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  1. That's because cats have taken over, I've seen them in carriers and they make the cutests meows and memes. :3 Now if it's a service dog, I don't know if by law they have to let Gabe the borker aboard.
  2. Oh yeah, walked in the middle of the road way and took the photo while causing a jam. I do that on freeways as well and I only went to the hospital 9 times. (I'm being sarcastic) NO DUDE, I have common sense, I was on the taxi island and I took the picture avoiding the bar ends so I was not in the bus lane because A. I don't want to die and B. I don't want to be in a wheelchair. @PCC Guy THANK YOU
  3. I thank you all for understanding. I want to do everything to preserve her and I know I'll probably get roasted for it but Idc, I will try. (Sorry for get off topic in this forum, will resume to topic)
  4. Great News, 7575 is still kicking and was on 24A Victoria Park.
  5. Yes Senpai, it should have been posted in the sightings so please disregard the post.
  6. Attention everyone, I have good news, 7575 is still kicking. She was on 24A Victoria Park today.
  7. My apologies, that should have been in the sightings/movement forum, please disregard and calm down bro.
  8. This might shed some light on why 7575 is still rollin' around the block. I had many personal issues and disagreements and I needed a happy place to go to. Some have a favourite tree in the park, some have a secret hideout in an abandoned house, mine was 7575. Basically I wait until she arrives and I listen to certain music when aboard. I written several letters to the TTC about preservation and I am not the type to give up easily. You can say "okay it's just a bus, relax, what's the point of that, it's not financially feasible lol". Well, I see where that viewpoint comes from in terms of efficiency but I am writing my letters in terms of sentimental value. I know this sounds corny but 7575 is more than just a bus, it's a piece of a memory that I want to keep. My old house is gone, things I cherish are slowly disappearing, Logan Paul is still famous, etc... My ultimate wish would be a fan charter of her in Los Angeles. Thanks for the read.
  9. (NOT saying this is true or confirmed) When I passed by Kennedy, I had not seen 7575 but instead bus 8652 in it's place and I searched up bus 8652 on transsee and it showed up as 504 but on Morningside for some reason. So I am speculating that 8652 is 7575 because of the glitch. Or 7575 is being experimented on by another life form from another planet. I agree with Shemar, you don't know that for sure. I definitely hope NOT.
  10. (This is SPECULATION and I am NOT confirming anything) When I was at Kennedy today, I saw 8652 instead of 7575, and when I searched up 8652, it was on 504 but at Morningside for some reason. So it sounds quite absurd, but 8652 could be 7575. I went by Eglinton garage, she wasn't there, Birchmount I couldn't see well but 7575 has the exhaust pipe a little more off kilter than the other buses (kind of like 7650 and 7545).
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