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  1. Wasn't there a statement somewhere that said the current seats came about from a miscommunication and that the next batch would have the normal OC Transpo seats?
  2. They're not purchasing another one. Currently OC transpo us using 13 of the 17 trains it has, they're just now going with 14 of 17 (or 14 of 15 if you want to take away the trains meant for spares)
  3. http://www.sto.ca/index.php?id=tarifs&L=en Botttom of the page, New transfer section. Been i thing since, june or july i believe.
  4. It's not about going into manual mode, the only way to move a train with a door that's left open is to by-pass ALL safety protections. the CTBC won't let the train move at all if it's detecting a single door's left open. Trains can 100% operate in manual control, and still be on CTBC.
  5. There is a bypass for that, but it involved the train not being able to use the CTBC anymore, there was a twitter thread from an operator/controller of the line that went into detail on what was happening.
  6. They can't do that though, the issue we're having is that the doors are being forced off their track and cannot move because of that. So the process to get the train back is different.
  7. Simultaneously. South is a completely different contract, and went to a different group than the East and West contract. But both the East and West have their own separate timelines, that are concurant (until the 1st side, east, is finished and opened earlier)
  8. In the article stating all the changes coming up they said they'd be waiting until after albert/slater construction.
  9. I believe they said they'll wait until after construction.
  10. Not sure if the full schedule is out, but they did release all the changes that were going to happen, i'll try to look for it and edit once i do. Edit: Here's the link http://www.sto.ca/index.php?id=nouveautes&L=en&source=sto_mobile&utm_source=site+STO&utm_medium=Image+rotative&utm_campaign=Installation_panneaux_arrets_e
  11. wouldn't be surprised if the public won't hear anything until the July FEDCO meeting.
  12. Apparently there'll be an AMA with Joanne Chianello on sunday?
  13. I believe all of the new novas have them.
  14. How old on the ones over there? I know STO's started doing that with i believe the 11XX buses and onwards. Before it was just all 3 seats as one.
  15. Yeah we'd need to buy more trains, and that was always the plan. No point in buying more trains than we need and have many just laying around doing nothing most days. We currently have 34, and we're getting 4 more between stage 1 and 2 to address potentially capacity issue the could crop up between when they get ramping up stage 2 vehicle production. Buying i think 38 LRVs with stage 2 (for a total of 76 if i'm remembering right) and that's for the increased track length to maintain the 5 minutes or less frequency during rush over, and some to add more total capacity (aka just having more trains on the line). the trains themselves can have a total of 5 module per vehicle (we're starting with 4). I believe we're starting with somewhere between 11-12 thousand PPDPH (transitway does a bit of 10 right now), and the max of the line, including the 5th modules and 90 minute frequency is about 24.
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