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  1. What you're saying is that HTC wants to become its own country and raid the rest of Metro Vancouver every now and then?
  2. Part-solution: 430 turns into Rapidbus, operates on 49th past Langara to Granville. Turns left, goes thru Marpole, across bridge, terminates at Bridgeport. A different Rapidbus provides service from Bridgeport to Brighouse along GC, passing KPU, then continues to either Steveston or down No. 3 Rd. And, a Rapidbus to go down Victoria, turn off at 54th, go down Argyle, 57th to Knight, and down to Knight & Marine. A lot to ask for, I know, but effectively solves most of South Van (and Richmond's) transit problems.
  3. Sure. That would be, then, an express service that runs infrequently, like the 394 or the 555 during off-peak. But not a Rapidbus.
  4. No bus is "supposed" to be at a specific garage.
  5. Could agree with the rest of your post. But a Rapidbus should be running every 5-15 minutes, and while more service to Mission might be nice, in the end Mission is a town with no more than 2000 residents, and they do not require a Rapidbus.
  6. Passengers ride the Seabus across. Saves time over sending the bus eastbound to Hwy 1, over the bridge, down to Park Royal, and then back up to the highway.
  7. The same system would work for routes like the 319. They are very crowded and could use the longer buses, but in terms of bus stops, no one stop is used more than another. Therefore the route requires more capacity, but not express service.
  8. Couldn't they just divert the 257 to Lonsdale Quay?
  9. Saw a couple pass by me yesterday. It seems that the 503 is getting full seated loads, but the 502s are still completely full. I'm quite sure that, give it a month or so, the 503 will successfully take over.
  10. I saw 18102 and 18114 on the route today... Pretty crowded in there.
  11. Yeah, they don't have one yet for 2019.
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