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  1. Pier-Luc Boilard has confirmed that 1950 is in service! 1950 is now the highest number.
  2. I spotted 9138 today downtown on Route 26. That leaves just 9135 & 9225 yet to be spotted.
  3. Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira Mistress of the Dark turns 68 today!
  4. Niagara Falls appears to be the only one left.
  5. This is should definitely be the feature photo!
  6. When will the article of STO Budget 2020 be published?
  7. Just out of curiosity. Well they continue numbering the buses by the year of manufacture +50? I this case the 2020s would be numbered 701XX.
  8. 4202 (oldest bus in the city) on the 152 Moodie at Baseline/Sandcastle at 3:30pm
  9. Ottawa's light-rail transit system sailed through its Monday rush-hour test drive https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/after-a-weekend-of-fun-ottawas-light-rail-transit-system-faces-busy-monday-rush-hour-test-drive
  10. @TheTransitBusFan has confirmed 69106 is in service. All 6 691xxs are now in service!
  11. The R1 is the OC Transpo bus replacement for the LRT should it shut down temperately or have problems. I believe the R1 test is so that driver's can figure out what the fastest route is from Tunney's Pasture to Blair.
  12. I meant the signals alone I zoomed in on @Loud-Invero marked the PEDs signals as 2000-2009 and we know that's wrong they are from the 80s as mentioned in another thread. I'm think your probably right that those are probably from the 90s
  13. I was on the LRT today too! They smell kind of funny they don't smell like a new bus/train smell.
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