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  1. STO 9135 photo by @gmnewlook. Not sure when this was taken but if just recently then that means all 7 remain Classics are active.
  2. That was a former side wrap for "Dormani Nissan" it was removed last spring.
  3. CTV News photographer punched multiple times outside Ottawa court https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/ctv-news-photographer-punched-multiple-times-outside-ottawa-court-1.4644801?fbclid=IwAR13BX8AoBk3QGCjsywUNlPl03gTNA363Zx_ace4270msthOIBDJH7Vid30
  4. Are they trying to extended the bridge into two lanes?
  5. That driver looks like he's giving you a dirty look.
  6. Update: 39-106 is in service on the 486
  7. According to metrodemonteal.com 40-901 (New Flyer XE40) has arrived at Stinson.
  8. OC Transpo 4500 was stalking me last summer with it's "Lion King" ad on it's driver side.
  9. Has anyone been to the Novabus factory lately?
  10. I hope they also do a ceremonial ride or something like that on the last day of service for these buses. I just feels wrong not to do one as they have ran with the STO for 30+ years and were the most iconic buses in the fleet.
  11. Voith, Already mentioned above. MCI or Nova Classic?
  12. The RTS' were 2000s and retired in 2012. That's 12 years. Not sure why they retired early. Probably due to awful Detroit Diesel Series 50 also found on the 96-97 Classics which also retired early. Also STLevis brought over their RTS' to the STO for parts. I'm not sure why either.
  13. According to my list that's now over 100 Inveros officially retired.
  14. Update: 4325, 4377, 4386, 4394, 4434 and 4515 are retired.
  15. Norm MacDonald turns 56 today!
  16. Ottawa police warn people about joke online Coyote post https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/ottawa-police-warn-people-about-joke-online-coyote-post-1.4638857?fbclid=IwAR31vYBM6XhDawFzvTKqAfVd3Fp9FoUFppCxVtoF8Et0Qf4WzXp8XHh7b4M
  17. All I can say is, Of all the times I've taken pictures of OC & STO buses. I never had anyone shout or curse at me saying I can't take photos.
  18. Voith Orion-Ikarus: 2-doors or 4-doors?
  19. Dwell time extended 8-10 seconds at some LRT stations: OC Transpo https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/dwell-time-extended-8-10-seconds-at-some-lrt-stations-oc-transpo-1.4640039
  20. He Lives in You - The Lion King II Simba's Pride
  21. Hints to what the Classic could be: red & amber taillights reversed - 9132 orange detestation sign - 9134 white border headlights - 9136 reversed wiper arms - 9225
  22. 0801 & 0905 both had wrap ads for quite some time and my guess is they didn't want to go through so much work and wrap them again. 0511 never had a wrap ad and I'm not sure why they didn't wrap that one in the new livery.
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