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  1. So since they've been a lot of bus operators information here. I thought it'd be great to do one for trades job at TTC. This is my timeline for the TTC Signals apprenticeship. 4 years of constantly apply to electrical apprentice jobs on the ttc website before I finally got in. I've done the substation entrance test before which consist of two test. One is a written test and the second is a pratical electronic test. March 23, 2018 - Applied on website May 5, 2018 - TTC entrance test (electronic base with a lot of circuitry and logic diagrams) 80% for a pass June 7th, 2018 - Beh
  2. I applied to a posting for subway track apprentice. did my test on may 13th, 2018 Interviewed on june 11th, 2018 All 3 references got called between june 20th and july 12th of 2018 It's been more than two months and I'm still waiting for a reply from HR. has anyone ever experienced this?
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