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  1. I guess we will start seeing "99 UBC RAPIDBUS" on the headsigns now 😕
  2. So, the "blue ExpressBus" is the new suburban livery, and the "green RapidBus" is the new artic livery?
  3. It will be sad to see the Orions retired, although I imagine the 2009 ones still have quite a bit of time left. Is the idea to replace the 2001 ones with the Nova Suburban / double decker orders that are coming up?
  4. Spotted WVMT 996 going westbound on university blvd with a "special event" / "250 Vancouver" headsign. Also some other "special" WVMT buses at UBC over a weekend recently.
  5. Apparently T-Comm is running in "fallback mode" at the moment, which means request-to-talk is broken and everyone can hear each other. This also appears to be affecting the real-time bus position information, but not as much the real-time stop information. I imagine this is because they're doing maintenance on their opensky cellular system. I wonder what the backup system is, perhaps plain FM?
  6. Does this mean that the new blue / green livery will generally be seen on any routes that run artics (B-lines, non B-lines, etc..)? I guess we don't know what depots these are going to yet. Also can someone tell them to please stop with these terrible looking colors?
  7. I was wondering about that. I guess there's no way there is enough spare diesels to cover for the CNG buses. So, if the gas runs out... we just get a big (temporary) service cut? Also, does this mean every restaurant in Metro Vancouver will be closed? Fortis says one of the two pipelines is back online now, so hopefully that means no gas shortage, though. See https://www.fortisbc.com/NaturalGas/Alerts/Pages/Service-Alert.aspx
  8. So it looks like translink has approved a private operator to run an express bus between UBC and Surrey. "Surrey B-Shuttle" lol http://dailyhive.com/vancouver/surrey-b-shuttle-ubc-express-bus-route
  9. I rode 7115 for the first time a week ago after it ended up back at HTC. Glad I took the chance while I had it. It sounded in quite good shape then, better than most D40LF. According to T-Comm it was last seen at 6:20pm today, so I guess you saw it sometime between then and 7:30?
  10. You're expecting every one of the D40LF to be retired this year?
  11. The further rumor information wrt this is that the operators will keep their senority, with numbers maybe assigned based on the date they started employment. "Some of the CMBC guys won't be happy, but they'll deal with it"
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