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  1. Does anyone know the whereabouts of the City's Surplus Orion II's? Are they scrapped, privately owned, etc..?
  2. Hi All: Was thinking today, when TTC buses are Not In Service, what does the rear display read? NIS, scrolling Not In Service, an X?
  3. Hi All: Looking through some old HSR pictures and noticed that the 14xx's CNG Xcelsiors have a plaque/info label to the right of the passenger headlight in between the license plate. Does anyone know what it says, or have a detailed picture?
  4. I don't know much about the TTC, so i was just wondering. What GO Transit routes use the 401 and the 407?
  5. Hi all: Are any of you guys able to tell me all the routes of the TTC that operate on the highway 401?
  6. Ok...thank you! Is there a news article?? And are both of those Novas (1792/1793) coming back into service??
  7. Your kidding me!! 😭😭 Why are all these fools driving into the Novas?? Are they both coming back into service? At least I've seen both of them multiple times before!! 😊 And how did they drive into 1793??
  8. Who would buy a bus like that?? Why would you need it and what would you do with it! Me...id paint it like the Cornwall buses and drive around and coax people...but take the decals off!!
  9. Ok! Perfect! Thank you! Do you know who owns 9753 which is currently parked at Cornwall Truck Maintenance? (The Mack Dealership) Is it a Private Owner??
  10. Does anybody know what number of ORION is at Cornwall Truck maintenance in the yard?? Also...does anybody else know why those buses are there?? Is anybody doing anything with them?? Personal use??
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