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  1. I'm pretty sure that the JET location that TTC vehicles go to is in Toronto. It seems like they're at something called 'City View Bus Services.'
  2. TTC: spotted 8607 going west on Bloor at Runnymede.
  3. I’m not suRe where it went because it seems to be tracking exactly where it’s been for the past month.
  4. As in powered steering? All TTC buses have had them for ages.
  5. 4104 is heading north on roncesvalles. Anyone know why?
  6. Damn. Big issues this early is really unfortunate. I hope it gets fixed at some point soon so they can operate normally.
  7. Why are the Nova Hybrids only operating during peak periods right now? Are they not ready to enter full service yet or something?
  8. I'm going to assume that service is going to be pretty bad tomorrow. 10-15 cm of snow is expected and judging by how poorly the TTC handled service in the snow last time I don't think this is going to be good. Maybe they'll salt problematic roads like Warren Cres before. Who knows .
  9. I don't think that's special. The 900 buses can technically go out on any Queensway route and it gets 501 shuttles. It is interesting though.
  10. Anyone know where the island bus is held/refuled? Does it stay on the island at all times?
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