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  1. Version 2.1 has recently been pushed onto FleetStats: A new statistic has been added: Active streaks. View how long a vehicle has been active between reactivation and it's last active date! The STO and STS have been added for a total of 5 supported agencies. Added ranks to the agency page, where you can view the top 10 reactivated vehicles as well as top 10 inactive vehicles. Polished user interface. Bug fixes and corrections. If you notice any data that needs to be corrected on FleetStats, let me know!
  2. 30-816 was on the 121 today. It arrived to Côte-Vertu station about 6 minutes late and was pretty packed (especially for a Sunday).
  3. 30-021 was on the 171 tonight, not tracking since November 2022.
  4. Version 2.0 More tools, more flexibility, more better! I am pleased to announce that version 2.0 has been released! At the same there, the new update for @FelixINX's app Transit Tracker has also been released! New: Options for fleet, archive, snapshot, and garage pages: Filters: Select vehicles by make/model, garage, and/or status. Could be used for when you only want to see a list of all active 2006 vehicles remaining Tip: For a fleet that is currently being retired (ex: STM 2006), filter the page by active vehicles to see which vehicles are still remaining! Views: Fleet, archive, snapshot pages: View statistics by garage or by make/model. Garage page: Change how vehicles are sorted either by year or by make/model. New agency: TTC The Toronto Transit Commission is now available on FleetStats to the public! TTC vehicle data has been collected since September and monitored so that appropriate adjustments can be made to the back-end. Note that as it is still a fairly new agency to FleetStats, data will continue to be monitored and as such data is not 100% accurate. External links in vehicle pages: In addition to the external link to GTFS Tools, FleetStats now has links that take you to: Transit Tracker Transsee A new links layout has been added. New home page: Completely redesigned home page to be more open, flexible, and modern! Greater detail of FleetStats as well as some pictures to compliment the site. Announcements have a dedicated modal window which shows much more detail. Changes: Navigation bar is now centered for better alignment with the pages. Updated styles of page controls (buttons, checkboxes). Page banners (for archive mode, snapshot mode, etc.) have a wider clickable area. Removed page banner for the retrospection page. Refined settings layout: Sunset and sunrise times are also shown. Added agency colors. Cleaned up the UI. The reactivation date will now stay displayed even after 7 days following reactivation. Added modal window in the garage page for controls such as the garage switcher and view select in the garage page. Agency page design updated to be more consistent with the site. Added vehicle counts by garage for loans in the agency page. Minor adjustments to garage vehicles layout. Updated texts and descriptions throughout the site in both English and French. Version number added to footer. Other: Bug fixes and corrections. Snapshot 2022 is here for the STM! Snapshots for STL and TTC will be available before the end of this year. There is also an API available on FleetStats. It contains the current vehicles of an agency. Right now it is available for the STM. If you wish to use it, here is the link (in JSON format): https://fleetstatsapp.com/api/vehicles/stm If the site looks weird, be sure to clear your cache and cookies as many files have been updated or moved. Happy holidays, and here's to 2023 with a new era in transit viewing!
  5. 38-051 was on the 470 doing a renfort yesterday during PM rush.
  6. Last Friday, I saw a New Flyer on the 213 with "St-Laurent" being displayed in tiny text (like Antoine-Faucon on the 485). I hope the STM modifies the display text so that it uses an optimized or efficient size.
  7. 30-824 was parked on Thimens (close to Beaulac) with emergency lights on. I thought it broke down but when checking the tracker it was at the east end already. Also noticed that every 2 weeks, there`s at least one Artic (most likely for the 121) that breaks down on Côte-Vertu boulevard. Might not sound like a lot, but seems that some Artics can`t handle all day runs.
  8. MR 30-078 was on the 68, hasn't tracked for about a month.
  9. MR 30-003 was on the 70 this evening. It's been at SL for over a month now!
  10. Yesterday: 30-068 was on the 164. Since the start of the Fall board period, many MR 30-0XX have been at Saint-Laurent. Perhaps the mileage of those buses are so low they have to go to Saint-Laurent to rack up mileage (especially since the routes are longer and there are all-day runs). Ex-SL/AN/SD 28-095 was on the 225 on the Legendre extra!
  11. 30-178 was on highway 520 heading towards Dorval. It did an interesting series of renforts: 777, 24, 711, and 202. In the past few days, this vehicle was running out of Mont-Royal. 27-519 and 40-232 were back to back on the 211-W. One of the buses was 20 minutes late. Similarly, 27-533 and 28-088 were also back to back on the 211-W. Didn't check how late one of the vehicles was.
  12. FleetStats is 2 years old now. I'm so glad to see just how much it has evolved! From the beginning, the goal has always been to automate vehicle data updates while providing meaningful information about an agency's overall fleet. Just recently, I have launched a new page where you can see all information about an agency, in one spot! In addition, you can also view information about how many vehicles have tracked over the past 24 hours. Also, there is a FleetStats integration in Transit Tracker - view garage allocations of STM vehicles (data provided by FleetStats)! This has been created in collaboration with @FelixINX. What's next? Even though the next update may not be released for the next few months, the plan is to: Refine visuals Add the TTC agency Filters for viewing the fleet pages One more thing There are multiple ways to communicate with me, including two new methods: Fill in the Google form: https://forms.gle/LZQTsLLtrRVND2Yu6 Send an email to info@fleetstatsapp.com
  13. Last Saturday, MR 30-078 and 30-086 were on the 164 and 64 respectively. Lots of MR 2010 units are scattered between the Anjou, Frontenac, and St-Laurent garages. Today I saw 30-190 and 31-171 parked outside the St-Denis garage.
  14. Spotted the following buses at the Saint-Laurent garage yesterday (hybrid sightings): FR 38-003, SN 39-005, MR 41-074, 42-003, 42-004, and 42-029. 38-072 was also parked with the front completely covered with some kind of sheet. On it was written VGA.
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