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  1. April 15: I took 40-170 on the 215. Today: I took 40-171 on the 215. Interesting coincidence compared to yesterday! 40-170 was on the 170.
  2. 31-070 is a Stinson bus now. It was at LaSalle last year until they moved around their 31s (some going to Stinson). I have a web application called FleetStats which displays the latest garage allocations for the STM (link is in my signature). I cannot confirm if all drivers are trained to drive them. Also, I examined the trip data and it seems that 29-009 got changed off for 37-069 so it's likely that the bus came from Stinson and the SD driver signed in, making 37-069 appear on a SD run. Here is the tracking history for both buses: https://gtfstools.site/trackingHistory.php?
  3. There's a backend issue with my web host currently which is leading to timeouts, hence why you see this page. I can't do anything on my side to fix the issue so all we can do at the moment is wait (or refresh the page). Sorry about the inconvenience!
  4. April 8: 31-057 was on the 164 school extra running out of Stinson. 28-090 was on the 225. 28-088, 090-093 have been tracking on Saint-Laurent routes for the past few days now. Frontenac's 39-024 was on the 171. Rode on Azur trainset 10-63, the train conductor drove the train in manual mode so it was a very interesting experience (I'd say it was a more smoother ride). Today: Frontenac's oldest bus 26-021 was on the 715. LaSalle's 29-134 was on the 15 Mont-Royal extra.
  5. No idea, but it could be like 39-147 and 40-112 and enter service at a much later date. - 40-203 was on the 128 last weekend. Also saw 40-911 on Décarie yesterday.
  6. 40-215 was on the 215 today . 40-240 was on the 427 running out of LS. The destination sign on the front displayed "Saint-Joseph" in skinny letters. 27-511 was on the 15 running out of MR.
  7. I had the pleasure of taking 24-301 on the 16 today!
  8. FR (ex-SL) 38-028 was on the 215. 40-116 was parked outside the Côte-Vertu terminus. The exterior fleet numbers on the right side of the bus is smaller than what you'd typically see on the other 40 series hybrids. Also it's missing a chevron on the right rearmost window.
  9. I noticed that too when I first saw some consecutive LS units as inactive. Roughly 82% of their fleet is currently active at the moment which is lower than what we would usually see! -- I saw a bunch of hybrids parked outside Prévost facility. One of them has the full rooftop configuration. I didn't get a chance to see the buses up close so I don't know what the fleet numbers are.
  10. LS 28-050 was on the 215. This was one of the only 2nd gens I saw at Côte-Vertu in the evening. 31-822 was on the 470. 36-033 was on the 15 running out of MR.
  11. 27-518 was on the 47. 36-023 was on the 51. There were also lots of ex-SN 2016s on the 51. FR 31-181 was on the 164. The chevrons are completely missing on the windows and the bell was quite loud. LS 28-050 was on the 170.
  12. Ex-SL 28-090 was on the 216 running out of Legendre. 30-145 was on the 121 school extra running out of Stinson.
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