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    2019 Nova LFS HEVs (1901-1909) coming soon!

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  1. STO_1601

    Celebrity Birthday Thread

    Betty White turns 97 today! James Earl Jones turns 88 today!
  2. From OC Transpo's twitter feed: 1991 Orion V 9135 seen at the Ottawa Airport (YOW) in 1995.
  3. STO_1601

    What are you eating right now?

    Yesterday, I ate a whole panzerotti at East Side Mario's.
  4. STO_1601

    2019 Nova LFS Order

    Do you know at least what type of rear doors it has? sensor or push bar?
  5. STO_1601

    2019 Nova LFS Order

    @anyfong confirmed with me the other day that there are none at the factory right now.
  6. STO_1601

    STO bus spottings

    I just received a Facebook message from the STO today and they said the new 9 hybrids should be on the road by end of spring or early summer as long as there are no delays. I'll just leave the list I created there for now. It'll come in handy later.
  7. STO_1601

    OC Bus Spottings

    Rode 6575 on the 88 Terry Fox today. But we had to step off at Baseline & Merivale due to an elderly woman falling.
  8. STO_1601

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Does anyone remember that old website called "natransit.com"? When did it closed? and I think J. Boic has some of the photos from that old website.
  9. STO_1601

    Saint John Transit

    Yes, Sorry about the mistake there.
  10. STO_1601

    Missing in Action buses

    Hi everyone I just PMed A. Wong about the old Orion VII retirement thread that got closed last month and he says it will remain permanently closed unfortunately. But he said it's okay to create another thread if you wish. But if I were you I'd probably wait until we know for sure that Rowan guy is gone and stops trolling about it. Anyway it's up to you if you want to continue to report the retirements here or make a new thread Have a nice day!
  11. STO_1601

    Feature Photo Submissions

    STO 0702 seen on Rideau Street back in June 2014. 0702's sister 0701 was converted to diesel around the same time. It is currently stored and is unknown if it will also be converted to diesel as well or if it will ever return to service.
  12. With the retirement of the Orion VII Hybrids possibly starting now. Is it okay to create an Orion VII Hybrid Retirement Watch thread?
  13. STO_1601

    Whats up with the board

    THAT'S WEIRD! All the past transit events have suddenly disappeared! https://cptdb.ca/forum/21-upcoming-transit-events/
  14. STO_1601

    STO Wrap Ads

    Update: stated in the french STO wiki: 0310 had a full wrap ad for Pages Jaunes (Yellow Pages) 0328 had a full wrap ad for CKTF-FM 0412 had a full wrap ad for CHOT-TV 0505 had a full wrap ad for Trans-Continental Gatineau 0517 had a full wrap ad for Sunoco 0606 had a full wrap ad for Casino du Lac-Leamy 0708 had a full wrap ad for University of Ottawa
  15. STO_1601

    Sightings at the Nova Bus factory

    Just Curious. Are any OC Transpo LFSs waiting at the plant right now?