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  1. Right now, 7575 is chilling at the side of Davenport garage as the ring leader in front of them Ford Pickups. *Edit* Now she is next to 9003 I believe.
  2. If things go swell next week, I’ll keep my eye out for 1771 and 1810. RIP Thou shalt giveth thy Hybrid a chance to do a route up in the skies. 1: Lithium’s: 23
  3. 1384 is back at Wilson based on transsee but Idk, I haven’t in the flesh for a while.
  4. I don't see the Novabuses and 7808 anymore so they are most likely in pieces. The two Orion VII NG Hybrids I saw were 1585 (right) and 1567 (Left) and an Orion V 70xx/94xx on top of the scrap pile next to a white Orion V unmarked. Oh, I also threw in a coach from Greyhound but that is what I saw the day before yesterday. (Photos taken were all on a road OPEN to the public. I did NOT trespass into the property)
  5. It pertains to the discussion of a retired VII whereabout which this thread is. Now granted spamming it of location is silly, but I don’t believe he is doing that.
  6. Excuse me woman, I don’t wear tin foil hats. I wear spaghetti colanders! They seem to be making the new buses replaceable rather than repairable. (On Topic: Langille photos to come)
  7. If this is true, it has been a real great treat to have one of these buses survive this long. Life happens, all I can hope for is a miracle so I still have a slither of hope. She served Toronto well. I think we can all agree (well, most of us) that we enjoyed riding 7575.
  8. I want to see what happens. So I ain’t rushing to judgement. They even said 8058 was going to be chopped up. I’ll check the scrapyard this week or next.
  9. I could ask the same about 2252 in the 90’s.
  10. Or sidelining her for now. Rn, 7575 enjoying a neighbourhood BBQ. I can smell it off of Christie.
  11. Let’s assume the positive that it could be needing some work done.
  12. For the windshield, I'd imagine PPG/PGW, Asahi, Pilkington, LOF could remake one since getting a windshield out of another bus might be difficult. I failed extracting windshields out of a Corolla with a cold knife. (Damn thing cracks if you put too much pressure on the glass) Now, back on topic, I will make a pit stop next week to Langilles to see if more diebrids. come by from TTC or any other transit agencies.
  13. I tend to agree especially if they have no knowledge on themselves on how to repair vehicles. I ain’t gonna trust a tanning salon to fix an Allison transmission. Plus I’d imagine most OEM if not all for the RTS are discontinued anyways.
  14. You could get a Cargobob from GTA V and lift it out to Sandy Shores airfield. On a serious note, while the stance of Langilles is the vehicles there are to be shredded, it really depends on whoever is in charge of it if they want to sell it to you. I mean, if you’re Jeff Bezos, they’ll sell you all of their stuff. Also government red tape MTO stuff as well. I guess Langilles is trying to avoid a "Mark 1 Plumbing" situation.
  15. Oh, I thought it would be done there or the buses are driven to some old quaint town with an MTO facility.
  16. I’m thinking MTO or storage reasons since Birchmount Garage might need extra space.
  17. She is definitely not at Langilles. Most likely in the shop. Maybe it’s MTO related. 7575 might be mechanically sound to drive, but not legal rn. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the two ES buses.
  18. That would explain why I saw 7808 (most likely) there. It’s strange that I see a lot of the RTS buses.
  19. Buses at the scrapyard Orion V - Two unknown and TTC 7081 sideways on scrap pile Several Novabus RTS vehicles - 7223, 7232, 7225 Orion VII S50EGR/ NG - 7808 and a 152x bus.
  20. Yeah, that’s what I did, no high mileage. 120,000KM is like 70,000 miles, not much. Bottle is just deceptive.
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