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  1. LE 30-204 is parked outside CT Saint-Laurent.
  2. I am pleased to announce that phase 2 has been completed, and the update has been pushed to FleetStats! The key added features include: Dark mode - Looks very beautiful especially at night Table view - View information about the fleet all in a more condensed format. It also brings back memories of @West Island Transit Fan's spreadsheet! Sorting - Now you can sort buses by fleet number, last active date, and route! Bus page - View additional information about buses such as its notes and additional information about its last route. With the new features and enhanced UI, it is more simpler to use FleetStats! Note: Because of the systems outage at the STM, FleetStats cannot retrieve live bus data. As a result, the data on FleetStats is not up to date. Data will come from sightings from people (the old fashioned way).
  3. 37-006 was on the 164, most likely a Stinson extra. 37-040 was on the 100 school run.
  4. 22-325, 333, and 365 are all parked outside CT Saint-Laurent on the Guenette side. 24-218 and 24-222 were on the 103 and 160 respectively. 24-271 was on the 164 (probably a Legendre extra).
  5. 40-164, 200, 202 and 205 were parked outside CT SL. A small change I noticed in the new 40-XXX is that the fleet number on the exterior side is slightly shorter than the ones found in the older hybrids (2019 or before).
  6. 22-365 and a 40X were parked outside CT SL on the Guenette side. 24-217 was also there with the back vent opened.
  7. There was also smartassness yesterday as 36-051 was on the 51 too
  8. 10/14: 31-221 was on the 121-W 10/15: 31-206 was on the 170 with the bike rack, LE extra. The sign showed "En Transit" followed by "Navette gratuite". 37-055 was also on the 170, also an SN extra 37-078 was on the 468, SN extra
  9. For now the new 40-1XX are assigned to Saint-Laurent. Although at the beginning Saint-Laurent had a few 40-series hybrids but sent them to LaSalle. Also Legendre is supposed to receive hybrids although they're not ready to receive them just yet. The Legendre garage expansion is also scheduled to be completed by the end of the year so maybe some 40-XXX will be transferred from both LaSalle and Saint-Laurent to Legendre. -- Saw 40-156 on the 70. Here's a (blurry) picture of it:
  10. There is a lot of 40-1XX parked at CT Saint-Laurent. In general, there were a few 40-14X, 15X, and a lot of buses between 40-17X to 19X. The highest fleet number I saw was 40-198. Also spotted 40-157 on the 177 (warning: the picture is blurry).
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