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  1. It wasn't a refurb, they aren't even 10-13 years old yet. Likely just a headlight retrofit test.
  2. I can add 14014 to that list of '14s with new headlights
  3. Aprroximate location based off of their internal scheduling. It's not actually real time.
  4. It's called a TMAC, and every 2019 XDE60 has one, a few of the 2018s, the Battery Electric Buses, the Decker and few units around the system
  5. Tons of short people...... and luggage
  6. Likely to boot out the final ElDorado Aerotech shuttles?
  7. 19123, 19127 and 19128 also in service today.
  8. I hope it gets a fix to its' sign, from pics I have seen, it looks like about 50% of the LED's are dead.
  9. 19044 and 19046 both wrapped for RapidBus. Spotted at HTC.
  10. No it doesn't, use incidents thread and even then, doesn't belong there
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