All 3 cities seem to be buying a lot of regional buses. Unless some of these are replacements (Except for maaaaaybe welland's '07 D40LFs, I personally doubt that) they must be planning a decent service improvement in the fall. At least if covid doesn't ruin those plans.
  3. Interesting side effect of the reduced schedule: There are artics on routes that normally wouldn't have them. Don't know all routes with em but the ones I've seen are 409, 418, 415 and maaaaybe the 417.
  4. I think what they're gonna do is keep it as it is since the RED and BLUE lines are already integrated with NFT and the routes were already given the 6xx numbers to fit with the rest of the region. Maybe the GREEN and ORANGE lines will be integrated as well? That'd be nice.
  5. So some small updates on the 438: There is now a detestation sign programmed for the route instead of just saying "SPECIAL" Also the route is now on the website and the transit app so it's less hidden.
  6. I spotted a TTC Senator SII LF being towed down in Welland. I didn't catch the number but it was in the new livery.
  7. Sorry about the poor photo quality but I spotted 1950 in service today.
  8. I don't know about in the morning but when I took the trip back to Niagara, the 438 was sitting there (worth noting that the sign said "SPECIAL" and not 438) and it was a free ride to the downtown terminal. I don't think it's an actual route and it's more of a convenient service that St. Catharines does so people are not stuck waiting at the go station.
  9. All of Niagara Falls's original Orion VIIs have the 50EGR.
  10. There's also the fact that the route was unnecessary with WEGO green and orange connecting NOTL to the Niagara Falls GO Station. I would assume most people coming into Niagara would've bought a WEGO pass so they would use it on the green/orange instead of paying another GO fare.
  11. If you can even classify 1163 as "active". To my knowledge it hasn't gone out in months. What I'm more curious about is what the other bus to be retired could be as I doubt they'd retire 1144 or 1145 so soon after they were refurbished.
  12. So there seems to be a few MIA buses in St.C. I haven't seen 96, 97, and 0706 since at least late 2018.
  13. I've noticed that St. Catharines is slowly upgrading their real time bus tracker to support all the routes in Niagara. Even though there's no actual real time bus tracking on the routes yet, all regional routes, and Niagara Falls + WEGO routes have been added. (Also worth noting is that the website says that the WEGO routes are going to be 6##) http://whereis.yourbus.com/bustime/map/displaymap.jsp
  14. I noticed that in the background of the last picture on https://www.govdeals.com/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=294&acctid=5408 you can see St.C's 90. I didn't know Welland got 90 as a parts bus so I thought it was worth pointing out.
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