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  1. 18516 is a FirstTransit unit. Their yard is not far from there, probably there for a tire change or something.
  2. The programming is there on the buses, but the TMAC isn't set up to automatically change to the stacked signs yet. Check next sheet.
  3. The XD40's could've one back to RTC for the summer to give them more A/C.
  4. Yep, the british really know how to simulate rainfall inside...
  5. The LFSe+ comes with a BAE electric system, which is already used on the 2018 Nova HEVs and 2018-2021 XDE60s
  6. Been that way for almost 2 years I think.
  7. To add onto that, while Dennis' T-Comm usually works without issue, it's almost always an issue on TransLinks end when stuff stops working, whether it be due to scheduled maintenance or otherwise.
  8. yea i don't think your laptop can inspect element on its own. You just lost all credibility.
  9. 21006 has been in service, just untrackable due to an unknown reason.
  10. 19503 was not in an MVA, if it was there would be a lot more damage and it wouldn't be fixed in 4 days.... That's just a replacement door, with the plastic still not peeled off.
  11. Considering they're the 2009 Nova LFS HEV's, it's probably to move the ones that are not capable of hills to Vancouver.
  12. And to add on, it wasn't used for any promotional material, only as an internal demonstration.
  13. (You really shouldnt share stuff without permission.)
  14. Good, it's about time they stopped running them in service.
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