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  1. It is the first one. I've been paying close attention to them.
  2. So far, in the 4 days that the route has been operating out of RTC, it has run with 2007 LFS, 2009 LFS, 2016 XD40, 2001 Orion V, 2008 Orion V, 2019 Enviro500, next up is to see an LFS Suburban.
  3. These runs that have short trips on the R5 will run with 40 foot conventional buses. That includes all 44s, and that block that @Vancouvers Trolleys mentioned above.
  4. Could very likely be a BO charger, I've heard that the Marpole one has had issues.
  5. Looks like he was going NIS to/from HTC for a bus change or something, and they had removed a trip so they'd have time to do that.
  6. It's running in service, but two buses are reporting as the same bus, so the data bounces back and forth to whichever gives the update last.
  7. There are times where people hop on at the back and tap, sometimes the front one is borked, sometimes to speed things up, an operator will let people know to tap at the back, which I have seen happen multiple times.
  8. 2015 XDE60s on the R1 is super common.
  9. 21501 in service yesterday 21502 in service today
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