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  1. 27-524 was on the 485 E this morning. I saw 30-228 with turning signals on the mirror.
  2. Not the doors found on the diesels, but the ones found in the 2019 hybrids. --- Yesterday: 37-024 was on the 16 with FR stickers.
  3. Soon we'll find an LFS arctic tracking in the arctic! How funny would that be? 😆
  4. @West Island Transit Fan I like your new spreadsheet layout; the design is nice and compact! The only comment I have is that the route specifiers can get a bit cramped. For instance, I looked at the 2005 spreadsheet and the route column displays 90EMR for 25-233. Perhaps you can add a space or dash to make the route easier to read (ex: 90E-MR, 90E MR, 90-E MR). Overall, awesome spreadsheet! --- Anjou's 28-093 was on the 164 W.
  5. Anjou's 30-163 was on the 215 this evening.
  6. I rode 38-054 on the 215 today. The A/C wasn't on (and it was noon)... 24-274 was on the 216 this evening. 38-096 was on the 215 with no fleet number on the rear window.
  7. This morning I saw many bus drivers on training at Côte-Vertu metro. I saw one on the 121, 174 and 470. I also saw two other bus drivers in training roaming around the area.
  8. I thought 125 buses are supposed to be delivered this year (unless that number changed), and not 150.
  9. Rocket bus 27-014 was on the 121 E today.
  10. Given that the STM painted three buses in the 21-2XX and 22-XXX series, perhaps they'll paint three buses in the 23-2XX series (this is just my prediction) or maybe paint three other buses in the 22-XXX series (since the STM painted buses in the oldest series)!
  11. Yesterday: 22-387 was on the 164 E. 22-396 was on the 171.
  12. Anjou's 29-008 was on the 164 E yesterday afternoon. 27-530 was on the 405 E.
  13. 27-528 was on the 171 E. 31-108 was on the 475 W. The back window did not have the fleet number. Stinson's 31-216 was on the 64 N.
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