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  1. On the topic of the driver shortage..... I am sure some in here have heard about the 3811 (2011 Gillig LF 35') shooting incident Driver was shot while driving the bus by a passer by), and before that happened 6607 (2012 Gillig LF 35') which was not as severe (Passenger missed most of the bullet.) Driver of 3811 has a LONG road of recovery ahead of him, and I pray that he'll recover. Article link to those who didn't know.... https://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/major-case-squad-investigating-metrobus-shooting/article_44c46d29-c9bb-5418-8086-1f8367930dbc.html?fbclid=IwAR33F2WPHaNkWpI-sxFlo3jC7S-s5k2E07goXuYGyjOnBXaIaZ_Hu28Ba_I/ The guy was found a few days ago, and has 17 charges against him now THANK goodness. https://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/st-louis-man-charged-with-shooting-metrobus-driver/article_a5922c14-faa3-5430-ad7c-2961b050ba83.html And 7575 same deal as 6607, just more damage and no injurys at all got 4 windows shot out while on the #6 Rosemont in East St. Louis. by 3 suspects. Anyway that's about it.... And back onto the topic of the driver, the shooting has since made a bigger problem of driver shortages due to drivers being scared to come after the shootings. It's just sad... The crime in St. Louis is getting worse and it's bad. Have a nice one, Caleb S.
  2. Hi folks, I noticed that Metro has some new Gillig Standard Low Floor 35' Foot Diesel buses coming from Gillig. I am assuming they will be going to DeBalivere to replace some of the 35xx series 2008 Low Floor 35 foot buses. I think the 35 footer buses are smarter then the 29 foot Low Floor's they bought in 2019 (73xx) for all three garages. And for Illinois (7551-7577 for 2021) as the 35's can be used on almost anything midsized or small. And the 29 foot buses don't make it very long at Metro cough.... Cough...... the 2002 Low Floor 29's, and the Phantom 30 footers. Per Transee... the very reliable tracking app for Metro. 3504, 3507, 3509, 3523, and 3525 haven't ran since earlier this year or 2020. 3503, 3505, 3506, 3510-3511, 3514-3521 have all been on a in service run in the month of October. 3506 was spotted in training about a month ago in Illinois per a connection of mines. 3502, and 3508 are active as I type. 3512, 3513, 3522, 3524 have been active in the last 24 hours. And I have also noticed that DeBalivere has more then just the original 38xx series they got in 2011 now... Originally they had 3801-3806, and Brentwood had 3807-3814 but it appears that DeBalivere either got them, borrowing them, or and Brentwood will be getting the new 2021 35' Foot Gillig's in trade or vis versa. Trades have happened many times throught the years. Illinois got Phantoms many times, and traded 6751 for Brentwood 6701 because at the time all Illinois had was 40 foot buses and they needed at least 1 35 to navigate some narrow Belleville streets. And also update as of now the Phantoms are almost gone, I believe DeBalivere got rid of it's last Phantom's 9205, and 9238. 1992 Phantoms used to remove buses from the snow. And 2201-2214 the Ex. OC-Transpo D60LF's are also sadly completely gone now too sold for $36,900 to someone by the name of Buddie12. 3124, and 3127 the million miler Phantoms are still around. Both were spotted sitting almost next to each other on the Illinois training course back in June. 3118, 3411, 3404, 3403, 2076, 3222, and 3222 were all parked together in June with plates still on them in the same place as 3124 and 3127. 3209 (or) 3206, 3113?, 3407, 3401, 3104, and 2038? were also spotted, but without license plates and what appears to be a gravel lot. 3127 was later spotted at the Main Shop in St. Louis a few months later again, I believe it's going to be preserved. Hopefully both it and 3124 do... but knowing Metro I doubt it unfortunately. I think those Phantoms are a huge piece of St. Louis history and at least two should be preserved by the agency, and possible a few by a collector or enthuist. And a general update for Illinois, I think 2070, 2072-2079, 2080-2086, 3222-3223 (2071 and 3221 were auctioned off), and possibly 3601-3604 (The 2009 Low Floor 40's) will never touch the road again in revenue route service. All have been inactive since early this year, and I believe 7551-7577 have wiped them out. 3601-3604 have been seen in training though. 3821-3827 the 2011 Low Floors rarely even go in service anymore 3826 (It's really 3 8 2 6 with the way the numbers are on it), and 3827 (38 27) have been inservice the most and both have been out in the last 24 hours. 3 8 2 6 is out now on the #1 Main St. State St. 3821-3825 haven't been out since early June. 6651-6658 took a bit of a hiatus for a bit but have came back pretty frequently again. 6758 is still inactive, but wasn't seen sitting in the Main Shops lot anymore, or auctioned off which means they are probably rebuilding the front end after the November 2020 massive accident. Driver finished the #16 St. Clair Sq. and a car ran a light that was running from a robbery and drove into the front of the bus. It tore the whole front end up and the driver was out for many months. Luckily she was able to recover as it was a pretty crazy sight. 6753 was also in a almost similar accident and had to have the front end rebuilt also so I think they may try to rebuild it. But 6752-6758, and 6701 *35'* (6751 to Brentwood for 6701) have been active too. 6753 has been NIS the longest (October 5th) besides 6758 (November 20th 2020), and 6757 has been NIS since October 17th. But the rest of the fleet in Illinois 685x, 695x, 705x, 715x, 725x, and 755x-757x have been VERY active. Also back on the topic of new buses, 7405-7410 (2021 Gillig Low Floor EV 40's are on their way. 7409 took a detour to the 2021 APTA confrence in Orlando, FL (LYNX land) to be displayed for the every three year confrence. 7409 was spotted on a flatbed semi trailer by a Gillig/New Flyer transporter in Florida. 7252 did the 2018 one in Minnesota (Metro MN land). There's also 15 40 footer Gillig Standard Diesel Low Floor's coming too. I think those are seperate from the 40 footers but I could be wrong. But the Bi-State board meeting said "15 new Gillig Diesel 40 footer transit buses" so I don't know. LOL. The current electric buses have been doing decent minus some glitches. That's it for my update. Have a nice day
  3. Hello folks! Everything is going good in the agency. 3501 is parked facing I-270 with a Now Hiring banner, and 3501-3504, 4001-4022, and 4023-4035 have about 2 to 2 and a half years left with us. The 2017 Ford Turtletops have approximately 17 months left.
  4. Hello everyone, Happy Saturday! On June 17th, I went on an over two hour transit venture from MCT land in Alton to go and try out the new XE60's! I happen to ride the first one, 2301! I was actually pretty inpressed for someone who prefers diesel powered buses. Rode smooth, nice and cold A/C, and great build quality. But anyway I got pictures of it charging at Broadway-Taylor TC, and at Grand TC. It was a sweet experience I will say. And I spotted on in a video that a few 2200 series 2004 D60LF's are sitting in the garage in Illinois, probably training buses as they train the drivers in Illinois, and Illinois has a training course behind the garage, and I spotted 2206 on training on Google maps one time. And from another driver seen some Phantoms that were in the grave yard behind the training course, looked like some 2000's and some 2001's. Most of the 3400's are still around as training/Redbird/Muny Express/Driver Shuttle buses. 2070-2079 (Bought when they bought the 2004 D60LF's), 2080-2086, and 3221-3223 are also believed to have no fareboxes now, and are also training buses and Redbird and Muny buses. 7551-7577 have pretty much taken over the Illinois system now, and 7351-7355 are used a lot too. 3601-3604 (2009 Low Floors), 3821-3827, and 6651-6658 haven't been used a lot at all since 7551-7577 started showing up in service. All of us fans and some Metro drivers at Illinois predict that they will keep ordering Low Floor 29" foot buses to replace the 40 footers here on out. I think it's a bad mistake, and if they have been running 40 footers since day 1 then why change what isn't broken. Their 29 footer buses just don't last like their 40 footer buses do, as they have had Phantom 30 footers, and some 2002 Low Floor 29 footers too 2181-2182 that didn't last like the 40 footer buses did, and they had similar powertrains.
  5. Recorded this about a week ago, and I have another video I need to upload, the full #1 to Granite City Station. But for now, this what I have. I still have to cut the full 1B into pieces and edit out some stuff and then it'll be up.
  6. And 3027. I have officially located all of the retired BRT 29's. I have no idea where 3002, and 3013 went, as I don't see them anymore on marketplace, and the owners auction yard looks like they are not there.
  7. Madison County Transit 4014 sitting on layover at Edwardsville Station in Downtown Edwardsville, IL while on layover before pulling out on the #16X Edwardsville-Glen-Carbon Express https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/File:Madison_County_Transit_4014-a.jpg Madison County Transit 4035 sitting on layover at Alton Station in Alton, IL while on the #1 Riverbend to Granite City Station in Granite City, IL
  8. 3034 was spotted at the same dealership that 3015 was spotted at in Springfield, Missouri.
  9. Nice, I have some videos too! I need to go thru edit some clips and upload to You-Tube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9W7jAsnWIruCqWdf7H5EFg/videos
  10. I was only 1 year old at the time, I was with my Mom at the old house across town. I think my dad was at work. No one we knew was at ground zero thankfully. But I still feel terrible for those that lost love one's. Definately one of the worst things to ever happen in this country. Never forget 9/11/01 And this may be off topic, but our fire department (Alton Fire Department) here in Alton, Illinois has a fire truck from Manhasset, NY that mutual aided to NYFD to assist in the recovery work of ground zero. 1999 Spartan Ladder tower.
  11. I have Aspergers which is a form of Autism, and I have always had an interest in stuff that the average person isn't interested into such as Vaccum cleaners, doors, and more recently buses (Started in 2011-2012 with School Buses, and more recently in August of 2018 when I started riding Transit to College every day). I say if you like something, nothing wrong with that everyone is different. I use to not talk to anyone I didn't know (Because as a part of Aspergers you have a hard time communitication) but I will say Transit has opened the door for my communication after talking to our drivers I have started to open up. I think what attracts me to transit buses and buses, and vehicles in general is that I like stuff with an engine, and I think buses are cool because they have LED signs, annunciators, and are just unique vehicles.
  12. Well the 2201-2215 (The 2004 D60LF's from OC-Transpo) are pretty much retired now, 2301-2314 (2020 NFI XE60 Electric Articulated buses) The CEO of Metro says the 2300 series XE60's should enter service in the Spring, along with the New Gillig Low Floor EV's. And good luck with getting a Phantom, the Missouri Garages (Brentwood and DeBalivere I believe don't have anymore Phantoms, most were transfered to the Illinois garage or the Main shop and very rarely come into service.
  13. The last time one ran on the Illinois side was July according to Transee. I rode one last January. The one's left are mostly for training duty, and Redbird Express (If it returns this year). According to a picture from a Delivery driver for Gillig, the Illinois garage is getting some new 2021 Gillig Low Floor 29' footer models the 7500 series, they will be the same design as the current 7351-7355. The last time one ran on the Illinois side was July according to Transee. I rode one last January. The one's left are mostly for training duty, and Redbird Express (If it returns this year). According to a picture from a Delivery driver for Gillig, the Illinois garage is getting some new 2021 Gillig Low Floor 29' footer models the 7500 series, they will be the same design as the current 7351-7355. Pictured below is 7351 when I rode it in brand new on the #14 Memorial Hospital
  14. Hi, Some of the last Phantoms just sold at auction (2001, 3101, 3104, 3159, 3206, 3211, 3227, 3232, 3410, and 3412) To Transit8 is the username, last time they picked up from the IL garage I think the truck said L E A logistics. (https://web.archive.org/web/20210219165003/https://www.publicsurplus.com/sms/metrostlouis,mo/auction/view?auc=2723386, and the results to the auction: https://archive.vn/BtaTU) The Illinois garage still has approximately 20 Phantoms left, and I think that's it in the system. 3116, 3118, 3124, 3127, 3128, 3206, 3209, 3401-3409, 3411, and 3413-3415, and maybe more. I believe 3127 is still at the main shop in the ready line. 3221, and 3223 both IL 2002 Low Floors are still at Main shop for frame rail rebuilds. 3222 has been back for a while now. Not sure about what Brentwood, or DeBalivere has. DeBalivere has had a few auctions even auctioned of a 2209 one of the D60LF's. They donated 3265 to St. Louis Public Works to use as a Warming bus. I believe they retired Phantoms from almost every garage due to the Electric 7400 series Gillig Low Floor Plus Electric models coming this Spring.
  15. 433 was donated to Illinois Railway Museum and is now the newest motor bus in their fleet.
  16. Yes, @JAX Transit 2000 I seen that. They have most of the retired BRT 29's 3001, 3003-3004, 3006-3012, 3014-3018, 3019-3024, 3025-3026, 3028-3037. 3002, and 3013 are at a dealership in Cherokee, OK, and 3005, 3015, and 3027 are at a dealership in Springfield, MO.
  17. Hello everyone! I am going to do a monthly update on what's happened since the last update. The MCT board has approved a fare decrease, first since 2013-2014 instead of the current $1.50 staying in one zone, $2.00 going thru two zones (Like Alton to Edwardsville, Alton to Granite City), $3.00 regional (Routes like the 5, and 18), and $3.50 for Express (1X, 14X, 20X, 24X, and 25X). With the new changes taking effect on May 9th and the May service change and drivers run change, will simplify the current fare structure $1.00 anywhere inside the MCT district in Madison County, and $3.00 to Emerson Park in East St Louis, and into St. Louis City (Downtown St Louis). Drivers and passengers won't be confused and it will simplify everything, as the managing director SJ said at the board meeting, it's a long needed change and it will simplify everything for the drivers and passengers. With this change they expect a ridership increase. Pictured is the old and new fare structure
  18. Hi, Can someone please rename this page/page link from Madison County Transit 3038-3080 to the proper Madison County Transit 3038-3079? Thanks, CS
  19. Also add 3008, a 2010 model, and 3021 a 2011 model... You Voith fans in Miami will easily be able to spot 3008, 3011, 3012, 3019, and 3021!
  20. Upon further checking of vins on MyCarFax and the Illinois title and vin look up, I found that the contractor bought the following 3003, 3004, 3006, 3007 3010, 3011, 3012, 3014, 3017, 3018 ,3019 , 3020, 3024, 3025, 3028, 3029, 3030, 3031, 3032, 3033, 3035, 3036,and 3037. 3003-3004, 3006-3007, 3010-3012, 3014, 3017 and 3018 are 2010 models. 3019, 3020, and 3024 are 2011 models. And 3025, 3028-3033, 3035-3037 are 2012 models. Quite a few were great buses and will be missed, most served our county great for the 9 1/2- 8 years we had them. Hope they get taken care of.
  21. This particular unit looks to be a 2012 judging by the skid plate under the service door. It's probably 3025 or a high 3030. Because they bought quite a few from the Manheim Auction in St. Louis which is where MCT took them when there time was up.
  22. Hello everyone, this is another long overdue monthly update. Hope everyone is doing good during these tough times! Nothing new is to note on the 2020 Gillig BRT 29's besides they are in the 25k-35k miles on the odometer, and they still smell new. I haven't rode at all in Decemeber and on and off in November. Those white Luminator Titans are sweet and look great. But anyway, 2010-2012 BRT 40's are doing great, 4027 was involved in a accident last week and I believe is still out, but our body technician is the best in the area and I am pretty sure it will be back to good as new soon like 4002 was. 4027 hit a Chevy Express van, not sure who was at fault but I'd imagine it to be the van's fault because our drivers 95% of the time aren't at fault in a accident like that. It's windsheild was shattered, lower BRT panel was dented in, side BRT glass was shattered on the passenger side, the white panel with the MCT logo on it was gashed in and dented, and the bike rack was smashed and bumper was pulled off, but didn't appear to be any significant damage at all. I 99.9% guarantee it will be back in service in the next week or two. 4002 was also involved in a similar accident near the MCT Base of Operations, a car pulled out infront of it and the driver had no other choice but to hit it. It had less servere damage though, just cracked the passenger side BRT glass, popped one end of the drivers side bumper off, popped and scratched the headlight surrounding, light broke off and broke the bike rack. It was out for about 2 weeks. 4002 has been back for about 5 weeks now, it was down for about a week I believe. It has a brand new bike rack, whole front bumper and new BRT headlight surrounding and possibly a new MCT logo panel. Other then that the 40 footer BRT's are holding up great for being 10-8 years old. Mileage is in the 450-500k range for the 2010's, and 400-460k range for the 2012's. The 35 footers have made a major return to service. They are doing well from what I've heard. I believe they have 445-495k miles on them. They have been used lightly over the years. And the 2017 Ford Turtletops are also appearing in almost every town MCT serves again, I've heard it's mostly for mileage because they sat for months. They are doing good even though most drivers HATE them. They have about 79-105k miles on them. There's also been some 2019 Ford Fusion drivers relief vehicles also totalled over the past months. One was T-Boned about a month or so ago. I believe the driver is doing fine. I hear that eventually the Fusion relief vehicles and the 2016 Caravan supervisor vans may be getting retired over the next few years aswell. At some point the 2019 Caravan's will be too. But that's all the update for the vehicle assets. Now on the subject of stations/park and ride facilitys. MCT recently broke ground on a outer lot of Eastgate Plaza in East-Alton on the new Eastgate Park and Ride facility. Utterbank Construction will be the general contractor and it's expected to be completed in fall of 2021. It will be great for the #1 Riverbend and the #1X Riverbend Express. No longer will they have to stop in the middle of Eastgate Plaza's parking lot. This facility will feature 100 parking spots, a driver restroom and bike lockers like the rest of the MCT facilities execpt for I believe Troy Park and Ride. But Eastgate Park and Ride will be a great asset to the system, and I am excited for it to be completed. Another big facility announcement was the MCT base in Pontoon Beach/Granite City. They recieved a grant from Illinois and the FTA to update or rebuild the administration building on MCT's Base campus. In total of $15,251,000. It will update a building that hasn't been updated since it was built in the late 1980's when MCT was created. It will feature numerious security and saftey upgrades and a dedicated meeting area for board meetings, offices, a gym and many other upgrades. I believe this was also funded thru the Rebuild Illinois plan to. That's all the updates for the MCT facilities. Now onto feature upgrades/future technology. As part of the Rebuild Illinois plan downstate transit agencies all together in downstate Illinois are getting $355 million for all agencies down state. Over the next years, I believe this will start in 2022 when they order the new BRT 40's to replace the current 2010, and 2012 models all the buses eventually will be getting real time information screens on when the times and other information relating to MCT. And supposedly a new communation system. The stations will also recieve the real time information screens. For more information here is the link http://www.idot.illinois.gov/Assets/uploads/files/Transportation-System/Reports/DPIT/Rebuild Illinois Statewide Transit Capital Program.pdf. These upgrades will provide even better service. I'd imagine they will also hook up the AVL and we will eventually have a tracker like CTA does, to where you can see where your bus is. I certainly hope a tracker is on the list. Right now only the dispatchers can see where the buses are, and it doesn't even show them what route the unit is on. Illinois is doing great in giving Transit agencies what they need in downstate Illinois. Happy to see the Rebuild Illinois plan working great on road and transit infastructure projects. But anyway, that will do for my long over due update. Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday, and a great week!
  23. My LONG overdue monthly update. Hope everyone is doing good! No new news with the new buses, most are doing great all 42 are in service and operating in service. The replacement for the 35 and 40 footers will still be coming in about two years, the 2010 40's will be about 12 years old, and the 2012's will be about 10 years old. These buses should be VERY similarly spec'ed to the new 2020 Gillig BRT 29's, just that they are 11 foot longer. They also installed new lifts in the main shop in Granite City. The 2017 Ford Turtletop MCT Light duty Coach-On-Chassis units are expected to be retired in about 2 years as well. The Demand And Responce, ACT Runabout replaced their 2013 Chevy Turtletop Light Duty on Chassis buses last late fall-late winter. They are now all 2019 Ford Turtletops. I've also been spotting the old 30 footer MCT buses all over the midwest, and Miami-Dade Transit bought what it looks to be 3006, 3011, 3012, 3014, 3018, 3025, 3030, 3032, and 3037, someone spotted a unknown 2012 and 3011 at a Miami contractor's yard. 3002, and 3013 are at a auction place, just on normal sale in Cherokee Village, Oklahoma. https://web.archive.org/web/20201022015657if_/https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2719011081669979, 3002, https://web.archive.org/web/20201009172305if_/https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/763027017591358 3013. And 3015 was spotted and confirmed to be seen at a car dealership in Springfield, Missouri, well overpriced LOL. https://web.archive.org/web/20201009175151/https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/776181303148068. These hit the block at Manheim St Louis a few months ago, and these dealers are skyrocketing the prices of these buses. I wish I could buy 3002, 3008, 3019, or 3036 but they are probably too much. They all still have their original titles and registeration zip code of 62040. If you happen to find a MCT bus anywhere on line or in person, PLEASE post it in this thread and I will add it to the wiki. Anyway, I don't have very much more to say in this update. Hope this helps everyone and have a great day!
  24. That was going to Iowa.
  25. As of now, they only have two as part of a pilot to decide if they want to change anything. And New Flyer was also awarded the contract to install chargers in the garages and rapid chargers I guess at Broadway-Taylor Transit Center, and Loughbrough Commons.
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