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  1. Rode on 40-177 and 40-191 today. Both buses had a missing flip seat. It seems to be more common to find flip seats missing on hybrids from different series...
  2. Indeed, there are many vehicles particularly in the 26-27 series that are marked as inactive. Right now I cannot confirm which of those vehicles have been retired so they will stay with the inactive status. Wouldn't be surprised if most if not all are retired (but not always the case as @MTL66 mentioned). Once I have the up to date information from a reputable source, I will update the statuses. Keep in mind that I follow strict criteria before updating information such as the vehicle status.
  3. 30-231 was on the 170. The 0 is in italic. 30-244 was on the 75. This unit went from Saint-Laurent to Frontenac, then was sent to Anjou for a bit then returned back to Frontenac. Possibly a Frontenac bus now.
  4. 28-132 was on the 121-O this evening at Côte-Vertu doing what seems like a trip starting at Sauvé. It always comes from the 180 SL extra.
  5. 30-227 was on the 215 not tracking since March 15.
  6. 28-042 was on the 64 not tracking since the morning.
  7. 31-035 was on the 215 today, which wasn't tracking for a few days.
  8. As @austinhuang mentioned, the newer signs don't use distinct colors for the 400-700 routes. There are still (many) "old" signs which show the express routes in green. But moving forward, new bus signs use the regular blue color for the 400 and 700 series routes (with the exception of the 747 at the airport and maybe Lionel-Groulx, as they use a green and pink color to denote the two "types" of trips). So far I haven't seen new signs with a Navette Or line. With regards to the service itself, there was a schedule for those routes previously (IIRC the 263 would operate Mondays-Wednesdays-Fridays), but when attempting to view the schedules of those particular routes on the STM website, a message appears that service is suspended indefinitely.
  9. Indeed, the STM went to every stop with a frequent line to paste over the purple stickers back around the start of the autumn board period. In your picture, you could see the old 10 min max border behind the ligne frequente sticker on the right side. Personally, I don't think the purple color chosen looks good on the STM signs. It looks out of place with the STM's color scheme. I would have preferred a more lighter hue. One good thing though is you will be able to tell from afar whether the stop is served by a frequent line.
  10. 28-018 was on the 215 yesterday without the sticker for the best agency of 2010. I noticed that more and more STM buses don't have that sticker now. Any reason why the STM is choosing to remove them on all buses instead of leaving it?
  11. Triangle symbols are still being used to denote terminal stops. Rush-hour only routes have small text on the sign denoting that service is offered Monday to Friday during a specified time range. It is also worth noting that previously, colors on the bus signs would also be used to denote the different types of bus networks. For example, green for EXPRESS routes and purple for special shuttle services, Now with the STM's "Lignes fréquentes" program, purple is used to denote lines part of the program. Moving forward, new signs for the EXPRESS and shuttle services use the same color as found on the regular routes (blue) while night routes still preserve the black color.
  12. 30-233 was on the 75 this evening. It hasn't tracked since last week.
  13. I could not find any information about replacing the Artics. The 2024 budget does not mention new Artic acquisitions so the STM will most likely use the existing Artics to the max. -- Anjou's 30-194 was on the 715. Saint-Denis' 31-087 was on one of the express routes at Lionel Groulx.
  14. 37-031 was on the 171 at Côte-Vertu around 17:15, not tracking since February 26.
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