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    My favorite vehicles are.... American Muscle (Dodge Challenger, Charger, Ford Mustang, Chevy Camero, and Corvette), SUV's (Ford Explorer (Limited-ST), Lincoin Aviator, Dodge Durango (Citadel-SRT), and GMC Yukon SLT+), Trucks (Ford F-150-F450 {Lariat-Limited}, Ram 1500-3500 {Longhorn Laramie-Limited [TRX 1500], GMC Sierra 1500-3500 (SLT-AT4), Chevy Silverado (LT 03-13, LTZ-High Country). Favorite transit buses by model and year range.... Gillig Phantom (1980-2008), New Flyer D40LF (1993-2010), Gillig Low Floor (1996-2009), Gillig Standard BRT Low Floor {with the BRT rear-end (2010-present)}, New Flyer Xcelsior XD35/XD40 (2011-present). Favorite Powertrain combos.... ISM/Voith D864.3E, ISC/Voith D864.3E, ISL pre 07 Emissions/Voith D864.3E, DD50/Voith D864.3E, DD50 non EGR/Allison Gen I, ISL9/Voith D864.5, L9/Voith D864.5.

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  1. Hello folks! Everything is going good in the agency. 3501 is parked facing I-270 with a Now Hiring banner, and 3501-3504, 4001-4022, and 4023-4035 have about 2 to 2 and a half years left with us. The 2017 Ford Turtletops have approximately 17 months left.
  2. Hello everyone, Happy Saturday! On June 17th, I went on an over two hour transit venture from MCT land in Alton to go and try out the new XE60's! I happen to ride the first one, 2301! I was actually pretty inpressed for someone who prefers diesel powered buses. Rode smooth, nice and cold A/C, and great build quality. But anyway I got pictures of it charging at Broadway-Taylor TC, and at Grand TC. It was a sweet experience I will say. And I spotted on in a video that a few 2200 series 2004 D60LF's are sitt
  3. Recorded this about a week ago, and I have another video I need to upload, the full #1 to Granite City Station. But for now, this what I have. I still have to cut the full 1B into pieces and edit out some stuff and then it'll be up.
  4. And 3027. I have officially located all of the retired BRT 29's. I have no idea where 3002, and 3013 went, as I don't see them anymore on marketplace, and the owners auction yard looks like they are not there.
  5. Madison County Transit 4014 sitting on layover at Edwardsville Station in Downtown Edwardsville, IL while on layover before pulling out on the #16X Edwardsville-Glen-Carbon Express https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/File:Madison_County_Transit_4014-a.jpg Madison County Transit 4035 sitting on layover at Alton Station in Alton, IL while on the #1 Riverbend to Granite City Station in Granite City, IL
  6. 3034 was spotted at the same dealership that 3015 was spotted at in Springfield, Missouri.
  7. Nice, I have some videos too! I need to go thru edit some clips and upload to You-Tube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9W7jAsnWIruCqWdf7H5EFg/videos
  8. Per my manager friend of the community connector Bangor Maine  will be getting 7 new Gillig Diesel buses Comming this fall 
    As we are getting 4 35’ And 3 29’ buses 

    The 4 35’ Gillig Low floor buses willl replacing all 4 Ex Cap Metro Austin D35LF 
    And our 2004 Gillig Phantom will be replaced by one of 3 29’ Low Floor Gilligs 

    As to what model she has chosen is still a question


    if you would not mind editing Bangor community connector roster 

  9. I was only 1 year old at the time, I was with my Mom at the old house across town. I think my dad was at work. No one we knew was at ground zero thankfully. But I still feel terrible for those that lost love one's. Definately one of the worst things to ever happen in this country. Never forget 9/11/01 And this may be off topic, but our fire department (Alton Fire Department) here in Alton, Illinois has a fire truck from Manhasset, NY that mutual aided to NYFD to assist in the recovery work of ground zero. 1999 Spartan Ladder tower.
  10. I have Aspergers which is a form of Autism, and I have always had an interest in stuff that the average person isn't interested into such as Vaccum cleaners, doors, and more recently buses (Started in 2011-2012 with School Buses, and more recently in August of 2018 when I started riding Transit to College every day). I say if you like something, nothing wrong with that everyone is different. I use to not talk to anyone I didn't know (Because as a part of Aspergers you have a hard time communitication) but I will say Transit has opened the door for my communication after talking to our drive
  11. Well the 2201-2215 (The 2004 D60LF's from OC-Transpo) are pretty much retired now, 2301-2314 (2020 NFI XE60 Electric Articulated buses) The CEO of Metro says the 2300 series XE60's should enter service in the Spring, along with the New Gillig Low Floor EV's. And good luck with getting a Phantom, the Missouri Garages (Brentwood and DeBalivere I believe don't have anymore Phantoms, most were transfered to the Illinois garage or the Main shop and very rarely come into service.
  12. The last time one ran on the Illinois side was July according to Transee. I rode one last January. The one's left are mostly for training duty, and Redbird Express (If it returns this year). According to a picture from a Delivery driver for Gillig, the Illinois garage is getting some new 2021 Gillig Low Floor 29' footer models the 7500 series, they will be the same design as the current 7351-7355. The last time one ran on the Illinois side was July according to Transee. I rode one last January. The one's left are mostly for training duty, and Redbird Express (If it returns this yea
  13. Hi, Some of the last Phantoms just sold at auction (2001, 3101, 3104, 3159, 3206, 3211, 3227, 3232, 3410, and 3412) To Transit8 is the username, last time they picked up from the IL garage I think the truck said L E A logistics. (https://web.archive.org/web/20210219165003/https://www.publicsurplus.com/sms/metrostlouis,mo/auction/view?auc=2723386, and the results to the auction: https://archive.vn/BtaTU) The Illinois garage still has approximately 20 Phantoms left, and I think that's it in the system. 3116, 3118, 3124, 3127, 3128, 3206, 3209, 3401-3409, 3411, and 3413-3415, and maybe more
  14. 433 was donated to Illinois Railway Museum and is now the newest motor bus in their fleet.
  15. Yes, @JAX Transit 2000 I seen that. They have most of the retired BRT 29's 3001, 3003-3004, 3006-3012, 3014-3018, 3019-3024, 3025-3026, 3028-3037. 3002, and 3013 are at a dealership in Cherokee, OK, and 3005, 3015, and 3027 are at a dealership in Springfield, MO.
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