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  1. MR 30-057 was on the 128, front destination sign displays "Saint-Lanrent" and is aligned to the left instead of being centered.
  2. SN 37-059 was on the 97. AN 39-048 was parked outside the Saint-Denis garage. Nothing but a wave of blue at Saint-Denis.
  3. SD 31-013 was on the 33 during the PM rush.
  4. Today I rode 0412 on the 26 to Montmorency. I certainly enjoyed riding an ISC again especially since the STM retired all of theirs.
  5. SL 40-163 was on the 11 with what seems to have a new front already (front fleet number in bright blue like 38-080)
  6. May 5: Spotted 31-084 on the 171 not tracking. May 6: SD 31-079 was on the 215, ex-SL bus! 31-121 was En Transit with the non-inverted display.
  7. To add on to this, today I saw 30-814 getting towed at Côte-Vertu/Marlatt (westbound) at around 20:10.
  8. 31-162 was on the 125, not tracking and it already has the bike rack installed. Spotted 30-005 at the Dorval terminus, no luggage racks as expected.
  9. 30-096 was on the 141 this afternoon, the bus stopped tracking earlier in the morning. MR 30-068 was on the 49.
  10. Here's some more evidence: last year I rode 37-021 on the 171 and it made some weird whiny noise while moving (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kskTnodWlfw). It's also like this on 38-050 and this is a SL bus! I also rode a 37-0XX on the 164 SN last autumn, on idle there was some kind of fan noise which was really loud. I dunno, at this point the STM is just sending scattered buses (sometimes in small random ranges) to whatever CT has the space for more buses. You probably won't like SD with their very scattered buses haha. Your wish will come true... in about 5 years!
  11. The 14:09 215-O departure (LE extra) from Côte-Vertu was not tracking last Friday. Turned out to be 41-089 .
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