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  1. Just a mockup, nothing special. Route number may not be finalized, notice how the pole says Victoria Dr, and the stop number is for SB Wesbrook Mall @ Agronomy Rd.
  2. That and the 503 being an artic route come September. Alongside the 301 going to RTC.
  3. 47 2019 XN40s coming though 9215 to PTC
  4. That only accounts for one of them.
  5. What's 191xx and 192xx used for?
  6. Transferred to STC on the 26th, along with 16050, and 16051.
  7. 8050 NOT RETIRED Parked in active tracks at RTC
  8. Take this into your own Private Messages, this forum is no place for an argument like this, geez.
  9. Ha ha ha, Ad-McWraps
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