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  1. Thanks, I was just wondering. I dont know how the system works. I overheard something like that haha. I assume streetcar is a little bit easier From what I remember from my job shadowing. The guys on streetcar said its more hectic, people cutting you off and j walkers. You can't try to turn and avoid it. You just brake. But I do get more sunlight than subway dudes Thanks. I'm down for whatever to be honest. See how it goes
  2. Ok, wondering if anyone can reply to me quick. So I started my application process back in August, and now I slated to start Training on Feb 4th. On my email it says "Mode of trans...Streetcar" Does this mean I am going to be only trained on streetcars? I assumed all 3. Thanks
  3. This is my process. Exact days, except application day. Going to do the Assignment hopefully this weekend
  4. I recently applied and got a chance to do the 2Hour test for the position. I have no experience in the field but I want to be prepared. Any books that they refer to that I can pick up and study?
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