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  1. I found it weird that the 4 sign to Woodbine isn’t double stacked on 2011. Yes I did take this one from @Gamer Studios’ post on Instagram. What might explain the difference in the sign?
  2. Thank you for the reply and redirection to the other thread! Hope to be back in the area soon enough.
  3. Okay, I've looked through this thread a bit and as far as I know this hasn't yet been mentioned here: there is a new bus in town! Vehicle 2206 (New Flyer XD40, possibly 2022) has been running in Newmarket out of North for a bit. I do not know exactly how long it's been running but I did catch it once on 8/25 as a training vehicle and again on 8/26 as a training vehicle. I also saw it as a 98 along Yonge. If I remember correctly, a friend had seen it before the 25th. It also ran the 31st. It is not on the wiki and I am unaware of any other buses in this order.
  4. Voyago now has the contract for Owen Sound Transit!
  5. Hey. So I was just out in Kelowna last Thurs/Fri/Sat and got to experience the 97 “RapidBus”. Today, I watched a video that claimed there were queue jumps on the route. Are there queue jumps or other forms of bus priority (other than HOV) that exist along Hwy 97/Harvey?
  6. Maybe if it’s really urgently needed but getting RB branded buses would be better. I fear that VTC is getting too many buses but we soon will see. If that’s the case then sure, we could use some more for routes like the 319, 321, 502/503 and maybe the R1. On another note, if VTC doesn’t need all the artics it gets, HTC could use some as well. The 410/100/106/119 could all use some more capacity.
  7. Oh man I wish that happened later in the day so I could see it. However I 100% get your point. I believe that the schools could use some extra capacity and even diverted trips especially because there are lots of Surrey residents going to Delta schools. Maybe it’s just my school but I’m pretty sure it’s not. But if that’s the case those people would need to get to Scottsdale to make transfers to Surrey routes or to walk home.
  8. That makes total sense. Those would be a way better replacement for the E60s than 40 footers. I like that there are more deckers but what’s the logic in this move other than more decker runs on the 311?
  9. Once VTC gets these new buses, do we think they’ll JUST be running the 84? 25 buses for one route seems quite excessive.
  10. Freshened up my page a bit! I hope to be  more active on CPTDB. 

    Happy Holidays! 

  11. I’m thinking this has already been talked about, but I’ve heard that the 340 will be deckers. Is this confirmed and if so. what are all your opinions on that? i never imagined it would be necessary but it should be helpful to increase capacity and comfort. Hopefully the trees along Kittson Parkway don’t give it too much trouble!
  12. I haven’t been on one either, as I just watched them at the Exchange. I’m sure you’re joking about moving to Abby. There are so many XN40s in Victoria, and I’m sure you’ll be on one soon.
  13. I find it interesting that the STS has destination signs (similar to the ones at the back of the bus) INSIDE the buses (close to the front). I noticed that in YouTube videos. I think they have it there to ensure customers know the route the bus is on, but why can't they do it some other way? One option that may work would be using LCD screens similar to what the TTC, MTA/NYCT and NRT use on some buses to display not only the next stop, ads and other info, but also the route and destination of the bus. I mean, it seems like it could be costly.
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