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    TTC Application Process

    Thanks, I was just wondering. I dont know how the system works. I overheard something like that haha. I assume streetcar is a little bit easier From what I remember from my job shadowing. The guys on streetcar said its more hectic, people cutting you off and j walkers. You can't try to turn and avoid it. You just brake. But I do get more sunlight than subway dudes Thanks. I'm down for whatever to be honest. See how it goes
  2. Romero

    TTC Application Process

    Ok, wondering if anyone can reply to me quick. So I started my application process back in August, and now I slated to start Training on Feb 4th. On my email it says "Mode of trans...Streetcar" Does this mean I am going to be only trained on streetcars? I assumed all 3. Thanks
  3. Romero

    TTC Application Process

    This is my process. Exact days, except application day. Going to do the Assignment hopefully this weekend
  4. Romero

    Ttc Mechanical aptitude test

    I recently applied and got a chance to do the 2Hour test for the position. I have no experience in the field but I want to be prepared. Any books that they refer to that I can pick up and study?