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  1. Sorry for bad pic but it was 2140 I saw yesterday (and today lol)
  2. I didn't know St catharines had this on order but I spotted at the garage a brand new Regional artic (with the new window) didn't catch the number and don't know how many are there. Only saw one.
  3. laliok

    Welland Transit

    I saw a Welland Xcelsior arriving at Metro Truck Niagara in st Catharines. Couldn't see the number but it's either 1154 or 1155.
  4. In downtown rn. 2104 and 2106 are also in service. 2104 on 308. 2106 on 306
  5. Bad pic but 2102 just chilling there. Unironically excited about the rear destination sign.
  6. It looks like st Catharines started installing what I'm assuming are smart card readers. I wonder what solution they went with.
  7. Managed to catch 2119 and man they changed the seats to these uncomfortable garbage. Rip
  8. Some more novas have entered service according to the bus tracker.
  9. Isn't walking down the GO platform an option or is there no connection to the TTC terminal and GO platform? I know that's not the best but it's an option until the new tunnel opens
  10. From what I remember, the screens say the route, next few stops with the next stop at the top, weather and news (which rn i think is the just a covid mask notice and nrt on demand). It's really nice (and imo nicer than what the signs in Toronto say)
  11. Spotted that 2043 was active on the bus tracker.
  12. So I got to ride 2040 today and there's a infotainment sign for route stop, weather, news etc.
  13. 2042 is also in service today. Saw it pass by me at the terminal.
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