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  1. I mean if it is a non disclosure agreement, then we can’t fault him.
  2. I'd choose the Classic personally but it would be tough since all of them are special. The Fishbowl has that iconic old movie city bus look and the CLRV is on a lot of post cards aside from the C.N. Tower.
  3. Fresh coat of paint, re upholstering fabric on the seats, replacing locking beams, re applying new decals, and etc...
  4. TTC: ES-0 (Ex-7900) Blockade For New Years 2020
  5. I made a severe and continuous lapse in my judgement... Anyways, I will check somewhere next week to see if there are any more NG Hybrid units at Langilles.
  6. Actually two are Focaccia and one is pumpernickel.
  7. So the low 7900’s are going to parade on in 2020?
  8. Is 8058 going to be retrofitted with power steering or does it have it already?
  9. Google Canada’s Pixel phone ad, whoever the person that is, shut up!
  10. Now that’s what I call a chest bump! The Mythbusters way!
  11. I am assuming it must be in bulk to whatever supplier it is. I wonder if Mobil Delvac would run just fine if something were to happen to Castrol.
  12. What type of fluid does this tranny take? A proprietary diesel fluid or some along the lines of Dexron or Mercon?
  13. I remember hearing from a YRT driver that the 1500 Novas had to be pulled of the road since the coolant hose was defective and then spilled out at the garage.
  14. If I can add to that, it’s probably because of brand image. For example, when an Emirates Boeing 777-200ER A6-EMF retired, they stripped the Emirates logo for the reason of not wanting the average public to know where it’s heading to (ie the scrapyard in the really hot Mojave desert). I think it is a similar case with TTC.
  15. One I get me car back from being fixed up (I hate winters), I'll keep an eye out for these units. So do you use a Milwaukee drill and sand the numbers off or do you use a sharp razor blade to scratch them off like a lottery ticket?
  16. You can easily over feed these fish. (Sometimes frozen green peas work as a laxative) Also, the PH level in the water has to be ideal. If they get constipated, they usually float to the top for a day until nature takes it’s course.
  17. If they charter 8058, it’d be fun if people wore period clothing for it.
  18. I think in the Maroon Cream colour if all goes well.
  19. I remember 8058 was only supposed to be used as a parts bus then off to the scrap heap because of the deterioration from Halton. 2444 and 7575 are next to each other at Hillcrest.
  20. Idk how long 1683 is going to have before being chopped into 1,683 pieces.
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