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  1. 9205 is back in service at RTC after a month-long vacation.
  2. According to T-Comm, it also did a 337/393... you sure it wasn't just an incorrect login?
  3. Could you post that to the wiki, or give someone the permission to? It's a nice picture, with the Rapidbus in the background.
  4. Special sightings for today, due to the snow: R1 is running mostly fine, although 15010 is on route; R3 is running all-conventional; R4 only has 3 vehicles on it; R5 has two DE60LFRs and 4 LFS running; 99 B-Line is running all artic with 4 green buses. Practically everything is running 1-2 hours late.
  5. Guys maybe instead of fueling the fire we should just stop posting here and let the thread sink to the bottom. Stop feeding the troll. @VancouverTrolleybus, it seems you are very interested in trolleybuses. Perhaps you could share your opinions in the Transit Service Discussion thread. And if this thread keeps spiraling out of control, perhaps we could call in @MCW MetrobusđŸ˜‹
  6. 15012 and 15013 have been in Surrey for a good 4 years and they still have B's on them.
  7. Knowing Translink, they'd probably refurb them and then squeeze every last bit of 21 years out of them.
  8. Huh, sorry about that. It's weird that an unwrap would take so long.
  9. Should Translink really be selling these units, given that they've let out all these harmful fumes?
  10. 19020/21 to STC 19006 to HTC 18164/18200 to HTC
  11. 19001-19033 to HTC (33 buses) 19034-19047 can go to STC, (14 buses) 18001-18049 stay at BTC, (49 buses) for two lines 18050-18063 at PCTC, (14 buses) As for regular 60's: 120XX at RTC, 25 buses 150XX at STC (can gradually get them onto 319), 21 buses D60LFRs at PTC, 16 buses DE60LFRs/162XX at BTC, 65 buses (more than enough for 44, 99, 257)
  12. 15004 and 15012 have the new headlights... and possibly, but don't quote me, 18171.
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