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  1. Yeah, they don't have one yet for 2019.
  2. Why didn't they place it under the stop destination sign?
  3. 18010 in VTC By my count, that's 9 buses.
  4. Ah, I see. On another note, 8102 is on 77/701 right now, and that block seems to include the 9pm trip to Mission City. Is this common? Is there that much demand on the evening 701s? I remember my only trip from Mission was on 3351, on the 10:37am departure around 2 years ago. Even then, the bus was close to full seated load, and I guess two years later there would be a lot more.
  5. 9207 is back to work on the 555 after at least a month's vacation.
  6. Do you mean it was a 701 Mission City or a replacement vehicle for a broken down train? Assuming it was a replacement vehicle (since a C40LFR on a 701 could hardly be called rare), are you implying there was only one bus to take care of the entire train's passengers? Welcome to Vancouver! Our new (trial) electric fleet H19301-H19304 has been testing in that area for a month or two now
  7. Given that the incoming double-deckers are set to enter service very soon, I thought it would be time for me to work on my first Google MyMap, which shows my vision for suburban transit in the new few years. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DeMETl1SorQ_i3txt6euk0GNEoculR1v&usp=sharing The biggest problems I faced when designing this map were: 1. Will the 351 continue on to Crescent Beach? If not, which route will? 2. How can I design a more efficient routing for Ladner and South Delta routes? These two problems have been solved to some extent, as you'll see in the map. I have also raised the possibility of four new suburban routes: - A Sea-to-Sky corridor route - A new route to White Rock from 22nd Street Station (via Hwy 91A/91) - A new route to YXX and Bourquin Exchange in Abbotsford from Carvolth, via Aldergrove, and - A new route from Haney Place that provides all-day service to Mission and Abbotsford Any feedback you'd have would be greatly appreciated! It will be interesting to see how the future of suburban transport in Metro Vancouver turns out.
  8. I knew this wouldn't last long... https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/beyond-shuttle-ubc-surrey-ceased-operations
  9. Not sure how fresh it is, but 7471 sparkles even on a cloudy day.
  10. Nope, I was close enough to see the fleet number and to see that it was filled with passengers.
  11. S7460 came back from BTC last Thursday. I saw it pass me at Production Station around 8am.
  12. Orion 9241 was seen on the 143 or 145 this morning. It only did one trip and I can't find it on T-Comm, but I swear I saw it go up the hill when I was at the Terry Fox Track. Couldn't get a picture fast enough. And also, speaking of PTC, 8112 hasn't been in service in a very long time. 8043 is back to service this afternoon. And 8028/8057 seems dead to me.
  13. And, unfortunately, the end of the old Blue Bus livery...
  14. 19303 testing on Highway 1 this afternoon, near the Port Mann Bridge. Seen from the 555. The electric bus is much slower, maybe 2/3 of the 555's speed.
  15. An observation I made while checking out the Expo extension page. The chart states that the estimated amount of new trains ordered will be either 25, 35, or 55 depending on how much of the extension is built. Neither of those three numbers is a multiple of 4 - but they are all divisible by 5. Could this be a hint pointing to 5-car trains on the Expo Line soon?
  16. 9619 has been at BTC since June 11
  17. Not necessarily. Every depot that currently operates NightBuses also will have a non-rapidbus artic route. For example, BTC can still interline 99s with their routes, STC can do the same with their 503 buses, and so on. But yes, there is a chance.
  18. I don't think so. As part of Translink's marketing, they want to show that Rapidbus has a significant increase of frequency. If changes are made now, then when January comes along they won't have anything to show as to how Rapidbus makes commuting faster and easier.
  19. Saw it on a 10 at Marine Drive. Just going to say it actually looks quite like a How Far Do You Travel with all the abstract art pasted on it.
  20. IDK. I was just riding past on the 555. But I'm pretty sure there wasn't anything else behind the wall of Rapidbuses.
  21. 19101 has left Cullens, with no other 40' units in its place. There are a bunch of 60's though.
  22. retired Translink Orions and D40LFs because they would be used to transport travellers to Edmonton instead of being scrapped...
  23. RTC does want to put deckers on the route, but I would honestly prefer articulated buses. Some will say that an artic bumping along on a highway isn't ideal, but I really can't see the humanity in making vacationers lug their bags up to the second floor. Somehow I feel like they just want to "match" BC Transit down in Swartz Bay, where every bus they send is a double-decker and Metro Vancouverites are so excited by the novelty of a view from the second floor. Come on Translink, stop mimicking Victoria and Seattle, do what is right and put artics on the 620. There is no error in your logic... Don't worry PTC does need to, and will take over the 145 all week. The way BTC runs the weekend trips now is that they stick them into the 95/R5 blocks. With the 95 becoming a Rapidbus, there is no way BTC will continue to take the 145. Then again, if we still have doubts, we can just ask @nname to tell us the future
  24. the title of 2019 worst best system when dealing with minor snowfalls, which made Vancouverites so happy that...
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