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  1. I saw a bus go the wrong way and then have to turn around on a residential street. Old habits die hard.
  2. Back when I lived in Marpole, I would take the 100 all the time from Marpole Loop, since we used it to get to a lot of places inside Vancouver, since it was certainly easier to take the 100 to access the SkyTrain at 22nd St, rather than taking the 10 or 98, both of which went through Downtown. Note that this is from before the Canada Line opened in 2009. Even then, a straight line path is faster.
  3. "Photos of Edmonton Returning Soon!" Never have I ever seen a bigger joke
  4. By the way, I just realized you're one of the owners of barp.ca. Massive respect.
  5. Thanks for all the info, it helped clear up some of my doubts. It makes sense for it to start on a Sunday, since the Saturday schedule is different.
  6. I'm well aware of that. I'm young and perfectly able to do so. While I can manage the extra walk, what about people in their 60s? Not all of them can afford or are eligible for DATS. Also, that isn't even my main issue. My main issue is the lack of a transition period. There should be some trial runs of the system to see how people actually receive it rather than just start it at the Monday of a new week all of a sudden.
  7. No, that's way too obvious, of course they can't do that. They just have to change it then so that students are left scrambling to the new bus network the moment the new quarter starts. One thing they also forgot to account for is that it takes more time to walk through snow in the winter.
  8. That's sad. I've been on it a few times and it was also one of the more noticeable buses to me, because of its relation to 6002 (ETS Platinum).
  9. While I haven't rode on 6001 for a while, I do remember seeing it sometime in 2019.
  10. A while back I put in an FOIP request to the City of Edmonton for a few route maps in the Mill Woods area for the past few years at the time. I thought I'd share it here today, since it popped up in my mind that I have an account on the forum. Enjoy. Mill Woods routes.zip
  11. Not sure if it fits in this thread, but I remember this one time in what I believe was 2008 or the first half of 2009 when a bus running the 10 came off the trolley wires at Marpole Loop, though I don't remember what bus it was. I was there with my mom and we had to wait a while for another bus to come. I think eventually they had to bring in a D40LF from Vancouver Transit Centre to run the route instead. Unfortunately, we didn't have a camera on us then, so there are no pictures.
  12. Was on a walk down Savaryn Drive in Summerside a while back and looks like they've put on the signs for bus stop closures already. April seems like a weird time to me, since the school year doesn't end until June.
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