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  1. And to add on, it wasn't used for any promotional material, only as an internal demonstration.
  2. (You really shouldnt share stuff without permission.)
  3. Good, it's about time they stopped running them in service.
  4. Hamilton runs all regular trips while Surrey runs a single school special on the 388.
  5. Uhhh, no. It gracefully slid to its side only like 45 degrees. If there was zero frame damage, then it shouldn't take long to repair. Most of the 3 months it was gone was most likely inspection.
  6. The 2021 XDE60s are being commissioned at HTC, so once it arrives at VTC it's pretty much ready to be sent out immediately.
  7. You don't need to guess... because that did happen and will happen again
  8. the units at HTC are there for commissioning, not in revenue servince there. The one's at BTC are likely there for some other reason, not for service.
  9. Interestingly enough, no equipment was taken out.
  10. That would be First Truck Centre on 96 Avenue in Port Kells.
  11. Comissioning. Getting TMAC, and compass/farebox equipment installed, along with plates and insurance.
  12. They don't scratch off the fleet number, they just remove any needed equipment(farebox, TMAC, compass equipment). Usually there'll be a slip or piece of paper noting that the bus is being held for scrap.
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