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  1. What about 18100? If 184** and 182** numbers get 00s, why doesn't 183** and 181** get them?
  2. Aren't they headed to BTC and (Possibly, maybe not) VTC?
  3. Translink 1009 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 demonstration unit at Richmond/Brighouse Station, on a very snowy day in Richmong BC on route 301 Newton Exchange. Taken by @Urban_Monkey Transit
  4. Making sure you didn't trick me like @MCW Metrobus did on Translink Service Discussion.
  5. Either CMBC does the new buses or they create a brand new transit system for express buses around Vancouver to Hope, Abbotsford, Squamish etc.
  6. Congrats on the new title of Wiki editor!!! I was thinking you would do a great job with that! When did you take that picture?
  7. What did the livery look like? Anything special? Also, is it visible from Highway 1?
  8. URBAN_MONKEY EXCLUSIVE: 181** seen in Burlington WA and 18162 was seen further along the I5. Both were sighted by yours truly, @Urban_Monkey Transit.
  9. I will keep a lookout for Translink buses when I'm there tomorrow.
  10. I still can not believe that there was an artic on the C92 (412).
  11. When I was on a trip to Montreal back when Urban_Monkey Transit did not exist, the 129 was within 5 minutes walk of my hotel.
  12. Whaaaat!! Are you 100% sure about that? Prove it then.
  13. I wish they replaced them sooner but I am quite happy that they will replace them at some point soon!!! Yes, XT40 and XT60 are the current NFI trolley models. I will tell you how they feel when I take them in Seattle in a week.
  14. Amazing!!!!! What do you predict (or know) the Winter service changes will be about?
  15. What Wiki photo quality guidelines? Please tell me what those are, I may be able to have my pics on (Depending on their quality).
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