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  1. http://pics.killerbotics.com/ebay/bus.html Found a 1997 Ford Turtletop on a google search..
  2. There was also a Unit #200 when we had the new flyers.. It came from Complete Coach Works in 2007 and was retired in 2011. It was a 1996 New Flyer D40LF, Don't know the engine or transmission. There was also only one D35LF ,Unit#264 was a 1997 New Flyer D35LF, Don't know engines or transmissions. Originally they only had 201-241 and 242-263, but as ridership increased and the other New Flyers were breaking down they bought 200 and 264.. I also have no clue where 200 and 264 came from.. My connection (Dennis) told me that there original numbers were 200 was 9603 and 264 was 9722. Those buses were mostly differebt from ours, 200 looked completely different inside and 264 looked identical inside to our original units. He did tell me that they sounded slightly different and had different clearence lights and rear lights.
  3. In around 2017-2018 the 2013 Chevy turtletops for MCT have been retired and replaced by the 2017 Ford Turtletops. And the 14, and 14EZ don't exist anymore. And the #7, #8, and #10 all go to the new Alton Multimodal Transportation Center or as they call it Alton High Speed Rail station.
  4. The Illinois Metro garage has started the 2019 season of the Redbird Express (https://scctd.org/redbird-express/)
  5. I believe the 1991 Orion IIs were the first MCT buses.
  6. Before Madison County Transit got their buses in the 1980s-1990s, Bi-State Developement Agency (St. Louis Metro) ran some of MCT's routes. They had 30 footer Fishbowls that ran the "Alton Bustle" and the "Levee Line". Someone in the bus lounge told me yesterday, And I thought I would share this history!
  7. 84 2017 Ford Turtletop was on the 12 Bethalto Shuttle. Appoligise the photo quality, Left the camara at home.
  8. Thursday, I spend around 1 hour at Alton Station.. And took some pictures. Unit#3504 (2010 Gillig BRT 35') 3503 (2010 Gillig BRT 35') 4028 (2012 Gillig BRT 40' Cummins ISL9, Allison B400R) 3037 (2012 Gillig BRT 29, Cummins ISL9 Allison) 3014 (2010 Gillig BRT 29' Cummins ISL9 Voith) Taken today at Alton Station (2011 Gillig BRT 29' Cummins ISL9, Voith)
  9. Madison County Transit (Unit#3503) At Alton Station in Alton, IL on the Rt#1. Madison County Transit (Unit#3021) At Alton Station in Alton on the Rt#8
  10. https://www.publicsurplus.com/sms/metrostlouis,mo/list/past?orgid=355578 Metro has recently auctioned off 4 Gillig Phantoms (2029,3156,3189, and 3258).
  11. Last Thursday, It was my first time riding the #1 Riverbend. I rode from Alton Station to Wood-River Station. It was also my first time on a 35'. It was a VERY nice ride!
  12. Okay.. So here is the phantoms that are left list... Illinois: 3113 3114 3116 3117 3118 3119 3120 3124 3125 3126 3127 3201 3203 3204 3205 3206 3208 3209 3211 3212 DeBaliviere: 2018 2031 2033 2038 3116 3128 3137 3161 3173 3175 3176 3178 3185 3188 3202 Brentwood: 2003 2007 2008 2010 2011 2013 2019 2026 2037 2044 2055 3166 3192 Illinois Reserve/ Training/ RedBird Express: 2001 2022 2023 2056 2057 2059 2060 2061 3101 3134 3143 3152 3159 3163 3183 3199
  13. Also back in March of 2016 we had an NFI Excelsior XD40 demo unit in the MCT lot confirmed by a MCT driver.
  14. Also I have a treat. I forgot I recorded these sound clips of the stop requested and the 10 State and Elm Shuttle announcments. Links.... 10 Alton Muiltmodal Transit Center (Alton, IL) - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RIh9WnNIcNkaPAkTbPxo2W75FPEK3Md3/view?usp=sharing 10 to Lewis and Clark Commuity College (Godfrey, IL) - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Xy4oYyQl4RM5dRYwdPZFcculihaY5A94/view?usp=sharing There is also 10 to Walmart and Challange Unlimited but I need to record those. Stop Requested https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qnzhzS6GyZ2IvhkmeqnlXo0_gNDm4PlW/view?usp=sharing Thought it would be cool to share some announcement audio clips. Hope you enjoy!
  15. Correct! Illinois (SCCTD)Metro also has a few phantoms that still run routes in IL. Dennis a Madison County Transit driver tells me what units he sees. Seen 2003 on Fox 2 this morning behind the live shot. Most of them will eventually become non revenue units and be used as (training, redbird express, ETC). I also learned that 7251-7253 might have replaced 3221-3223. I believe they are IL buses. Dennis does the Madison County Transit, 5 Tri City and goes to Emerson Park Metro Link in East Saint Louis.
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