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  1. "Wow. It is soooooo easy to hike from my place in North Delta all the way to Deep Cove!" (It's called sarcasm) Oh.
  2. Already mentioned by @Thomasw.
  3. Then how would I get to Deep Cove for a nice Winter Day hike?
  4. What about the 106? I'd bet it needs the artics more than the 119.
  5. I know that 143 was always at PTC. I never knew that the 145 was at PTC since 2017. Some of the XDE60s from BTC (up until the D60LFRs were transferred to PTC) were on 95/145 runs.
  6. Now that PTC has the 145, they seem to be operating 40 foot buses on that route sometimes. Saw 14006 at SFU Monday. According to T-Comm, it's been on the 143, too. 14009 has also done that run today (Thursday).
  7. Were they for passenger demos? Also, I think you are forgetting about the hill on Scott Rd. I hope that they were demonstrated there. Otherwise, we will not know how they will do there.
  8. I have a couple other photos, but they probably don't meet standards. Checked the Wiki and saw the plate number, but not the name of the artist, yet. I would gladly help with the other XDE60s at times I am not busy. I also have plates of at least one Halifax Transit bus.
  9. I have some information about 18008 to add to the Wiki. It features “How Far Do You Travel Art by Anna Torma. It’s plate number is ND 7999. Here is it’s picture, taken on an IPhone 5S. If someone could Check it to see if it is acceptable to be posted on the Wiki, that would be great!
  10. Has Translink ever considered having double decks on urban routes as well as suburban routes?
  11. Note that there is also a C40LF in there. This is old, but on 12/30/16, I saw B9652 on the 95 B-Line.
  12. 18516 is the end. Saw it today along with a couple others driving up and down Highway 10.
  13. To expand it's use life and not just scrap it.
  14. Can't they just put them in their non revenue fleet as a training vehicle for the Nova Suburban drivers or sell them to some some coach/charter company? Is that their plan?
  15. Again? Was it the propane engine messing up again?
  16. Oh. Never realized that they could use up so many pages that quickly.
  17. Nobody has said that 18001 is in service. Has been out since Friday!
  18. Why not rename the orininal 2018 page to 2019?
  19. Well. I can give Halifax Transit a call and maybe one of the editors from abroad can get the information I will give to them.
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