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  1. Don't know yet, but hopefully soon! YASS! Finally, the screens are just the way I wanted them to be in the first place! Why can't they put screens ontop of the gangway enterances where you walk through to get to the next car like on the Canada Line?
  2. I don't know what's up with 18162, but I posted on here in September 2018 saying I saw it in Washington State on the I5. I'm predicting that it is at STC.
  3. Awesome! But, nobody has touched the wiki page for Halifax Transit for THREE ENTIRE MONTHS! It still says that these buses are on order and not in service! Someone needs to edit it very soon.
  4. Let's just delete it instead of letting it sit around for 12 years.
  5. Good. Makes sense. Well, If none of you can think about needed changes, @A. Wong, burn this topic into flames.
  6. Isn't getting too much sweets a good thing?
  7. I know about that, @Jaymaud0804. I was thinking of doing that, but it I just posted again.
  8. I connected the dots just before I saw this but thanks for the confirmation!
  9. Well, It's out now, but will it run later in the day?
  10. Do you think that 18457 will be in service at some time today?
  11. A replacement of the 580 is one of my ideas. Maybe even service to DDowntown Edmonton and NAIT. How do I look at the ridership level? Also, I don't know much about Fort Sask because I have never been there. Apparently, traffic is also an issue there.
  12. A water clock, which is powered by tap water and can run without a refill for 8-12 months. Also some TTC clothes, a TTC calendar, some Translink ornaments and some sweets.
  13. I know someone from there, and she knows someone who can't get to the nearest bus stop because of mobility issues. The least that needs to be done is A.More Stops and B. Make two way service instead of two routes, sometimes on the same roads, sometimes separate, which is what they have now. I also believe that on demand bus service may be needed.
  14. Yesterday, I saw R9254 on the 301. I am just wondering if this is supposed to be happening, or if it this is weird.
  15. Hi! I believe that Fort Saskatchewan needs a better transportation network. Though it's a small town, public transportation should be improved and be more of a priority to the town. Right now, the only bus that gets you out of town is the ETS 580. Post your ideas for a better network and we can all possibly make a map and if we are lucky, talk to the town about it.
  16. They should select some buses, wrap them, give them wifi etc, and use those, and only those buses for MAX service instead of having a smorgasbord of buses on the MAX lines.
  17. When do you guys predict that the next LFS Suburbans will enter service? I also wanted to wish you guys a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday season! Enjoy it while it lasts. I also wondered if the 2018nLFS HEVs have an engine cutoff system or something similar to that.
  18. I am trying to draw a picture of 18181. I will share the finished product, but what topic should I post It on?
  19. When should the Nova LFS Suburbans come into service? Soon, hopefully.
  20. I have also been to Cullen and saw a lot of the new XN40s and XDE60s. I will tell you all the fleet numbers soon.
  21. When will Translink stop transferring D40LFs and just retire them?
  22. https://www.greencarreports.com/news/1096160_80-foot-long-electric-bus-concept-from-poland-uses-fuel-cells-too# This might be the right bus for Translink, though I don't belive Solaris would ship to Canada/USA. Maybe somebody could make a bus drawing of the XE80 and XT80 buses. I think that XT80/XE80s is a good idea, but, are you sure that they would need that large a bus here yet?
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