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  1. S526 showed up on T-Comm as 1526. The current 1526 on T-Comm is a trolley.
  2. Could it likely be a problem that came up after they reconfigured Lougheed Station?
  3. https://dark.sorrybusfull.com/route/509 probably put under 509 to keep it seperate from the 562 service operated by First Transit.
  4. The 84 recieved a second change, he's saying. A couple of months ago, the 84 said "84 U B C EXPRESS" now it says "84 UBC EXPRESS" with a smaller font. We know that the 44 got the same treatment, we're just wondering if it got its' signs updated for a 2nd time.
  5. Not lost, it's the 22 Knight/Downtown via Industrial https://dark.sorrybusfull.com/block/MF_022031 https://dark.sorrybusfull.com/trip/11913011
  6. It's not, don't assume. It's probably just BO.
  7. 17554 wrapped for HighStreet Abbotsford.
  8. 16512 got into an accident in early 2019 and was subsequently removed from service. It's retired.
  9. Probably for the equipment to reactivate a D40LF.
  10. I messaged a First Transit op, and they said there were two new buses. So it makes sense that 19553/19554 are at First Transit.
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