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  1. If I can add to that, it’s probably because of brand image. For example, when an Emirates Boeing 777-200ER A6-EMF retired, they stripped the Emirates logo for the reason of not wanting the average public to know where it’s heading to (ie the scrapyard in the really hot Mojave desert). I think it is a similar case with TTC.
  2. One I get me car back from being fixed up (I hate winters), I'll keep an eye out for these units. So do you use a Milwaukee drill and sand the numbers off or do you use a sharp razor blade to scratch them off like a lottery ticket?
  3. You can easily over feed these fish. (Sometimes frozen green peas work as a laxative) Also, the PH level in the water has to be ideal. If they get constipated, they usually float to the top for a day until nature takes it’s course.
  4. If they charter 8058, it’d be fun if people wore period clothing for it.
  5. I think in the Maroon Cream colour if all goes well.
  6. I remember 8058 was only supposed to be used as a parts bus then off to the scrap heap because of the deterioration from Halton. 2444 and 7575 are next to each other at Hillcrest.
  7. Idk how long 1683 is going to have before being chopped into 1,683 pieces.
  8. I’ll probably check Langilles again on Sunday to see what new has arrived. *Next Sunday
  9. Seems like musical chairs and twister is happening with bus allocations.
  10. Scotty Kilmer's solution to lemon electric buses: get rid of them and get a bunch of 94 Celicas.
  11. Speaking of sightings, I came back from the junkyard to replace my Corolla’s door handle and around Myrtle Road in Whitby, I saw one of the TTC Orion’s VII NG hybrid being towed today most likely to Langilles. Idk the number since it was 100ft away from where I was and the truck was turning left.
  12. Interesting theory. But then again there are so many 7900’s to pull panels from instead. Retired buses.
  13. Ohhh baby... Jks, any other buses there? Langilles didn’t have many of them there yet and no sign of the two gray bread boxes (ES 1 and 4)
  14. Buses at scrapyard that I saw were TTC 1768 (pictured here), 7233, 7092, and 9428 (pictured as well) believe it or not.
  15. I really am going to miss these very much. It's very iconic to Toronto.
  16. Right now, 7575 is chilling at the side of Davenport garage as the ring leader in front of them Ford Pickups. *Edit* Now she is next to 9003 I believe.
  17. If things go swell next week, I’ll keep my eye out for 1771 and 1810. RIP Thou shalt giveth thy Hybrid a chance to do a route up in the skies. 1: Lithium’s: 23
  18. 1384 is back at Wilson based on transsee but Idk, I haven’t in the flesh for a while.
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