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  1. Hi! Yesterday I had the chance to ride aboard on of the recently bought Ontario units for exo Sorel-Varennes. Inside I tried to look around on the dashboard for the shadow of the old fleet number and found it, exo/Transbus 1245 is Ex-Guelph 190, a 2006 Novabus LFS.. I filmed a ride in it but there is not much except highway action for 3 minutes ( didnt had the time ) so for those still interested to see some content about this bus here is the link, I posted the same post in the Guelph Transit discussion. Youtube Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NG_ogbEH7tw&a
  2. Hello! We recently received a few units coming from Ontario transit agencies in Quebec, and I just had the chance to ride one of them and gather information as well as filming a ride. the LFSs are all blank, which makes it hard to guess where it came from. Luckly, while I was in Transbus 1245 I went to the front and tried to check around on the dashboard to see a reflection of a number and found one, 1245 is actually ex-Guelph 190. Also, 3070 and 3071 ( Transdev Units ) have the shadow of the old red Guelph Livery and might be 2005s im not sure.... anyway, for those int
  3. Since yesterday, The RTL are adding new express bus shelters on Taschereau and Lafayette following a probably new express line for taschereau.. The only other one im aware of is on the corner of Taschereau and Churchill. I'm guessing it will be the 477 because it does pretty much the same route except it goes to Terminus Longueuil... Here is a picture I tooked this morning of one of thoses. I'm sorry for the very low quality...I was late for my bus and I had to do this quick Also you might want to take note that today RTL 2-00XX units are unusally very active. I saw
  4. Today I had quite a surprise. This morning around 6:30 am, 3490_25_4 came to Longueuil probably as a spare on the 350. Last time I saw an Orion V for Sainte-Julie was around September 2016. It left Terminus Longueuil at 6:39 am on its last run for the morning. If you guys live near Longueuil you might want to go to the Terminus this afternoon, in case it runs again !
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