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  1. 26-042 was on the 425. 31-071 was on the 411. The '1's at the rear fleet number are in blue.
  2. 40-001 was on the 201. 40-010, 057 and 060 were all parked outside CT Saint-Laurent. I rode on 40-042 on the 405 (first 40-XXX ride)! Some observations: The destination sign at the front displays either bold or 'narrow' text (the narrow text resembles to the font found on the Axion signs for the 2005 Nova LFS), but the bus number remains bold. The green light for the rear door is much smaller and emits a 'green-cyan' color as opposed to a lime color.
  3. 22-275 was on the 196. SN 24-221 was on the 64. LE 24-269 was on the 170.
  4. LE 31-035 was on the 171 (LE extra). LE 31-115 was on the 170. 31-220 and 38-038 were on the 470.
  5. SL or SN 31-108 was on the 174 this morning. LE 31-032 and 31-120 were both on the 171 back-to-back this evening.
  6. This morning: AN 24-238 was on the 171 (possibly an AN extra) This evening: LE 24-264 was on the 170, while their 29-845 was on the 470 SN 24-241 was on the 64 SN 31-194 was on the 202 school extra
  7. 22-215 is still up and running. It's on the 225 running out of SL! The bus body is fading into a beige color.
  8. LE 31-120 and SN 37-036 were on the 170. LE 31-205 was on the 171. 38-100 was being towed at Terminus Côte-Vertu.
  9. Yesterday: SN 24-222 and FR 39-020 were on the 18. Today: 28-052 was on the 164 this afternoon. 37-042 broke down on the 171-W.
  10. Your Transit Tracker app is excellent. I love how the UI looks in the beta version (it is a major improvement from the previous version). I noticed that when I compare the two Transit Trackers (GitHub and the one in beta), I noticed that there is a difference in the total number of items for the tables (list of buses tracking). For instance, in GitHub there are a total of 1092 items, whereas the beta version only has 727 items.
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