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  1. Hello everyone! I am a few days late for the monthly update. Not a lot has happened but I have enough information I can update y'all on. All the retired 29 (30) footer Gillig's are off the property and either at the Manheim auction yard in St. Louis or anywhere in the United States right now. 3038-3075 are completely in service. 3076, 3078-3079 are parked on the lot and I believe have been used a few times but it's not varified if they have DCU's, Radios, or Fareboxes. Ex. 3011 was spotted in Miami-Dade Florida, I believe at a Dealership. 3077 I believe is still sitting in the gravel lot. But all the 2020's are just about in service. They dominate the mainline of MCT's fleet now, as MCT mostly uses 29 footers. 3501-3504 are back in use again after a long hiatus from March to August. 4005 was also missing on the property but came up on Copart's Southern IL location in Alorton, IL. 4005 was the unit totalled in the October 2019 accident. It still has signs, some camaras, seats, engine, transmission and all. Just no Farebox, DCU, Radios and I believe the Wi-Fi equipment. https://www.copart.com/lot/44536510/2010-gillig-transit-bus-low-il-southern-illinois 4001-4004, and 4006-4022, and 4023-4035 are still in service for about two more years. I have heard that they put the replacement order in for the 35 and 40's. They have no intention of ordering any 35 footers anymore, all 40's from now on. I think they should order 5-10 of them because they are really handy and versatile units, and can be put on almost any route with the execption of certain shuttles. Also rumor has it that the new Clever tablets that they got on the 2020 units, which is what they are using to change the Headsigns right now will be made the new AVL in the future. And there's also talk of replacing the 2017 Ford Turtletop buses in the near future also. I think that's about all I have to talk about bus and equipment wise. Now service. MCT has brought back select service to the #5 Tri-City, #9 Washington Shuttle, 10 State and Elm Shuttle, 13 Troy-Glen-Carbon, #13X Highland-SIUE Express, #15 East Collinsville Shuttle, 17 Cougar Shuttle, 18 Collinsville Regional, 19 Edwardsville-Collinsville, and the #22 University Shuttle. Instead of using Turtletops like normal on the #22, they are using a 29 footer Gillig and a 35 footer. Weird combo for the 22, might as well just put 1 more 29 footer. And for all shuttles that usually have a Turtletop they have 29 footers on the weekdays. And the 5 has a extra bus running the route due to the capacity limits on each type of bus. But anyway, this is about all I can think of for this months updates. I was able to take a ride last Monday for about 2 hours. I went to ride the long #10 State and Elm Shuttle and the #8 Central. And I must say, I love that new bus smell, LOL. But hope everyone has a great day and stay's safe in these tough times!
  2. Hello buddy this is John Bunker I am wondering if you would not mind putting some pics of mine  to the Greater Portland Metro Portland Maine Roster 

    I got pics of 

    1403&1405 are 2014 Gillig standard Low Floor 35’ CNG 


    1810 a 2018 New Flyer Xcelsior XN40

    1926 a 2019 New Flyer Xcelsior XD40


    note Portland metro has buses on order for 2021

    2 2021 New Flyer XD40 Numbers 2134-2135

    2 2021 Proterra Catalyst BE40 Numbers 2136-2137







    1. cschnur15


      Hi! No problem. I just did all the updates. 

  3. Long awaited update... Sorry everyone got busy with life LOL.. But anyway for the rest of April thru mid June 3026, 3027, 3028, 3029, 3030, 3031, 3032, 3033, 3034, 3035 and 3037 were retired which leaves no 2010-2012 29 footer Gillig BRT's left. 3067-3079 were delivered later in April after the COVID-19 Gillig Factory shutdown for some weeks. 3070-3079 arrived late April thru early early June. All 42 have been accepted and 3038-3075 are in service. 3001-3024, and 3025 and 3036 were picked up by Manheim in St. Louis and put up for auction in late to early June. 3026, 3027, 3028, 3029, 3030, 3031, 3032, 3033, 3034, 3035 and 3037 are currently either on the property or are at Manheim. 3076-3079 are awaiting Pass Validator and Drivers Control Unit, Farebox, and Radio's. Also a technician from Gillig has been in connection with MCT before the rest of the batch of 42 29's arrived to trouble shoot issues with the new Clever Devices touch pad that controls the signs, before this the touch pad would freeze sometimes or shut down going over railroad crossings or large bumps. Anyway that's about it for the 29 footer Gillig buses. Moving on to the future plans.. The estimated production date for the 32-39 40 footers that MCT is getting to replace the 35 40 footers is about 2 years away in 2022. And at a board meeting last month, they are trying to file a grant with the FTA to get AVL and new Ford Turtletop's for our small and narrow street shuttles. And I believe next year they will writeup a grant for new driver relief cars to replace the 2019 Ford Fusions. They might also replace the Road Supervisor's 2019 Dodge Grand-Caravans too. But anyway, back onto the 40 footers the current 40 footers (4001-4004, and 4006-4035) are doing good. 4005 wasn't included due to it's severe accident back in October of 2019 that totalled it. It was on a 14X deadhead leaving Highland to go back to the garage and a Semi truck almost hit the bus head on. If our driver didn't react the way he did, it would've been tragic. Luckily he is still with us today and uninjured too!! He also had no passengers on board and was Out Of Service. He had to go into a ditch off of I-55/70 to avoid it and the bus landed between two utility poles and tore the whole middle off the bus. The bus was in the body shop for 1-2 months, but the body technician who is a magic man and replaced many other buses in bad accidents couldn't fix it. Then in late October, Early November it was put in the grave yard and a plastic cover was put over the side and the front. They are currently parting it out and supposedly it'll be going up to the scrap yard. Anyway, that's pretty much it. I haven't rode a MCT vehicle since March 20th on the 10 in 3021, which has been retired for like two months now. I had plans to ride St. Louis Metro and ride around on the MCT buses and get some more time in with the 35 and 40 footers before they are retired, but I am not putting our drivers at risk or clogging up the system for essential workers. Anyway, hope everyone has been doing good during these COVID-19 times! Have a good day and Hope everyone stays healthy!
  4. Update for April, MCT has recieved 28 new 2020 Gillig BRT's. 14 are still awating assembly at Gillig. 3038-3063 are inservice, 3064 -3066 are awaiting fareboxes and DCU's, they may already have them. 3001-3024 are completely retired. 3025,3026 and 3036 are also retired. That's all the new news for the new buses and retirements. MCT has handled the COVID-19 epidemic real well, they have done Saturday schedule, have two drivers on each bus (one to drive and one to clean when the bus gets to the ending point), they rotate days on and off, and give the drivers Clorox wipes and sanitizer. The overnight mechanics who assign buses to the routes have been putting only the 29's and 40's out. A few Ford Turtle top's have been put out for the small areas and low riders. They have also been putting capacity signs on the front window of all buses, They have been limiting how many passengers can be on each bus. For example.. The 25 footer (Ford Turtle top's) are limited to 8 passengers, 29 footers are limited to 15 passengers, and ,the 40 footers are limited to 20 passengers. The 35 footers, 3501 and 3504 haven't been in service for over 3 weeks now, so no clue what the limit is for them. Also rumor has it that when we get new 40 footers in about 2 years the 35 footers are retiring for good with no replacement. They plan to only purchase 32 40 footers, but the budget says 39. I have been home for almost 18 days now, due to school being shut down and the IL Stay at Home order. Have a great day everyone!
  5. Wow! Yeah, MCT isn't buying 35 footers this coming up 40 footer order. They have been nothing but mechanical issues the past few years. Instead of buying 35's, they will order 4 more 40 footers. They have been putting the 35's on the 1 Riverbend , 1X Riverbend Express (Occasionaly), 17 Cougar Shuttle, and 18 Collinsville Regional on Saturday and Sunday's. On the weekend the 1 is ran by the 30 footers and the 17 is ran by whatever is on the 22, which 9/10 times it's a Ford Turtletop. Today, 3045 was on the 1. Usually they only put the 2010's and 2011's on Saturday's, but since we are so low on them they had to put a few new buses out today. Anyway, speaking of the Xcelsior, in 2016 MCT tested one. I was told that the mechanics hated it. I think they also don't get them, because the Gillig's are all the same to work on, and the fleet matches.
  6. Update: 3001-3009, 3016 and 3025 is retired. 3008 and 3025 were retired last night. 3025 was not supposed to be retired for a while, because it only had around 460,000 miles and it's a 2012. But the maintmance team decided to retire it. 3038-3047 are in service. These new buses have been having issues with the Clever Devices (DCU) that currently controls the sign. If the bus is on a bumpy or route that has high up railroad crossings the DCU disconnects. But it's new technology so it's expected. As of now MCT is on a 10 year/590k miles retirement policy. Now with the 40's it will be 11 to 12 years. No plans right now to replace them till at least late 2021 early 2022.
  7. I got the opportunity to ride 3038 on the #10 today! Also got some great pictures of it! Didn't have time to get pictures of the interior unfortunately.
  8. 3001 was retired on Tuesday, some kind of leak. 3041, 3042, 3043, and 3044 have also been delivered. Unknown unit was spotted about 4 hours from the garage.
  9. Hello buddy it’s John Bunker from the FB Groups 

    I have more photos to add to the community connector Bangor Maine roster of photos of there new 2019 Gillig Standard Low Floor 29’ Buses 1985-1989 

    for the thumbnail to the Roster if you don’t mind uploading them that will be awesome 



  10. hey Calib it’s John Bunker from the Groups on FB I am wondering if you wouldn’t mind editing the LRTAs roster for me I have photos of there buses I would like to have added to the Roster if you don’t mind doing them for me that would be awesome 



    1. Gilligman2010


      I also have a photo taken by me John A Bunker of LRTA’s BRT 1904 taken on 7-21-2019 at the Kennedy Center in Lowell that I would like to request to have added to the main thumbnail to the photo 


  11. I got the opportunity Thursday to ride the first new 29 footer 3038 and I will say it was a very very nice and smooth ride! These new buses feature, driver sheilds, all electronic gauge cluster (Execpt air gauge), White Luminator Horizon (Front, side, and rear signs), American Seating Prime+ seats with American Seating's new step railing, and the words "STOP" when the driver hits the breaks in the rear. 3038 currently has around 3k miles. 3039 arrived yesterday, and 3040 arrived the day before yesterday. 3016 was retired the day before yesterday due to mechanics tired of dealing with it. 3038 wasn't suppose to enter service till mid-late spring, but they retired 3016 and had a saftey inspection last week. Anyway, these pictures are no means good quality. But I wanted to share something with everyone here in the forms.
  12. Here is the interior of 3038 the first new 29 footer BRT to arrive to MCT's garage. And the new Prime+ seating. Picture courtesy of Madison County Transit (MCT) Facebook page.
  13. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/St._Louis_Metro
  14. Depends on where you pick your hotel. I would stay in Edwardsville-STL area and avoid Granite City/East St. Louis area though, hotels their are ratty.
  15. You can take our Madison County Transit, 1X, 5, 14X, or 16X to St. Louis from Madison County. Or Metrolink into Missouri. And I do too.
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