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  1. Either that or someone dropped their double double.
  2. The ad says guess lol. In all seriousness, I don't think I've seen 1314 around.
  3. When I was living in the city, the S50s were not buzzy like the ISL OGs are.
  4. Technically yesterday but: TTC ES-3 at Queens Park trucker’s convoy protest.
  5. TTC 8558 - Off, presumably disabled on Victoria Park Ave north of Steeles.
  6. I saw someone like that too in 2013 I believe but I didn’t want to hold up the train because of rush hour. He’s lucky he’s not caught or decked in the face imo. Plus, if someone is going to do graffiti, they should be painting the Mona Lisa.
  7. If this has been answered before, I apologize for asking again. What's going to happen to 7423? Will they part it out before scrapping if that is the route they are going? I am interested in the side mud guards tbh. Again, we can all agree whoever did this is a complete jerk off.
  8. There is always that one person who has to ruin the bus preservation or recycling experience. It's not hard to pick up a telephone and ask, hey I was interested in so and so part. Also, don't trespass!
  9. Whenever I go in the city nowadays, I can’t help but feel slightly odd with the 3100+ buses running on Kennedy and other former Eglinton routes since my brain is hardwired hearing the sounds of the 7400-7881 series buses and to an extent, the New Looks and Classic that preceded them. I mean don’t get me wrong, the 3100s seats have waaaay better back support but I feel kinda bummed not seeing the Detroit VIIs running.
  10. TTC: 1402 - 169 Huntingwood 3183 - 939 Finch Express
  11. Technically yesterday but: TTC: 1575 - 132 Milner 9216 - 16 McCowan 3342 - 43 Kennedy
  12. I think C-FITL is the first one since it was delivered in 2007 I believe.
  13. Taken Yesterday: TTC 1655 On 131 Nugget This unit had a horrendous whine as it passed by Malvern community centre. Is it the traction motor conking out?
  14. TTC 7029 and 7032 are intact in this June 2021 photo but I don’t know for how long.
  15. At A Medium Pace - Adam Sandler (Listener discretion is strongly advised)
  16. Year 4021 be like 8000-8099 go through their 23,578 rebuild.
  17. Idk if someone already answered this but when are the 8000s going to be leaving?
  18. Glad no one got hurt. I wonder if it’s an overheating wire or a loose connection.
  19. Tell that to my lumbar area. (Or at least that is my experience with the YRT VIVA artic fleets passenger wise, can’t say for driving since I am not a bus driver)
  20. I know initially before the rebuild, I did see 7794's number decal adhesive backing remains or the outline of with 7882 plastered on it and same goes for 7666 I think. (BEFORE the rebuilds)
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