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  1. SD 31-087 also invades SL territory. It was on the 215.
  2. Same thing with 28-047 which was on the 211.
  3. 29-091 was on the 211 with the new rear-view driver mirror. It seems that many LS buses are being retrofitted with the new mirror.
  4. 30-020 also has the new rear-view mirror. -- Former SL 31-079 was on the 170 N. Great to see it back on SL territory!
  5. MR rocket 26-085 and SN 31-197 were both on the 211. SD 29-054 was on the 202.
  6. I saw a couple of 40-XXX buses parked outside Prévost Montréal (boul. Hymus) close to the REM tracks. One of the buses was 40-075.
  7. 06/08: SN 24-297 was on the 201 with the new card reader on the front. 06/09: I passed by Prévost Montréal again and saw 40-074 parked outside. I couldnt tell if it had the full rooftop or not. 37-013 was parked outside with its "back lid" on the rear top open. It looked burnt, so it could of been fire damage.
  8. I have a web app called FleetStats which serves the same purpose as @West Island Transit Fan's spreadsheet, but automates the update process of gathering bus information. It's currently in beta mode though so as @Gerbil mentioned, WITF's spreadsheet contains the most up to date information about buses (the wiki is really outdated, like years outdated!)
  9. SN 33-844 was on the 121 with 'chauffeur en formation'.
  10. Welcome aboard! Glad to have a new member arrive! At the moment I don't know where exactly the rear number display will be positioned. When the new batch of hybrids of arrive, we'll see what changes have been made.
  11. 29-067, 30-050, 31-182 and 36-019 were all parked outside CT Saint-Laurent. 31-105 and 31-135 were on the 174 back to back. I was also watching the news and saw that 38-076 was being used as a mobile clinic unit in Northern Montréal.
  12. These buses are ideal for a mobile clinic as it is easier to do a thorough cleaning of these buses since they have plastic seats as opposed to the cushion ones. There is also more open space in the new layout of these buses.
  13. I also hope the 485 doesn't get cut, although not because of the REM, but because it offers a convenient link between Fairview and downtown Montréal (faster than the 202->211 and 470->metro options). I'm glad the STM decided to cancel the coach bus lease. Now there would be more room to store the new hybrids part of the order for 300 buses (although it's not expected that they'll come any time soon with the current context).
  14. April 24: SD 29-049 is on the 117 April 25: 31-053 was parked outside CT SL with new fleet number stickers on the rear window (I think this was the bus with the choppy fleet numbers)
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