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  1. K410,in detailed was double decker for Scania, i have some real photo for requesting on it,but i prefer a slow basis to do it,and also if you have time just do as you like,Anyways, i will wait for and sorry for keep asking about it,because my talent on drawing was bad and thanks early for it. (P.S. Don't be hurry,i will don't ask about it,if you can done just notify me via here) Lastly,Thanks for accepting my request and as always keep to accept other request. ----Below was stated in Japanese-- 私の要求であなたの理解をありがとう
  2. Maybe in mostly K Series
  3. Have anyone to interest for Scania Paperbus Model?
  4. Everyone here was created by their own paperbus,and not anyone accept in taken request for do paper model,here is another type of Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 of Rapid Penang which is located on Penang Island,Malaysia.which is not mentioned before.Here is the video link RapidPenang Alexander Dennis Enviro 500
  5. Can who make for the was showed on here for all and thanks for anyone who accept my request.
  6. For Here i will slowly update the info transport in Malaysia,If You have a question,You can ask me here
  7. Hi, i am new at here,can i make a request for paperbus?
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