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  1. Just released my Flyover Analysis of the Line, it's really nice looking and has a surprisingly interesting row! https://youtu.be/xJcUKRsE5IE
  2. Heres a video on the current expansion of YVR airport, we pay special attention to the airports available ground side access: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69DjIOQaD-8
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUvQha_t3D4
  4. Our Station Focus on Old Cummer GO:
  5. Indeed, they are needed to locate the trains on the tracks. With a much higher density in stations for more granular locations. As you said they have been on the TYSSE from Day one. Did a Station Tour of Rosedale: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yiR2L73lRw Enjoy :D
  6. Double tracking for Stouffville between Kennedy and Unionville appears to be nearly done:
  7. Just because Ford proposed it doesn't mean its bad, and for goodness sake, this forum has 0 threads on it, despite it currently being the most expensive proposed transit line in the country. This is far better than the cities existing relief line plan given it also can act to relieve Eglinton Yonge which will be overcrowded when the Crosstown opens. The cities proposal would not do this until further extended. It also hit some high priority neighborhoods south of OSC. In terms of yard size, you need less with automated vehicles, as storage can occur virtually anywhere on the ROW because nobody has to pick the trains up in the mornings, you simply shift storage around based on the maintenance schedule. This has happened on Skytrain for quite a while. And finally there is actually a good chance this happens, the province DOES have significant powers to push a project like this through as can be seen in Quebec with REM where they basically legislated it through planning etc on an accelerated pace.
  8. Wanted to rename other thread but didn't seem to be able to. This project is actually VERY exciting and can relieve Yonge Bloor and Yonge Eglinton with trains similar to Sydney Metro. Heres our summary and analysis:
  9. Should probably be a thread on this given that we still don't know what the PC Government is proposing, all we do know is that it will likely lead to more delays on critical projects. Heres our video analysis on the changes: https://youtu.be/San7tx7JYis What does everyone think they are planning for the Downtown Relief Line? REM? Underground GO Trains?
  10. Finally did a video on St. Patrciks new elevators: Super exciting because if you're in a wheelchair then the TTC just got a new station!
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