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  1. Yesterday: 24-236 was on the 171 E. Today: 27-027 was on the 460. I saw a 29-XXX on the 405, which broke down on A20.
  2. I saw STL 9806 on boulevard Marcel-Laurin today!
  3. I saw 31-187 on the 468. Work on expanding CT Saint-Laurent has already started! There is a new car parking lot for the STM employees situated between the traffic bounds at Thimens. The old parking lot inside the center is probably going to be repaved and used as bus space.
  4. The mirror I'm referring to is the one found inside the buses (the rectangular mirror as opposed to the new square mirror). Apologies for the confusion!
  5. 38-080 is on the 202 with the Novabus logo missing on the front. 38-089 is on the 215 with the old bus driver mirror.
  6. Yesterday: Anjou's 39-089 was on the 16. 37-051 was on the 128 with FR stickers. Today: 37-015 was on the 470.
  7. LaSalle's 32-031 was parked outside CT Saint-Laurent. I saw one of Mont-Royal's 30-05X on the 411. LaSalle's 29-117 was on the 213.
  8. 22-380 was on the 211. It's rare to see a 2002 novabus on a LaSalle route.
  9. 22-281 was on the 202 yesterday. I saw 22-338 parked at CT Saint-Laurent. The rear window was shattered.
  10. Saint-Laurent's 28-024 was on the 425 yesterday.
  11. Today I saw the following buses at CT Saint-Laurent: Frontenac's 38-015 Mont-Royal's 30-077. This bus is missing a few parts at the rear. Anjou's 30-219. Perhaps CT Saint-Laurent will receive more diesel buses when Anjou gets more hybrids.
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