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  1. Why is that, @GrandeWest_B35G? I ❤️ them. Also, would you be mad if Grande West made an Electric Bus?
  2. You're forgetting Vancouver's Electric Buses...
  3. Here's 19005, taken June 21st, 2019. If it's Wiki acceptable, you are encouraged to use it.
  4. The new CPTDB is pretty darn cool! It will take a bit getting used to, though.
  5. Good point! That may not be helpful for me until I ride a bus that's actually crappy. BY THE WAY... I think the touchscreen Kiosks are up at Surrey Central's newer enterance!
  6. In what way is it stupid (I can understand, but I want verification)?
  7. Why don't you like that Idea? You probably don't wanna read crap like that (note your comment above).
  8. Shall I create a topic called "General Bus Hate Comments"? That may actually work out!
  9. True. It's back in service. It just took a break from the 17th - 21st.
  10. I really want to go back soon! I've never seen the new MAX BRT and now that Roam's MCIs are now in service (yay!), I have an excuse to go to Banff and Canmore!
  11. Finally it's here! I've called Translink multiple times to ask them when it would come.
  12. Speaking of Orions being towed, I saw R9275 being towed at White Rock Centre on Friday, May 17th.
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