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  1. Not in any year of geography, so with due respect to any experience you have, my response: 1. Having weak ridership bases I assume this means Cloverdale. I would say that Cloverdale is, especially in peak hours, an area with quite some demand. From a 2016 TSPR report, the #395, whose customers are almost exclusively from Cloverdale and Clayton (along 64th, as Fraser Hwy commuters would likely choose a more frequent 502), averaged some 700 passengers daily. With other services running through the area, I would argue that the number of commuters from Cloverdale likely hovers at a numbe
  2. Still surprised TransLink hasn't tried to institute any service (even peak-hour peak-direction trips) on the eastern half of the South Fraser Perimeter Road. We could be seeing: Scott Road Stn - Bridgeview - Hwy 17 - Hwy 15 - Cloverdale Scott Road Stn - Bridgeview - Hwy 17 - Hwy 15 - Hwy 1 - Carvolth and Walnut Grove Scott Road Stn - Bridgeview - Hwy 17 - Hwy 15 - Fraser Hwy - Langley Center From experience there's never been any congestion on the SFPR; if anything, the Cloverdale option would shave a LOT of time off of existing 320 and 395 options, and the speed of these t
  3. 7455 on the 310 - another conventional today
  4. Late reply, but there were, saw 19113 on the 337. They cancelled most of the trips all day Sunday (down to 1 or 2 per hour from 4) and put in a conventional to keep up with loads.
  5. No idea what the difference is between the two but please tell me the destination signs will be an improvement over the practically unreadable half-inch tall displays we have now
  6. Not the D40LF exactly, but Urbanized recently reported that there would be which is the number of D40LFRs we have. Can't confirm a source but here's a potential date.
  7. The inbound 10 would be exponentially improved with "Granville to Downtown". They could also change the signs of the 323 and 324 for uniformity.
  8. It's for KPU. Red/crimson in color.
  9. Isn't 351 service to Crescent already every 30 minutes? Last I checked every second trip terminated at WRC. If frequency on the 350 is indeed halved off peak then you have hourly service.
  10. Possibly but probably not. There's no paint, and the windows aren't black like most Vicinity units. The roof units are large, tall, and in front - not a Vicinity.
  11. Passed by the Cullen in Port Kells today and noticed 4 completely white (no fleet numbers, decals, nothing) buses. From the rear lights, length, and the (battery?) pack on the roof, I'd say it's either a group of 35' BYD electrics or 35' Gillig electrics. Does anyone have a better idea or guess at what these buses are and who they're for? Really sorry I couldn't get a picture, I was on the highway.
  12. Along with the fact that a standard bus can only hold 15 passengers total.
  13. The 501 no longer stops near the P&R (comes directly onto 104th from the highway) but the transit priority signs are still there. No one uses them anymore. The only way to access transit near the park and ride is to walk along a well-maintained sidewalk to the 158 St stop.
  14. 7112 was present today at Jack Poole Plaza for the 10th year anniversary of the 2010 Olympics.
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