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  1. Then isn't it only logical that STC should get the smaller 2019 order and HTC should keep the '16s?
  2. Logistically speaking, yes. But it seems Translink has already made its decision, as 19101 is destined for Hamilton.
  3. http://infomaps.translink.ca/Route_Diagrams/153/r743.pdf In the Sundays and Holidays inset on the 743 map, it still says C43... A tiny fragment from the past.
  4. 18006 in VTC, on the 10 right now.
  5. Great points outlined there. I think that, from an administrative point of view, perhaps it might not make the most sense to spend money for infrastructure on a corridor that will only be used for a couple more years (although delays will probably take the skytrain launch to 2024/25. Also, the 99 should and will run at service levels of up to 3 min headways. With this type of waiting time, I doubt it will be a priority to get all that bus stop infrastructure up - wait times will be so short that there will be no need for "shelters" and "next bus displays". Besides, who sits in the shelter anyways when everyone else is competing for a spot in the lineup? We should further note that Express Bus has been used by Translink as a regional commuter bus brand. Any "real" express bus, like the 99, should be given special RapidBus priorities, brandings and other small touches that differentiate this product, if not a full suite of route infrastructure.
  6. I agree with you about the D60LF's as there's only ~5 left and they'll be killed after the new TMAC testing ends. But about the D40LFs surviving into spring... not sure about that. Just look at the numbers: 41 old, aging, unreliable D40LFs. 47 shiny new 2019 XN40's coming. Do the math, as soon as those units come in, Translink will make haste to put them out and kill the D40LFs.
  7. We can study the patterns in the recent fleet reallocation: All D40LFs are in Surrey. There are 41 units total, an almost 1 to 1 replacement with the 47 2019 XN40's. Not only can we make a fair conclusion on the reason of the mass 40' transfers a couple months ago, we can also say that likely the 47 replacements will go to STC. All D60LFs are in Poco. This is likely because, come January, they will be replaced by Rapidbus units on the R701. The D60LFRs there now will be used exclusively on the 143/145. We can conclude that these units were sent because there is an imminent replacement ahead. In the end, it isn't so horrendous that the 2015 XDE60's were sent to RTC. It's just a way to temporarily fill the gap so they can finally kill the D40LF/D60LFs. And with the extra D40LFs at Surrey, they are able to send a 40' on the 96, which is better then sending nothing.
  8. Two shuttles, unnumbered. They look similar to the wrap back in 2013/14 when Travelsmart was a thing.
  9. Thx for the reminder... Changed to Micro
  10. Micro 19761 was spotted going NB on 140th St in Surrey yesterday.
  11. Regardless of what happens, xx4xx should always be used for suburban vehicles, as per the pattern laid out by the Nova Suburbans. And yes, they will probably end up saving a 200-slot for 47 buses, since 190xx, 3xx, and 4xx have been confirmed. When the CShuttles come, I expect them to be 195xx - or the numbering will become even more unconventional.
  12. 18330 entered revenue service on Christmas Day (December 25, 2018), which makes it sound like a deserving candidate to me...
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