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  1. Also I have a treat. I forgot I recorded these sound clips of the stop requested and the 10 State and Elm Shuttle announcments. Links.... 10 to Alton Station in Downtown Alton, IL - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Btvtd7bzLziIIm34LTEzuiAbahOV-37w/view?usp=sharing 10 Alton Muiltmodal Transit Center (Alton, IL) - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RIh9WnNIcNkaPAkTbPxo2W75FPEK3Md3/view?usp=sharing 10 to Lewis and Clark Commuity College (Godfrey, IL) - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Xy4oYyQl4RM5dRYwdPZFcculihaY5A94/view?usp=sharing 10 to Challange Unlimited, (The
  2. Correct! Illinois (SCCTD)Metro also has a few phantoms that still run routes in IL. Dennis a Madison County Transit driver tells me what units he sees. Seen 2003 on Fox 2 this morning behind the live shot. Most of them will eventually become non revenue units and be used as (training, redbird express, ETC). I also learned that 7251-7253 might have replaced 3221-3223. I believe they are IL buses. Dennis does the Madison County Transit, 5 Tri City and goes to Emerson Park Metro Link in East Saint Louis.
  3. Metro is now on the 7900 Series of Gillig Low Floors 2018 Models. There getting 2019 Models this year that will be electric powered. There also restoring the 1000 series Siemens Metro Link Cars.
  4. Madison County Transit is supposed to get 5 new 40' Foot Transit Buses. The grant is for CNG. As well as 22, (2019 Ford Fusions) to replace 2016 Ford Focus Driver Relief cars. Also getting around 20 New Turtletop ACT buses.
  5. I live in Madison County, IL and have been in Saint Louis Many times! Last time in STL I spotted 6618. (2012 Gillig Low Floor 35', Cummins ISL9, Allison B400R)
  6. Unfortunately the Cutaways have been replaced by 2017 Ford Cutaways! 79-91. And Nice Pictures!
  7. I ride these buses daily! I rode 3035 this morning! 2012 Gillig BRT (Cummins ISL9, Allison Transmission, Twin Vision destination sign!) To bad I never got to ride the new-flyers!!
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