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  1. Agree. Comment was removed. I would still like to hear peoples' thoughts and comments on the topic and I believe I had made many valid comments for dogs not being allowed, especially when the dog owners don't pay for their fare. The idea is not to criticize every single comment from the author since there were many other valid comments. The idea is to state what people actually think about allowing dogs on trains that are not in a crater and not paying for their fare. I just find it very odd that everyone agrees with this or people just don't care. This is what happened with allowing dog
  2. The priority for Go Transit is the paying customer and you are suggesting that the paying customer move to another car so the dog can travel for free. Since you feel that people are only going to take their dogs to the vet or somewhere important, then pay for the fare of the dog so that other people that will be taking their dogs for leisure or a visit will be discouraged from taking their dogs on the train. Please state why dog owners should not have to pay for the fare if the dog is not in a crater. I have not heard one single reason for justifying that the dogs should travel for free. W
  3. I am sorry. This comment was inappropriate and I removed it. I have just posted another comment that stayed on topic that people can respond to with valid and serious comments. I really would like to hear what people think because it is surprising to me that most people would want the dogs on the train, especially for free. There are many more people that don't have dogs and don't want to be near dogs. This does not mean that they hate dogs or do not respect the rights of people that have dogs but the people with dogs need to respect and understand that the majority of people would not w
  4. This is a discussion forum and I believe my comments were valid. We will find out if this dog pilot program is successful and if people actually take their dogs to the trains and how many people complain. This is upsetting to me because they want to accommodate dogs but they neglect all the people that don't want to be around dogs or have issues with dogs. You cannot start a pilot program without due diligence and doing surveys and asking people if this is acceptable to them. They need to find out what the majority of their customers want. I am not personally going to invest a lot of tim
  5. On a subway, the subway stops every few minutes and they can exit a dog that is misbehaving. On a train, you can be stuck with a misbehaved dog for 15 minutes. You are stuck on that train and there is nowhere to go. Do they allow dogs on a plane with the passengers? Why should they be allowed on a train?
  6. You have to admit this is funny. I cannot stop laughing at my own comment. I am just envisioning walking in a train and being surrounded by dogs. It just seems so funny that this is what they came up with to increase ridership. The most obvious problem is parking. You cannot get parking during non peak hours because they are already taken up by 8am. They can arrange with malls and businesses near by to allow for more parking. They can have lower fares during non-peak hours which may even persuade some working people to take a later train. They can allow free subway tickets for those tak
  7. The dogs can be in the lower deck and hopefully there will be seats available in the upper deck but I still have to deal with dogs when exiting and entering the train. This dog pilot is not a good business proposition and GO transit is not going to make any profit from this unless the dog owner pays for the fare like they should. The purpose of GO transit is to make a profit so they can be pay for new infrastructure and not help dog lovers and upset existing customers or lose some customers. If dogs in condos create problems, then dogs in trains will have more problems. If a train is ever s
  8. I agree with you but maybe it's a lazy way to get people to complain to Go transit. I can get a petition started but that would take a tremendous amount of time and I don't want to be personally attacked by some dog lovers. The only way to reason with people is to write everything down so people can understand. I don't think I'm repetitive because I explained many reasons why dogs do not belong on Go trains without a crater. Go transit should not start a pilot program without doing surveys and asking people what they think. I am not going to go on and on about all this but people that don
  9. Dogs are not like backpacks. Dogs move and bark and can possibly make a mess with hair and poop. Dogs can take up more space than a person. Dog owners must pay for their ticket just like you pay for extra luggage when you travel. You do know that you are only allowed so much luggage when taking the VIA. If the train is packed because there is an event, I don't want to stand and be sniffed by a dog. If any accident happens, who is going to pay for my dry cleaning bill? People have rights as well and dog owners should be sensitive to that. If I don't want a dog in my house, I have a righ
  10. Your answer is rational and logical but I don't agree. There are other ways to transport your dog and you can use a crater since it is allowed now. This is the purpose of craters to make sure that the dog does not move around and bother other passengers. People have no choice but to take the trains with today's traffic. They have a right not to sit beside a dog or be sniffed by a dog. Of course, one dog can cause havoc on a train but the probability that a person will do that is much lower. If GO transit wants to increase ridership, then they should allow a friend for free and the riders
  11. Yes, some people should be banned as well but people pay for their fare. Dogs will take up more space, hence the dog owners should pay twice the fare instead of nothing. I was thinking of creating a petition to allow everyone to pay no fare during non-peak hours. If they will allow the dogs with no tickets, then people should not pay as well. I don't understand why dogs have better privileges than people. Can you imagine if i'm eating something and some passenger with a dog sits beside me and the dog starts barking at me. If they want to increase ridership, then they should
  12. I totally disagree with allowing dogs on Go transit. The ridership will not increase. There are many people that cannot get a seat which is a problem for elderly people or people with medical conditions. There are people that are allergic to dogs or afraid of dogs. Most dogs are noisy and they bark. How do you stop them? If something happens with a dog, do they stop the train and cause more delays? It is absolutely unfair that the dog owners would not have to pay for a ticket. People that do not get a seat pay for a ticket. If I have to pay $25 per day for my go transit fare, I don't
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