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  1. 30-178 was on highway 520 heading towards Dorval. It did an interesting series of renforts: 777, 24, 711, and 202. In the past few days, this vehicle was running out of Mont-Royal. 27-519 and 40-232 were back to back on the 211-W. One of the buses was 20 minutes late. Similarly, 27-533 and 28-088 were also back to back on the 211-W. Didn't check how late one of the vehicles was.
  2. FleetStats is 2 years old now. I'm so glad to see just how much it has evolved! From the beginning, the goal has always been to automate vehicle data updates while providing meaningful information about an agency's overall fleet. Just recently, I have launched a new page where you can see all information about an agency, in one spot! In addition, you can also view information about how many vehicles have tracked over the past 24 hours. Also, there is a FleetStats integration in Transit Tracker - view garage allocations of STM vehicles (data provided by FleetStats)! This has been created in collaboration with @FelixINX. What's next? Even though the next update may not be released for the next few months, the plan is to: Refine visuals Add the TTC agency One more thing There are multiple ways to communicate with me, including two new methods: Fill in the Google form: https://forms.gle/LZQTsLLtrRVND2Yu6 Send an email to info@fleetstatsapp.com
  3. Last Saturday, MR 30-078 and 30-086 were on the 164 and 64 respectively. Lots of MR 2010 units are scattered between the Anjou, Frontenac, and St-Laurent garages. Today I saw 30-190 and 31-171 parked outside the St-Denis garage.
  4. Spotted the following buses at the Saint-Laurent garage yesterday (hybrid sightings): FR 38-003, SN 39-005, MR 41-074, 42-003, 42-004, and 42-029. 38-072 was also parked with the front completely covered with some kind of sheet. On it was written VGA.
  5. Because of the very warm weather,the driver's union made pressure to get on service as much as possible climatised buses. I checked what buses Anjou dispatched last Sunday and less than 5 buses were diesels. Virtually nothing but hybrids on that day and it was very humid too so the dispatching was very intentionally done! -- Also forgot to mention but last week I took 26-028 on the 150! Has the triple leather seats as @West Island Transit Fan pointed out. Also, the side Axion side was glitching as "En Transit" was misaligned to the bottom instead of the center.
  6. SN 37-099 was on the 164 doing an all day run.
  7. 27-018 was on the 33 yesterday, not tracking again.
  8. 30-098 was on the 174 Friday evening. It hasn't tracked since December 2021!
  9. I passed by CT Saint-Laurent and saw 42-004 there as well. No exterior differences compared to the 41-series so far. Although I wonder: 41-134 was spotted by @MTL66 a few months ago. Has that unit been renumbered perhaps? Opened the thread. -- FR 31-160 was parked outside CT Saint-Laurent.
  10. This thread is for posting sightings of the new STM 42-XXX (Novabus LFS HEV series), whether it has been delivered or spotted in service. A couple of 42-XXX units were already spotted at the Saint-Laurent garage recently, to be entered in service soon. So far, there does not seem to be any exterior differences between the 41-XXX and 42-XXX. At the moment, the number of 42-series that will be delivered to the STM has yet to be confirmed. For a roster of the 42-series, visit FleetStats: https://fleetstatsapp.com/fleet/stm/2022
  11. (Ex-LS/SN/SL and now MR) 30-004 was on the 55 this afternoon. It was on a renfort run. AN 39-076 was on the 51.
  12. 28-120 was on the 209, not tracking. For the whole day, the 209 was exclusively served by 2nd gens.
  13. SN 31-217 was on highway 40 eastbound (around Des Sources). According to its run data, it just came back from the 200 renfort).
  14. SD 30-164 was on the 128 yesterday. I think this is an ex-SN unit as I vaguely remember Stinson having 30-155 to 30-165 back in 2014 or so.
  15. MR 30-057 was on the 128, front destination sign displays "Saint-Lanrent" and is aligned to the left instead of being centered.
  16. SN 37-059 was on the 97. AN 39-048 was parked outside the Saint-Denis garage. Nothing but a wave of blue at Saint-Denis.
  17. SD 31-013 was on the 33 during the PM rush.
  18. Today I rode 0412 on the 26 to Montmorency. I certainly enjoyed riding an ISC again especially since the STM retired all of theirs.
  19. SL 40-163 was on the 11 with what seems to have a new front already (front fleet number in bright blue like 38-080)
  20. May 5: Spotted 31-084 on the 171 not tracking. May 6: SD 31-079 was on the 215, ex-SL bus! 31-121 was En Transit with the non-inverted display.
  21. To add on to this, today I saw 30-814 getting towed at Côte-Vertu/Marlatt (westbound) at around 20:10.
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