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  1. Unfortunately, FleetStats has been taken down by my host due to increased resource demand. I hope to restore the website some time tonight or during the weekend. In the meantime, you can use Transit Tracker by Felix or GTFS Tools by Gerbil!
  2. 27-526 was ET on Henri-Bourassa turning left to Marcel-Laurin. Presumably it just came back from doing the 135.
  3. 27-526 was on the 171 LE extra during the AM rush, not tracking. 30-008 was on the 171 also not tracking during the PM rush. Spotted quite a few Legendre buses parked outside CT Saint-Laurent: 28-065, 31-123, 31-235, 31-236
  4. 30-203 was on the 171 Legendre extra. A few weeks ago I spotted 30-237 outside CT Saint-Laurent with large front exterior fleet numbers.
  5. 31-050, 114, 150 and many other LE 31-XXX were parked outside CT Saint-Laurent.
  6. This morning: I saw 28-072 and 28-118 on the 171 both doing 171 SL extras. This evening: 28-092 was on the 171 LE extra. 27-016 was on the 121 industrial run (operated by SD). 28-042 was on the 121 school run (operated by LE).
  7. Anjou's 28-002 was on the 64, it has both the Faraday acoustic and the electronic bells.
  8. 31-047, 050, 074, and 144 were parked outside CT Saint-Laurent. Funny that despite the buses SL sent to LE, SL hasn't dispatched those loaners from LE.
  9. 30-842 was on the 470, the ride was really smooth and the bus sounded excellent especially on the highway! 39-002 was on the 202 SN extra.
  10. 36-007 was on the 49, not tracking and probably running out of Anjou. 27-528 and 31-216 (Stinson extra) were on the 469.
  11. Today was the first day for 41-062. I spotted it during PM rush at Henri-Bourassa métro doing the 49 MR extra! The front and side destination side only uses one "screen" to display the full route name so no transitions necessary (similar to the 51).
  12. Legendre's 31-092 was on the 475. Just the other day I was thinking about how SL had no loans for a while - until today! 29-042 was on the 121I SD extra.
  13. 38-052 was on the 470 renfort this morning. I saw a BYD parked outside CT SL with the sign displaying "En Transit".
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