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  1. 12 hours ago, 8010 said:

    Have the interior destination signs on the other Mark 3s been updated with the "Next Station" feature yet?

    Don't know yet, but hopefully soon! :D


    14 hours ago, briguychau said:

    429-432 in service. I'm on it.

    The interior destination sign has been updated to say "Next Station - Name. Terminus Station - Name." (Or in the case of next = terminus, "Next Station - Terminus Station - Name.")



    YASS! Finally, the screens are just the way I wanted them to be in the first place! Why can't they put screens ontop of the gangway enterances where you walk through to get to the next car like on the Canada Line?

  2. On September 29, 2018 at 8:11 PM, STO_1601 said:

    Sorry but I can't find an existing thread for Halifax Transit.

    I found this on Flickr:

    Outside Cameras

    A New 2018 Nova LFS in service. These new nova buses feature outside bus cameras. You can see it on the top at the front right after the word HALIFAX.

    Awesome! But, nobody has touched the wiki page for Halifax Transit for THREE ENTIRE MONTHS! It still says that these buses are on order and not in service! Someone needs to edit it very soon.

  3. On December 28, 2018 at 10:56 PM, M. Parsons said:

    You would need to do some research. Start off with City Council meeting minutes and the City budget. You'll probably find something. 

    Before soliciting for information, make sure you know what you're even talking. 

    Your posts amount to: "this sucks, how can we fix it, but really, I know nothing about the City of the Region".

    The bridge is a problem, but the end is insight. 


    Good. Makes sense. Well, If none of you can think about needed changes, @A. Wong, burn this topic into flames. 


  4. On December 25, 2018 at 11:20 AM, TechSpotlight said:

    I got:

    - A Samsung Solid State Drive

    - A internal memory card reader for my PC

    - Wireless charger for my cell phone

    - Driving lessons (very excited for)

    - An unreasonable amount of candy and chocolate

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Isn't getting too much sweets a good thing?

  5. 3 minutes ago, Thomasw said:

    Most likely yes because if you go in it's assignment history on T-Comm you can see that it has served the blocked it served this morning on two other previous occasion and on both of those occasions it went back out latter in the afternoon. 

    I connected the dots just before I saw this but thanks for the confirmation! 

  6. 11 hours ago, M. Parsons said:

    Improved service will cost $$$$$$$$. How does Fort Saskatchewan fund increased service levels? Will taxpayers be willing to foot the bill for more transit through tax increases? 

    "Right now, the only bus that gets you out of town is the ETS 580". What would you propose in addition too, or in place of the 580?

    More stops along existing routes, maybe. The existing service however if quite smart. Maximum coverage, 30 minutes per loop. Extending the route to encompass both the West loop and Downtown loop would add time which would prevent convenient-for-scheduling 30 minute trip times. Transfer connections are timed and can be made at the DOW Centre or North Transfer point for those that need to reach the other portions of the routes that aren't duplicated.
    8:25-13:25 service is covered by one bus and that service can perhaps be a bit funky, although, usable. The 580 covers another slice of Fort Saskatchewan and probably brings most residents to within a 400m walk of a bus stop. Without specific examples, I can't comment further, but it does look like transit coverage is deployed as effectively as possible with the available budget.
    On demand bus service would be a replacement for fix route service. Whether that's good or not is another conversation. It think the to meet the 580's you need fixed route service. Maybe in that 5 hour window with 1 bus you could use on demand bus service.
    For this "I know someone who knows someone" scenario, I suggest looking into Special Transportation Services Society.

    Watching the raise of transit operations around Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan has set up what seems to be a model scenario. Their service I was always concerned would vaporize one day. Contracted, minimal infrastructure. Over time it built up... more commuter runs, then contracted local service. Finally, City owned buses operated by a contractor with ETS contracted for the commuter service, and now some more permanent infrastructure (improved bus stops, transfer points and park and ride). It would be nice if the service could one day could demand additional buses, but, I suspect that could be some time aways.

    A replacement of the 580 is one of my ideas. Maybe even service to DDowntown Edmonton and NAIT.

    11 hours ago, T6H-5307N said:

    Fair point, but it sounds like your sample size is 1 person at this point... I'm sure if the system wasn't a success then we would at least be hearing about it in the media etc.!

    The problem is a classic scenario: build it and hope for ridership or wait until the demand merits the service. Have you looked into what their ridership is? It is easy to say that they need better service but perhaps it is meeting the needs of the community just fine in its current state.

    How do I look at the ridership level? Also, I don't know much about Fort Sask because I have never been there. Apparently, traffic is also an issue there.

  7. 57 minutes ago, A. Wong said:

    I don't think it is bad currently. They are in a good state to have a service to Edmonton, the nearest large city, and it stops at a LRT station so it is a great connection point to ETS. I am not sure how locals view the local services within the city, but I am sure as it gains popularity they can make some improvements.

    I know someone from there, and she knows someone who can't get to the nearest bus stop because of mobility issues. The least that needs to be done is A.More Stops and B. Make two way service instead of two routes, sometimes on the same roads, sometimes separate, which is what they have now. I also believe that on demand bus service may be needed.

  8. Hi! I believe that Fort Saskatchewan needs a better transportation network. Though it's a small town, public transportation should be improved and be more of a priority to the town. Right now, the only bus that gets you out of town is the ETS 580. Post your ideas for a better network and we can all possibly make a map and if we are lucky, talk to the town about it. 


    18 hours ago, GORDOOM said:

    A little more about that colour green and our new buses (from the Buzzer blog)

    For the record, my concerns are two:

    1. the increased spare ratio that will be needed to keep the RapidBus and local fleets separate, or the dilution of branding that will come from covering off one with the other
    2. forfeiting the brand equity that the "B-Line" brand has

    I have no problem with the green livery in and of itself.

    Why aren't they using an Orange livery?

  10. https://www.greencarreports.com/news/1096160_80-foot-long-electric-bus-concept-from-poland-uses-fuel-cells-too# 

    This might be the right bus for Translink, though I don't belive Solaris would ship to Canada/USA.  Maybe somebody could make a bus drawing of the XE80 and XT80 buses. I think that XT80/XE80s is a good idea, but, are you sure that they would need that large a bus here yet?

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