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  1. STO_1601

    Cornwall Transit

    This forum already exists in the Ontario section
  2. STO_1601

    What are you eating right now?

    Yesterday, I had a Tourtière with hot sauce put on top, vegetables and a side pasta for dinner.
  3. How are the other stations coming along? I heard Blair Station is the only station completed so far on the Confederation Line.
  4. STO_1601

    OC Bus Spottings

    8120 on the 88 Terry Fox on Baseline near Merivale at around 9:30am
  5. You're really not posting meaningful posts on this board. Please read again what @M. Parsons said about the guidelines and posting inane chatter.
  6. STO_1601

    Selkirk Transit

    Please stop with your stupid questions. You're really making this board go down the drain.
  7. STO_1601

    unknown new bus

    Please stop with your stupid questions. You're really making this board go down the drain.
  8. STO_1601

    Duplicate accounts

    I know how you feel. Now he's starting to message me about the same stupid bus and I don't live in that area so how I'm I supposed to know? @A. Wong or @ADB please get rid of this kid he's getting on everyone's nerves now and he might have multiple accounts.
  9. STO_1601

    Sightings at the Nova Bus factory

    Ask @anyfong he takes a lot of photos when he's at the Novabus factory.
  10. STO_1601

    Selkirk Transit

    It's Okay, I've already reported to the admins as much as I could. Hopefully they will be able to deal with him.
  11. STO_1601

    OC Bus Spottings

    What's it for?
  12. STO_1601

    Duplicate accounts

    Well the admins please deal with this guy @Riley65655. He's posted the same info about a Selkirk Transit bus over and over again on so many threads and he's starting to spam the boards even in the Quebec sections. Also he might have a duplicate account called @Ashley65655. Please help! He is getting on everyone's nerves in the Mantioba section my PM them 500 times.
  13. STO_1601

    Selkirk Transit

    Who ever he is, He needs to stop now! He's already spammed a lot of the topics with this pointless info even in the Quebec sections.
  14. STO_1601

    STO bus spottings

    Spotted 1823 on 29 Des Trembles in Downtown Ottawa during rush hour Also Spotted 1825 En Transit also in Downtown Ottawa during rush hour So now that's leaves just 1820 & 1827 left to be spotted!
  15. STO_1601

    Photos of buses making turns

    Please PM Transit geek about that or you'll risk this thread going off topic and useless.